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Introduction to Shamanic Reiki

Article By Bob Lacey, RMT

Reiki being well known, flexible and adaptable makes it an ideal healing platform for Shamanism. Most readers here already realize that Reiki is a form of energy healing that works outside of time and space.

Since everything is really oscillating energy (from Shamanism), Reiki treatments can be given in ways that aren’t limited to three-dimensional space. It’s this fluidic nature of Reiki that makes it an ideal match for Shamanic work as Shamanism is often performed in other dimensions for a variety of reasons.

For those unfamiliar with Shamanism, it’s the oldest spiritual system still in use today and goes back over 40,000 years. Shamanism recognizes three separate worlds, really levels of spirit. They’re called: lower, middle and upper and are an extension of our five ordinary senses. And it’s here in the Shamanic middle-world where Shamanic Reiki work takes place.

Just as with the conventional practice of Reiki that usually occurs with the practitioner and patient in 3-dimensional space, Shamanic Reiki is done in much the same way except it’s performed in an astral (spiritual) place. Here, the Reiki practitioner enters into a Shamanic journey prior to performing the treatment then the Reiki work is performed.

A Shamanic journey starts with the Shaman or practitioner closing his or her eyes in meditation while listening to a consistent-beat drumming track at about 4-7 beats per second (or even does the drumming themselves). This rate allows the brain to slow so the practitioner goes into an altered state of awareness.

The practitioner then enters this Shamanic journey world and looks for a path to walk along using their “Reiki vision.” It can take on any form, but often appears as a wooded or natural area. This takes a little practice but soon becomes second nature. Please realize that when you reach this level, you’re successfully in a Shamanic journey and already in the right space to perform Shamanic-Reiki work (middle-world).

Once settled, locate your patient (pre-arranged meeting, of course) in energy form by intention. Then create whatever else is necessary as a Reiki table for example, and start the Shamanic Reiki treatment as in any Reiki session. The only difference here is that you’re performing Reiki in a Shamanic (spiritual) environment instead of your home or office.

When finished, simply end the Shamanic Reiki session, and then come back from the Shamanic journey by retracing your steps and slowly opening your eyes. Please be sure to ground yourself well before resuming your normal activities. Much peace… Namaste!

© 2018, R. J. Lacey, Jr., RMT

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Bob Lacey

Bob Lacey

A near-death experience (NDE) in the late 90’s changed the course of Bob Lacey’s life and placed him on the Shamanic path. A decade later, he turned to novel writing and the study of Reiki where he became attuned to several forms: Usui, Tibetan Usui, Ascension, and Kundalini. Then in 2015, his attention turned again to the study of Shamanism. He’s currently penning articles about Shamanism on his Facebook page, Shamanic Practice for Today, and wrote a full-length novel, The Four Winds, a spiritual-journey (novella) titled, Time in a Mirror, along with various articles on natural health and healing. Bob lives in Northern Massachusetts and can be contacted directly by e-mail: togra_5@hotmail.com or on his Facebook page, “Shamanic Practice for Today.”

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  • I. June 12, 2019, 2:28 pm

    You can make infinite reiki styles cause deep within thats the same chocalate under different names, so whats the point, you can channel any energy from deep inside as you name it it can give a different feeling but it’s still the same…..

  • Michael C Papier June 12, 2019, 2:38 pm

    I am eager to learn as much as possible about Reiki and fascinated by what I’ve heard and the books I’ve been reading. I personally feel it could benefit me personally immensely and I would love to be able to help others in anyway I can. I just don’t know how to start and don’t want to “Spin my Wheels” or get to wrapped up in something that would not benefit my goal of getting myself right so I can help others and eventually reach my ultimate goal of teach. Any advice/incite would be greatly appreciated. I live in just south of Baltimore, Maryland and don’t know of anyone close by that could help me on my journey or how to verify someone’s claims to be authentic as a practitioner or teacher/mentor. Thanks for your time and trouble. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Shelley Hartmann March 5, 2020, 6:52 pm

    Tnx for sharing your insight!!🤗

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