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Lunar Reiki

Article by Bob Lacey

Reiki is well known as the Universal life-force energy in the universe that can be channeled for healing from a number of sources. Conventional information says that all forms of Reiki heal. But what isn’t often mentioned is that different forms of Reiki work in different ways and can even work in different healing modes (as in adding or removing energy at a treatment site).

Originally I developed Lunar Reiki to absorb painful or excessive energy from sore muscles and overly sensitive nerves endings in skin tissue. When giving a standard Reiki self-treatment where soreness was involved (as when using Usui or Tibetan Reiki forms) I sometimes found the discomfort would actually increase. This appeared to be from the addition of energy in an area that already had excess energy to begin with.

Here is where I developed Lunar Reiki that’s based on the smoothing, drawing and grounding energy from the lunar orb. With Lunar Reiki, negative or excessive energy is drawn out of the area, and this lowers the discomfort experienced.

In working with Lunar Reiki, I found that removing excessive energy was often more successful in lowering soreness and nerve pain than adding healing energy by using other Reiki forms. And attunement for Lunar Reiki was easy.

As Reiki attunement is actually an energy alignment, here I found self-attunement sufficient to work with Lunar Reiki. Simply draw lunar energy through the Crown chakra (full moon energy works best here), down the spine and into the Root chakra. Finally, send it up and out of the hands. Keep the energy flow going for about 10 minutes.

Lunar Reiki

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Experiments I ran with Lunar Reiki showed that (during self-treatment) lunar energy radiated out of my projective hand (right in most people), and into the body area under treatment.

Next the excessive or painful energy’s absorbed through my receptive hand (in a self-treatment session) then grounded in my Root chakra. When treating a patient, Lunar Reiki removes the same negative energy but grounds it in the patient’s own Root chakra using their own meridian system.

Standard Reiki hand positions can be used with Lunar Reiki, but the Eastern (intuitive) form is often best when treating sore muscles and nerve-type pain. This way it’s possible to address the actual root-source of the discomfort easier by applying Reiki to the actual center of the pain.

Lunar Reiki can also be used to clear energy out of stones and crystals. This is basically the same process that’s done when cleansing a crystal by placing it under moonlight. Usually starting Lunar Reiki then holding the stones between your hands for 5 – 10 minutes is sufficient for crystal and stone clearing.

By now you might wonder about using solar energy to restore the negative energy removed by Lunar Reiki. Well, very recently I’ve also developed the companion Solar Reiki form that replenishes low or insufficient energy levels left behind after a Lunar Reiki treatment. It’s really intended to be used in conjunction (really soon after) a Lunar Reiki treatment is completed.

Please realize that as both Lunar and Solar Reiki forms have had limited use, they’re still in the experimental stages of development, so please use with caution.

I hope you found my information on Lunar Reiki interesting and helpful.

Much peace and Namaste!

© 2015-2018, R. J. Lacey, Jr., RMT

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Bob Lacey

Bob Lacey

A near-death experience (NDE) in the late 90’s changed the course of Bob Lacey’s life and placed him on the Shamanic path. A decade later, he turned to novel writing and the study of Reiki where he became attuned to several forms: Usui, Tibetan Usui, Ascension, and Kundalini. Then in 2015, his attention turned again to the study of Shamanism. He’s currently penning articles about Shamanism on his Facebook page, Shamanic Practice for Today, and wrote a full-length novel, The Four Winds, a spiritual-journey (novella) titled, Time in a Mirror, along with various articles on natural health and healing. Bob lives in Northern Massachusetts and can be contacted directly by e-mail: togra_5@hotmail.com or on his Facebook page, “Shamanic Practice for Today.”

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