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Spiritual Number 88 – Sexual Transmutation

Article by Saummitta A Mazumdar

“Sexual Transmutation is an ascension process.” It is an art of living for our higher goals.

The baby rests in a womb of mother safe and protected, inside the amniotic sac (it’s a membrane filled with fluid that surrounds the baby in the uterus during pregnancy). The water element around the baby carries the past memories. The umbilical cord is the cord attached with mother’s womb, once disconnected the memories of past lives remain safe in our DNA cells.

When number 88 appears, it brings flashes or events happened in our past. This two-digit number is just like two infinity symbols. It represents the infinite immortality, continuity, self-fertilization and eternal return. I personally felt we were going through major shift or change at this point of time, an inner transformation, transmuting it into more positive. Our perception of person, place may take radical change, sometimes through a revelation of truth.

If we add up number 88 to bring down it to a single digit.
Then, 8+8=16 ⇒ 1+6=7

Number 7’s spiritual meaning

Number 7 is connected to our 7 spiritual worlds of the higher and lower realm from our physical earth. Upper worlds from earth plane (Bhur loka) is known as Dev loka or Heaven (Upper World from Bhur loka) and Paataal Loka or Under World (lower worlds from Bhur loka). Each world from Bhur loka or Earth Plane is considered as our world of spiritual development of higher as well as lower realms as mentioned by Sri Krishna in Srimad Bhagavatam.
( Bhur loka: Bhur is Earth and loka means world or realm.)

If our karma or deeds are benevolent then the climbing up to the higher realm is easy. When our thoughts are negative then we keep dwelling in the place lower than the Bhur loka (where human being find their existence).

In numerology, number 8 as a single digit is ruled by planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet that restricts and make us struggle to work hard with little progress or fewer gains. Hence, the Earth is our place of Karma Bhumi or the place where we need to work hard to achieve knowledge or wisdom of higher worlds. Our incarnation in next birth depends on our past spiritual plane of past lives.

Before incarnating on earth plane our soul decides to experience certain hardships for our soul’s evolution. With time we adopt simplicity and develop compassion for all human beings. Soul purifies when we learn the lessons of our actions done in the past. The two lunar nodes of moons Rahu and Ketu are pushing and pulling buttons that keep you swaying back and forth between two worlds of material pleasure and pleasure derive through escapism. Whereas, Saturn helps us to burn our past karmic account in each birth and help us to maintain balance and harmony between the two. Saturn is termed as an Alchemist, that churns us for inner transformation.

Spiritual Number 88 – Sexual Transmutation

Number 8 as a single number

Somehow, I am drawn to the write on esoteric numbers when the Saturn’s transits the 8th place from moon in my natal chart. Saturn’s transit from moon is a profound experience for those who are in spiritual practice or meditation. Because our mental strength is test of time to go through the transformation. We dissolve (Transmute) our karma once we successfully pass on to the next stage, our redundant belief systems are forsaken. We even give up bonds and ties that don’t serve us for our highest good.

The good deeds we have done in our past lives are our accumulated wealth. So, we enjoy the fruit of our hard work later.

“Thoughts are like waves of the ocean that hit hard on the shores and sway us for sometime in achieving those life goals.”

We rely on lower chakras for growth, once channeled upward it makes us a better human being and we are bestowed with the comforts of two worlds (material as well as spiritual). Now we are in command to handle the energy well at a lower level, that is we are in control of our physical needs as well as spiritual well being. This gives us more power and wisdom to manifest our desires at a much faster pace without any repercussion.

About the “kalpa Vriksha” which symbolizes the ability to manifest what one wishes to happen in the world. The eight-petaled Hrit Chakra (is also known as Hridaya chakra or Heart chakra) has three regions: a vermilion sun region, within which is a white moon region, within which is a deep-red fire region. Within this is the red wish-fulfilling tree, Kalpa Vriksha.

The inner chamber of our Heart chakra vibrates in pink color (If we mix all the three color we will get the vibrant pink color) and it is “the seat of our soul”. Our light within kindle at this place to serve and love all as a divine creature.

Hrit chakra is sometimes known as the Surya (sun) chakra, which is located slightly to the left and below the Anahata chakra. Its role is to absorb energy from the sun and provide heat to the body and the other chakras.

Hindu philosophy is based on the three supreme forces of Nature

  1. Creation (Brahma)
  2. Protection (Vishnu)
  3. Destruction (Maheshwara)

The learned Author of Brihat Jataka in a classic; glorified the SUN being the supreme power (source of light) encompasses all the greatest visible and invisible agencies of creation, protection, and destruction of the universe. Sun is our Atma or Soul gives light to the body of moon. Moon being the water element, signify mind. When sun rays fall on the moon, it shines brightly to bring in the luster.

So, these 8 Murthies (elements)of Rudra (the fierce aspect of Shiva or Mind) signifying the 8 elemental energies transforms itself for new creation to takes place.

  1. Sun (Our soul is the co-creator)
  2. Water
  3. Earth
  4. Air
  5. Fire
  6. Sky
  7. Sacrificial Performer and
  8. Moon (Mind)

Hindu religious beliefs of number 7 have a special connotation.
e.g., our marriages are also bound to 7 vows taken during the marriage ceremony by going 7 rounds of sacred fire called Havan/ Agni Kunda. Our spousal relationships also assumed to be continued at least for 7 lifetimes.

Angelic Realm: Number 88 when added it gives us 8+8=16;1+6=7
Hence, I found the association of 7th ray of Saint Germain, violet flame helpful for transmutation, forgiveness and mercy.
It deals with human psychology, sociology, and alchemy; Energy of the planet Saturn has alchemical properties, the day associated with it is Saturday; crystals resonate with the violet ray are amethyst, diamond, and aquamarine.

Tarot: Number 88 resonates with the energy of Tarot Card ‘DEATH ’ the illustration symbolizes change and transformation. The card signifies to process old ideas or past to die forever to bring in a change and transformation.

The Flag and the emblem of white 5 petaled rose is the sign of natural order; the rose signifies the clear intent, purity, impermanency of the human evolution hence it’s goes through many stages. The flag is the wisdom we have acquired of death and detachment.

The 8th chakra lies above the Crown chakra and hence does not lie in our physical body, this chakra helps us to access the realm of shamanic healing and to connect with our spirit guides and ancestors. It is approximately 1 inch above the Crown chakra.

Shadow Self: Number 88 when showing up more often it’s the time to clear away our old debts (in form of past issues that hindering in our spiritual growth). I have tried to focus on the blind spots, and most of my observations compel us to deal with heavy karmic baggage. At this point, we are healing our inner child issues too, in fact, all the negativity we hold on to for self and others of shame, guilt, fear, and insecurities to embrace our true and authentic self.

Observation: related to number 88

Combination of numbers are 88; 0808; 088; 880; 8:80:88:00; 80:80; 00:88
The issues we need to deal when this number shows up are as follows:

  1. Negative attitude towards life
  2. Abusive behavior
  3. Arrogance
  4. Ego
  5. Disrespectful behavior towards others
  6. Past mistakes and flaws in our relationships
  7. Regrets in adult age
  8. Penance/ austerity to clear away the debts
  9. Poverty
  10.  Poor health conditions,
  11. Mental anguish,
  12. Stress/anxiety
  13. Hopelessness
  14. Depression

Recommendations: One should practice breathing techniques, meditation, Reiki or other spiritual practices to ease out the process of transmutation during the healing process.

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Saummitta Mazumdar
Saummitta Mazumdar

Saummitta A Mazumdar is a professional Vedic Astrology practitioner and counselor. Her interest in occult studies started at very young age when she met with her school principal’s father. She is a Reiki practitioner and healer and combines various healing modalities including DLA (Divine Light Ascension). She has an MBA in human resource from a reputed institute. She practices Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Excalibur Reiki, deep healing Reiki and Divine Light Ascension and she is a a beginner in Pranic Healing. You can follow Saummitta on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Saumaaz-Holistic-Healing and www.facebook.com/saumaazholistichealing/

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