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Animal Reiki – Healing Insights

Article by Amy Brandon

Reiki with animals will work in much the same way as Reiki with people. It is the animal’s interpretation, or experience, of receiving the energy that sets Animal Reiki apart from People Reiki. And by this, I mean the body-mind-spirit’s autonomic interpretation of the energy being received.

Most animals, most of the time, will operate in the present moment. We most commonly see the domestic animal out of alignment with the present moment by mirroring their owner’s emotional/energetic state; ever noticed the anxious dog is often led by an anxious owner (except we are better at hiding our emotions than our animal counterparts) and how a nervous rider often mounts a nervous horse?

When we offer Reiki to these animals, with the intention of reducing these particular restricting emotions, we will begin to dissolve the energetic imprint left on the nervous system that seems to reinforce the undesirable behaviour. And even better, when the owner is offering Reiki energy, they too are receiving the energy and dissolving the energetic imprints on their nervous system, including the trauma that may have triggered the anxiety in the first place.

The profound and complex healing process that can be triggered by such a simple energy healing therapy obligates an element of mystery that requires a small amount of trust and acceptance, which can then be strengthened with sentience. The same way we accept Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, because we see and experience it working. Everything we are, see, touch and think is made up of energy. This is a given. Even the keyboard I type with needed human brain energy to invent, physical energy to draw and record calculations, electrical energy to manufacture, Bluetooth energy to connect and my inspiration to think and type.

Animal Reiki - Healing Insights

Reiki is a way of harnessing the pure, compassionate healing energy of the universe and redirecting it to remind the body how to process naturally, holistically and spiritually. When we are consciously aware of our routine synthetic applications, such as vaccines, wormers, flea treatments, pain relief, anti-inflammatories, supplements and (most alarmingly) food; it becomes understandable how the body can become slow to respond, especially later in life or when experiencing trauma.

We can view the application of Reiki as a system reboot, or a way of bringing a distant memory to the forefront of the subconscious mind, assisting and supporting the lifesaving and rehabilitating medicines of today’s advanced world. It is often in the last stages of life that we experience the spiritual connection we have with our animals, when offering Reiki in this time, we, as guardians, become confident in our decisions for their life because we are feeling the connectedness and mutual understanding of the time being ‘right’, it takes away the what ifs and the maybes and, sometimes for the first time, we understand how the energetic connection flows deeper and further than skin and bone and this connection will remain once they have left their body. This in itself can be the difference between a good death (yes they exist) and a traumatic experience.

As depressing as that may seem, it is in these moments that we can truly appreciate the practice of Reiki and realise the gift of healing that can enhance not only the lives of our animals, but also the lives we choose to live.

Enjoy your animals even more by creating space to heal!

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Amy Brandon

Amy Brandon

Originally from the UK,Amy Brandon learned Reiki when living in Perth, Western Australia, where she was initiated into Reiki 1, 2 and Master levels of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system. Currently based Houston, TX, Amy holds the position of Vice Chairperson and Membership Officer for the Reiki Association of Western Australia, teaches the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki and her own course for Animal Reiki. Amy is also qualified in Animal Communication, Animal Bowen Therapy and Remedial Bowen Therapy for people. She is responsible for the not-for-profit #Sharesomereiki initiative, designed to connect Reiki communities across the globe.

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