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Angels and Ancestral Karma – Spiritual Number 77

Article by Saummitta A Mazumdar

How do some people have specific interests that their great-grandparents and relatives who came before them used to have? How do we get connected to a person and feel united with someone without having met them once?

These are the few lines from the hymn Bhaja Govindam composed by Sri. Adi Shankracharya

punarapi jananaM punarapi maraNaM
punarapi jananii jaThare shayanam.h .
iha saMsaare bahudustaare
kRipayaa.apaare paahi muraare

Born again, death again, birth again to stay in the mother’s womb! It is indeed hard to cross this boundless ocean of samsara. Oh Murari! Redeem me through Thy mercy.

I recall a movie named “The Japanese Wife” an Indian filmmaker Aparna Sen has marked a niche in the film industry with the storyline composed by Kunal Basu an Indian fiction writer. The story revolves around a young Bengali village school teacher marrying his Japanese pen friend over letters and remaining true and loyal to her throughout his life, while actually never meeting her.

We do pray to Gods and Angels for help and rescue in time of difficulties.

An experience shared by my friend being helped by a complete stranger.
“When I was on a trip to Dharamsala, on my way back to the hotel I halted at a local market for shopping. I suddenly realized that my purse was missing. I asked the local people and vendor but all effort to trace it was futile. It was getting darker so I went back to my hotel, I kept praying God, Angels, Archangels and Higher Beings for help. Around 9 pm someone messaged to the hotel manager that they found the lost purse and all the belongings are safe and intact. Next morning a gentleman drove down all the way from a local village to return my purse, I found all my belongings intact and thanked divine and the gentleman.”

I assume we all must have had an encounter few genuine people whom we connect easily without any apprehension. Astrology is one way through which we can clearly access a past life connection with specific individuals in a current lifetime; dates and timings can also be established through this divine science.

Number 77 when added it gives 7+7 =14; 1+4+ 5

In Vedic Astrology, Leo is the 5th zodiac sign in our zodiac belt. Leo is considered as a royal sign and falls under the category of rulers or Pitris (forefathers) those who poses specific skill by birth or at very early childhood. The specific skill, attitude, behavior of forefathers that is carried forward through genes, these qualities are more pronounced in those who have had fully activated their all the DNA strands through spiritual practices like meditation, pranayama or Reiki.

DNA memory may store our instinctual behavior, fear, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our DNA is capable of developing a defense mechanism for certain situations to prevent it from happening it again, eg: assessment of danger and prevention, help in staying away from the pitfall. Have you ever noticed that some people keep falling for bad relationships again and again or someone experiencing constant stress related to money or well being in general; blocks and obstructions in achieving the desired results; then be assured, it is the repetitive pattern of DNA of our ancestors.

Eg: Do we entangle ourselves in fights and brawls more frequently?

A Martian by his nature one shall be frequently engaged themselves in fights and brawls, an inherited quality from their grandparents.

A native could be generous, kind and compassionate by nature a quality that can not be developed but inherited through the gene.

I myself studied 10 to 12 cases more closely for about a year; where a person inheriting the qualities of their forefathers by skipping one generation backward or sometimes two generations.

In my case, my maternal grandparents or relatives have more pronounced spiritual side specifically concerning the knowledge of astrology. My maternal great grandmother used to be a keen reader and my great grandfather was into astrology.

Angels and Ancestral Karma - Spiritual Number 77

Sharing a couple of case studies

Case 1
Age: 30; Gender: Male
A friend has a fighting spirit and skilled in martial arts inherited this quality from the maternal side, has many creative qualities like music, dance, and painting. Compassionate and helpful nature through his paternal great grandparents.
Background: (case handled ) had been facing relationship issues with relatives and love life; past breakups; control and dominance of caregivers.
Observation:phobia – fear of being cheated; lack of trust;
Emotional defense mechanism: – more practical approach toward love and relationships.

Case 2
Age: 52; Gender: Female
An old lady, she poses knowledge of Ayurveda, practice Yoga, an expert householder (a great cook, good at financial management).
Background: lack of mother’s nourishment and financial setbacks in childhood; abusive husband.
Observation: she bows down at the cost of her own self-respect, fear of losing her image in the social arena.
Defense mechanism: – more involvement in her work or day to day task; emotional connection with special friend/colleague.
Above examples are broader research and under study.

Heal Ancestral Karma

We keep facing the blocks and undesirable life situations to deal with it in each incarnation. Once we heal the ancestral karma and help them to liberate, they consecutively in a better place to help us in the ascension process. Hence, Shradh and Tarpan of our deceased ancestors are recommended for spiritual upliftment in Hindu culture. Our family tree shall be healed through your own effort of leading a spiritual life, and Reiki is one way to break this repetitive pattern.

Number 77 as a single number i.e, Number 7

The 7th major chakra is our Crown chakra. This chakra establishes the connection with the Divine Beings help us to retrieve the information stored in our DNA. Our DNA holds the memory of 14 generations (1+4=5) and can be filtered down in our memories through genetic filtration. From birth up to the age of 6 – 7 (as we progress in age beyond 7 majorities of our spiritual connection is withdrawn from our higher self) a child establishes a rapport with the Divine effortlessly.

Hinduism believes in the existence of 14 worlds (1+4=5) based on ones Karmic levels – from the highest Devatas to the lowest Raakshas and Pisachas


  1. Bhur-loka, (our physical earth)
  2. Bhuvar-loka( the world next to the physical and closely connected with it, but constituted of finer matter)
  3. Suvar-loka, (the heavenly world)
    Beyond these are the 3 other ‘worlds’ of higher evolutionary life, and they are called
  4. Mahar-loka
  5. Jana- loka
  6. Tapa-loka
  7. Satya-loka (is the final world of the Almighty).

Bhur-Bhuvar-Suvar, denoting the ‘three worlds’, are called the vyahrtis. In the Gayatri Mantra, when these vyahrtis are chanted, the meditator can visualize the ‘three worlds’ as arising from, existing in, and disappearing into OMKARA.


Lower than the Bhuloka in spiritual planes are:

  1. Atala
  2. Vitala
  3. Sutala
  4. Talatala
  5. Mahatala
  6. Rasatal
  7. Patala

When we add the 14 worlds it gives us 1+4 = 5. As per scientific studies the DNA patterns store the memories of 14 generations. They have the potential to affect our life situations and traits profoundly. So, 14 as a single digit is 5.

Number 7 as single digit

Observation: Number 7 born are either healers or spiritual practitioners in general. Coincidentally, all my close spiritual practitioner friends and colleagues are born on 7th, 16th, 25th of a given month.

The Crown chakra of the earth is Mountain Kailash. There were few expeditions made in the past to explore the mysteries of Mt. Kailash. Most of them were remain unsuccessful for mountaineers. Mt. Kailash was restricted from any free access by the Chinese government due to the sudden disappearance of the trekkers and mishaps near the summit.

A Reinhold Messner an Italian mountaineer was given permission by the Chinese government to climb up to the summit in mid 1980 but declined the proposal. He also condemns the Spanish trekkers to make an attempt for an expedition on Mt. Kailash. He stated: “If we conquer this mountain, then we conquer something in people’s souls. I would suggest they go and climb something a little harder. Kailas is not so high and not so hard.”

To find the connection between the esoteric number 5 and the Earth’s 7th chakra, “Mt Kailash” I tried to explore a bit more and found few amazing facts!

Bon is the native religion of Tibet that describe the axis mundi as the zone of connection of physical and spiritual realm; the celestial pole (heaven) and the geographical poles on earth’s planes meet at a point to establish a connection between the higher and lower realm. Kalapa, the capital city of Shambhala kingdom in Mount Kailash express the point of connection.

Buddhism consider Mt. Kailash as scared as Bon and share same cultural and religious beliefs according to them Shambhala (means the source of happiness) kingdom where the Kulika King, Suchandra (initiated by Buddha into first Kalchakra Tantra) he was the first to reign on a Lion Throne. Kalapa Court is the palace of the Kulika king. It is a 9 story swastika mountain, stands on a platform of pearl in the centre. The roof and floor of the king’s chamber consist of crystal plants that radiate heat for warmth.

The Shambhala kingdom is said to be laid out in precisely the same form as an eight-petalled lotus blossom surrounded by a chain of snow mountains. At the centre lies the palace of the King of Shambala who governed from the city called Kalapa. According to Buddhist legend: Kalapa is shaped like a square, and surrounded by walls made of ruby. There are four gates for entry made of precious stones. There are 31 pavilions each of which is surrounded by gardens and streams. There are two half-moon shaped lakes on two sides of Kalapa.

The 10th Nakshatra (Asterism) in our star constellation, all the 4 legs of Magha Nakshatra (Regulus) falls under the 5th zodiac sign, Leo. The Magha Nakshatra is considered to be the Royal Throne of the Truth Kings. Directly establishing the connection with Pitris or ancestors. Ketu or the south node of the moon is ruling the Nakshatra. Ketu represents Ascended Souls or Pitris (ancestors). These are liberated souls and are “ANGELS”

Interpretation of spiritual number 77

Number 77 should be treated as number 5 for manifestation in physical reality. For spiritual connection, this number starts working at higher vibrations. Hence, it connect us with spiritual realm of Satya Loka.

According to Famous Numerologist Cheiro, number 5 is the most creative of all (additionally flexible, romantic, anxious) the other numbers.

Observations: Are these number visiting you more frequently?
The number combinations are : 77; 707;077;770; 07:07; 7007; 7070
any combination of these numbers that shall be brought down to number 5, has a similar meaning.

  1. Carefree attitude
  2. Self-exploration
  3. Visit to sea Beach
  4. Fun & frolic; amusement
  5. Business Partnership/cleaver deals
  6. Native actions; innocence
  7. Vulnerability; child abuse (inner child issues)
  8. Ignorance
  9. Injustice
  10. Manipulative/manipulation
  11. Dark night of souls
  12. Language proficiency / Grammarian/articulation of language
  13. Physical activity like- sports, mountaineering, rafting, etc; Tantra (the art of love making); special moments; romantic encounters especially with someone from past lives.
  14. Social life
  15. Marriage partnership, marital woes
  16. Lower vibrational thoughts (self-denial; low self-esteem; submissiveness; ego, jealousy, greed, and hatred)

When we encounter theses number combination alternatively 07:07 or 77 along with 08:08 or 88. Any combination of 88= 8+8=16; 1+6=7 it shall be predicted as: maternal influence, hoping to start a family, childbirth, romance, art, or new business. Some sort of work issue, cheating, one need to be careful, emotionally balanced, compassion and diplomatic.

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Saummitta Mazumdar
Saummitta Mazumdar

Saummitta A Mazumdar is a professional Vedic Astrology practitioner and counselor. Her interest in occult studies started at very young age when she met with her school principal’s father. She is a Reiki practitioner and healer and combines various healing modalities including DLA (Divine Light Ascension). She has an MBA in human resource from a reputed institute. She practices Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Excalibur Reiki, deep healing Reiki and Divine Light Ascension and she is a a beginner in Pranic Healing. You can follow Saummitta on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Saumaaz-Holistic-Healing and www.facebook.com/saumaazholistichealing/

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