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Unplugged Meditation – Release Unwanted People, Emotions or Situations with Ease!

Article by Chanchal Mishra

Do you often connect with people too fast? And later on, when it’s time to say goodbye, your heart breaks you tend to cling to that emotion so hard that you start finding it difficult to let go!

People tend to stick to situations, emotions, and people so hard that after a certain extent these start draining energies from your soul. Your well-being starts to suffer and leaves you with less to no amount of enthusiasm to live life with love and abundance.

Today we explore a new & innovative meditation to get our ‘plugs’ released from unnecessary emotional sockets!

  1. Sit in a place where no one will disturb you for at least 21 minutes.
  2. Bring yourself to your present, say out loud “I call in my higher self to please bring me back from all distraction to this one place in present”.
    You may call in your angels and spirit guides for protection.
  3. Wait for 1-2 minutes, imagine fragments of your soul coming back to you and becoming one with your soul in the present moment with ease & joy.
  4. Deep breathe and relax, let yourself settle down and enjoy your own presence.
  5. Your breaths are long and calm, eyes are closed and now you visualize a
    situation, person or emotion that is bothering you the most.

  6. If you do not know what is causing the drainage then sit still and speak
    to your inner wisdom, “I ask my higher self to show me what thought or
    energy is draining me at this moment?”
  7. This shall now come to you in a few minutes or seconds even.
    If you are unable to track (highly unlikely) then there is no need to worry, simply keep the meditation pose and keep breathing deeply.
  8. If you have figured out the situation then you want to visualize all the details clearly for example if its a situation, you want to visualize the time of the day, people involved in that situation, emotions that you have experienced during that situation and further details you are guided to.
  9. Keep relaxing and breathing deep and know its time to let go of this situation since it is not serving you your highest good.
  10. Now there is this dark, thick and stiff cord that has been plugged in a
    socket present in that dark situation that you have visualized and would like to let go of.
  11. That socket has a switch that is being subconsciously informed to control and trigger your emotions.
  12. Visualize all the opportunities you have lost due to this attached cord. It has been draining your energy that resulted in lack of self-fulfillment, loss of self-worth, detachment from your own highest good.
  13. Keep relaxing and breathing deeply.
  14. You may realize now that this cord needs to be unplugged so it loses its power over your emotional triggers.
  15. Cup your both hands on your Heart chakra and affirm, “I am ready to claim my strengths and my space – I now give permission to my higher self,
    to bring back fragments of my soul attached to the negative situation (name it if you want), to my present”.
  16. Now imagine that switch in the socket turning off! Visualize yourself unplugging that cord from the socket, it might be hard since it’s been there for a while now. Pull it out with conviction.
  17. As you pull that plug out, the dark stiff cord attached to that situation is now losing its strength. It’s starting to diminish.
  18. As this cord diminishes to God’s light for transmutation. You are now free from this forever in all parallel realities.
  19. Feel the surge of self-worthiness and power coming from divine light to your soul.
  20. You are strong! You are loved! Open your eyes slowly and come back to the present.

Drink plenty of water before and after this meditation. It will help you eliminate the negativity released during this meditation.

Be positive about your life at any point in time. You must know that you are stronger than your fears in all situations. Face life with love, gratitude, and power.

God Bless.

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Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra is a Certified Reiki Master and Angel Therapist. She also practices Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angel card reading, Money Reiki and Karuna ki. Chanchal completed her English Literature Master’s degree from Delhi University. She also completed her Post graduation in Fashion Marketing from California, USA. Chanchal loves to read and write. In her free time, she empowers others and provides guidance to those in need. Reach her at healsattviki@gmail.com

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