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The Importance of Reiki Shares

Article by Cynthia Stavrou

A Reiki share is a gathering of Reiki practitioners that come together for the purpose of giving and receiving Reiki. Typically, each practitioner receives Reiki for a brief period from several different practitioners at one time. The practitioner will also have the chance to give Reiki to several people during the share.

There are many reasons why participating in a Reiki share is important.

  1. First, we are usually quick to offer our services when we hear of someone who is ill or hurting, but we may not often take the time to work on ourselves, particularly when it comes to preventative self-care. We forget that we have access to this bold and beautiful energy source, and we just don’t use it on ourselves. Having several practitioners concentrate their Reiki flow on one person is a profound experience that reminds us firsthand about the power of this process.

  2. Next, many practitioners are blessed to have a large support system, but some are not so fortunate. A Reiki share provides a safe and sacred place for practitioners that don’t have the outlets to practice frequently to come and use their skills. A Reiki share is an environment where in addition to practicing Reiki, each practitioner can ask questions about things that have come up in their practice, receive support from other practitioners regarding any frustrations such as resistance from loved ones or lack of understanding within their close groups, and share the little miracles that practitioners experience when facilitating Reiki.
  3. Also, a Reiki share is an occasion to experience different things, different types of energy, as both the sender and the receiver. When participants share the accounts of their experiences during the Reiki share, they oftentimes report parallel experiences or rushes of energy during the Reiki share. This connection strengthens our Reiki community.

Reiki shares are very powerful, and Reiki practitioners are encouraged to participate in them. Surrounding oneself in the embrace of those that are of the same mind, and of the same spirit is critical. Sharing our experiences and our fears is a big part of our own self-healing on this Reiki adventure. Reiki shares provide a platform to practice Reiki, to receive Reiki, and to surround oneself with loving Reiki energy.

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Cynthia Stavrou

Cynthia Stavrou

Cynthia Stavrou is a Reiki Master Teacher, operating the Rising Sun Reiki Studio where she offers Reiki sessions and Reiki training. Cynthia has created a space where she is able to educate her clients in the benefits of energy medicine to help them find purpose and lead prosperous and abundant lives. Cynthia also trains Reiki practitioners in all levels, including a Master Teacher apprenticeship program. Cynthia is passionate about the practice of Reiki and has established a mission for the Rising Sun Reiki Studio to bring a greater visibility and awareness of energy medicine to the greater community. To learn more about Cynthia and the Rising Sun Reiki Studio, please visit the website at www.myrisingsunreiki.com.

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  • Chandra Biswas May 16, 2019, 8:14 am

    Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of article. I am also a reiki practitioner. I was attuned a year ago by distant attunement.
    Hence I couldn’t obtain my certificate as a practioner. However, I do my self healing regularly.
    Reiki has brought several blessings in my life. Hence I am very grateful to Reiki.
    Now after reading your article, I also feel like participating in a Reiki share.
    I am from North Eastern part of India. There are not many reiki practioners here.
    Could you please suggest how can I still do it.


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