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What We Allow Will Continue! – Transmuting Anger

Article by Mireille Hammal

I am often asked where do I get my peaceful attitude from, I always reply with a smile and say from the daily practice of self-Reiki. The truth is I am peaceful by nature. Yet, at a certain period of my life, I had lots of anger to deal with. Back then, I used to blame everybody for that un-ease I was manifesting because I was not yet aware or able, or even ready to look within.

Reiki came to find me at the exact timing to help me removing that iron mask that was blocking my heart and my eyes from seeing the real truth.

Reiki was this soft and gentle healing practice that encouraged me to open up, to reach out and to start releasing those layers and layers of anger accumulated around my Throat, Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. The release did not happen overnight. It took a few years to dig and to uncover the underlying reasons behind my anger. Yes, it took me quite a time to accept those reasons and to give myself permission to release them.

Receiving Reiki did magic in this area of my life – as in many other areas but today we are just tackling anger – then practicing self-Reiki after level 1 and level 2 led to a greater magic of self-healing. Those 21 days of self-healing after each level followed by many many other days revealed the whole truth I was buried for years.

I understood perfectly why I was manifesting anger around me, why I was meeting angry people all the time, why I was attracting angry partners and why I was in a permanent state of anger with my body, my parents and the country I was born in.

With self-Reiki, the old memories, traumas, and pains were popping up like magic. I remember how I used to do the self-healing and to start immediately seeing scenes and memories of old rage, pain, humiliation, bullying, abuse coming up to the surface either during the session itself, or during my night dreams and/or simply while achieving house chores.

I used to wake up or to stop what I was doing and start sobbing. What did I kept inside myself all those years of my life?

Those old pains were intoxicating me and surfacing under the form of anger. They were actually sadness, grief, disappointments, fear, and pain. They were the result of many things I have witnessed and I experienced as a kid or while growing up.

What We Allow Will Continue! - Transmuting Anger

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I understood a lot about my body and myself. I understood my tensed reactions and above all, I also learned about the quality and the choice of the words I was using to describe my story or any situation I was passing through.

Back then, I was also manifesting more anger because this is what I was kept allowing too through the words and the thoughts I was repeating silently and loudly. Of course part of those repetitive words and thoughts was a result of the buried emotions I couldn’t deal with, and other ones were simply limiting beliefs that also needed healing.

I learned with Reiki about the power of words and thoughts. I experienced what is really to keep repeating what we don’t repair. I paused to notice all those words I was daily affirming. I notice the energy I was emitting and accepted that the answers were a simple echo to the way I was screaming.
And by screaming here, I mean the angry words I was using.

Reiki came to me to remember me who I am so I could accept taking responsibility and heal all those old parts that were intoxicating my body and my energy and not serving me at all. Only then, I started retrieving my peaceful parts that were lost for some years.

Back to the question people keep asking me in every meeting, workshop or session, where did you get all this peace from? Again I say from Reiki, from allowing myself to look inward and to heal gradually.

Reiki led me later on to Ho’ponopono that came to me to confirm all that I have learned about repeating what we don’t repair and replaying old memories. Both together, helped me reconnecting and accepting to take responsibility for my words, my thoughts, my actions and the energy I was putting out. I learned how to stop blaming others and circumstances, I learned how to forgive myself for not knowing all that at an early stage of my life and to forgive what was triggering me in every daily attraction of my journey. I learned how to accept my emotions and how to allow them to be instead of masking them.

Did the anger disappear? It was actually healed and released.

Do I still feel or face anger in my life? I am a human being, of course I feel that in some situations.

But what’s the difference now? After Reiki, I learned how to directly detect what is triggering my anger on the spot, to pause, to accept it, to understand what the person or the situation is mirroring and therefore to start sending Reiki.

In parallel to Reiki, I often practice tapping and I also do Ho’ponopono. I just love the direct magical effect of those great healing modalities.

Healing is a journey, we daily keep learning about ourselves and our choices during this journey. As lightworkers, we are not asked to be perfect to practice, we are asked to be genuine and honest.

We are human beings and we chose to incarnate to learn, we made a soul contract, we chose all that. Reiki helps us remembering, Reiki helps us retrieving our way. We do not need to pretend that we don’t pass through ups and downs, all what we need is to accept our challenges, to choose to heal and solve them and to remain authentic to ourselves.

Some people tend to ask me why do I share stories of my personal life while facilitating a workshop, giving a talk, writing a blog or an article. I always repeat because if those stories did not happen for me, I wouldn’t be here today teaching or sharing knowledge. I faced challenges in my life. I choose to share some of them because people need to relate, need to feel connected, they need to feel they are not alone in what they are experiencing and this is what usually helps them accepting themselves and becoming more tolerant and less harsh on themselves.

We came here to learn, to grow also to inspire others and to help them walk their path at ease. People tend to be tough on themselves and to punish themselves thinking they are the only ones to face anger or else. Why not choosing to share to alleviate all that heaviness they are adding to their baggage?

What we allow is what will continue in our journey. I once chose to release anger. Later on, I chose to replace it with self-compassion and my aim is to keep spreading this awareness of self-love and self-care.

Reiki was a hug to my soul, I chose to allow this energy to grow and to continue unfolding beautifully.

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Mireillee Hammal

Mireille Hammal

Mireille Hammal Kassir is a Reiki Master, Practitioner, Teacher, and Writer. Her career path is about Healing, Coaching and Empowering. Believing that life is meant to be beautiful, abundant and rewarding in all areas, she facilitates empowering workshops for moms, parents, men, women, and children providing them tools to start believing in themselves as creative beings able to shine, to create and to achieve whatever they wish to accomplish in their life journey. The variety of the workshops she give helps people of all ages re-mapping their life and creating a new belief trusting that it’s never too late to follow their dreams, to bring their talents to light, to change, to release and let go of what does not serve their body and their soul anymore.
Mireille can be reached via her e-mail address Mireillee.hammall@gmail.com and can be followed on her Blog at owlaboutlife.wordpress.com, on Facebook at Mireille Hammal and on Instagram at Mireille_Hammall.

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  • HariniSankar April 22, 2019, 6:14 am

    Dear Angel,
    Beautiful insight on how to identify, accept and heal anger which is just a cry of our soul. Thanks, feel lot more reassured to understand that we are all working on ourselves and what we ought to do when we are faced with our own inner enemies in different forms, thanks for your love and light. God bless.

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