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Teaching and Giving the Gift of Reiki

Article by Patti Barker Kierys

My hope is this article will be of help to those desiring to be a Reiki teacher but have been hesitant to follow that goal. There are times we need a little support to get us started. Therefore, I am sharing what has helped start my teaching practice.

When I received the gift of Reiki over eighteen years ago, I was blessed for my Reiki Master-Teacher was my daughter. A greater gift I could not have asked for and she continues to inspire me today.

As a new student to Reiki, I felt inadequate and concerned I would not do it exactly as I was taught. That feeling disappeared quickly once she told me to let the process happen as it is meant to be. She added even if the technique was not perfect or every aspect of a treatment was not completed, remember you are a channel for Reiki. Reiki will flow and do no harm. Always keep it simple.

Today as a Reiki Master-Teacher, I always recall that lesson. It inspires me with every student to teach the technique, but allow the students to be their best without fear of perfection. The technique will come easier and quicker when fear of inadequacy and failure is not present. When I share this, I see my student relax immediately, which allows them the ability to receive completely.

There is no perfect teaching style. We, as teachers, have something special to offer because we are all different and unique. Whether it is style, size of class, handout materials or price, let the final decisions be yours based on your research, intuition and knowledge. I have set my class and teaching style as my Reiki Master-Teacher taught me and her Reiki Master-Teacher taught her.

As a reminder, you must have been certified in all levels of Usui Reiki in order to teach Reiki. For self-healing and treatments for others, you only need Reiki level one.

It was worth every moment of learning to arrive at the stage of teaching. To be able to teach people how to do Reiki is humbling and exciting. Reiki is a gift that will help them in healing mind, body, and spirit their entire life.

The following is an outline of my method of teaching which I hope will be helpful to you:

  1. I have created my own manuals for Reiki I and II and working on master level. I have made it technical as well as personal. I’ve included my personal experiences, art, and poetry to show how Reiki affected my life in many ways. I found it was a worthy endeavor. It is used during class. Once the class is completed, it is a valuable resource for the student every day.
  2. My preference for the size of my class is one-on-one. Although I could teach a larger class, I find I have no desire to do so at this time. I like the personal commitment I can make to my students by teaching one student at a time. I make myself available to the student, especially during the 21 day detox period. I place no judgment on those who teach large classes, on the internet and long distance. The ultimate goal is to have as many people as possible receive the wonderful healing power of Reiki that can be of benefit to them during their life’s journey.
  3. It is important to make the process as simple and fearless as possible. It helps to remember how we felt when learning something new. Reassure your student that Reiki can do no harm. Reiki is a valuable tool to help in the student’s healing process. Reiki does not take the place, but is in addition to traditional medical practices and other modalities. Reiki can heal the body, mind, and spirit beyond our wildest dreams. It changed my life and continues to do so.
  4. The venue for teaching can be a small room or a large space. It all depends on the size of the class. I arrange the room prior to the teaching session. I allow the Reiki to flow into my hands. I open my hands and release the energy to fill the room and cleanse it. Using the Reiki symbols, I place them in the four corners of the room. I allow a few minutes to meditate and set the intention that the space will be a healing and calming place for the student to receive and accept the healing gift of Reiki. I have paper, pens, and water available. When appropriate, I teach Reiki outside. Nature is nurturing and a great addition to the process.
  5. Before starting the class, I spend a few minutes getting acquainted with my student. I provide an intake form. I ask if there are any questions about the process before we start. It helps us to relax and be present. My class usually takes about three to four hours. Since I am teaching one-on-one, I find I do not need a longer period of time. The time I have allotted, which can be extended, covers all the important aspects of Reiki. It allows enough time for practice treatment session for the student. My class doesn’t officially end because a student is free to contact me after the class has ended for as long as needed.
  6. Each teacher will set up their class slightly different when it comes to what it covers. However, the attunement is a requirement no matter the Reiki level being studied. During your studies for Master–Teacher, you would have received an outline for the attunement. Try not to be intimidated about giving an attunement. I realized the intention and knowledge of the attunement process was all that was needed. Reiki does no harm and flows easily for the student to receive, including the attunement. Allow your student to rest for as long as needed after the attunement is given. This is a good time to reflect on what the student has received and any remaining questions.
  7. I do cover chakras, color therapy, meditation and a variety of other modalities in my class and manual. One of my students found after receiving the first level Reiki that she has a very strong connection with colors when receiving and giving Reiki. I have encouraged her to draw upon this special gift and research color therapy and how she can expand upon it. It is important to encourage our students to explore whatever they may experience. To be open to all possibilities that can be an addition to Reiki.
  8. Though I have created my own manuals, it is not a requirement to teach Reiki. However, the materials that I believe helpful are the History of Usui Reiki, Code of Ethics, What is Reiki, the hand positions, how a Reiki treatment is conducted for self and others, an explanation of the 2l day detox and a resource list. Any other articles that you think would be helpful to the teaching process should be included.

    Teaching and Giving the Gift of Reiki

    Image by Anthony

  9. A question raised often is what to charge your students? Each teacher must decide for themselves what to charge. I have a standard rate which differs depending on the student’s circumstances. I also allow students to pay what they feel they can afford. I will from time to time teach a student for a very minimal charge as a way of giving back for all that I have received. I do not wish to turn someone away because they cannot afford it.
  10. Once we have completed the materials and the student has received the attunement, I give the student a complete healing. I use this opportunity to show how a treatment is given. During the treatment, I explain what I am doing, how long I keep a hand position on certain parts of the body and encourage questions. My desire is for the student to become comfortable with how to give a treatment and not to feel intimidated by it. I wish to show that Reiki flows easily and keep it simple. Worth repeating, keep the process simple. I have a short meditation at the end of my treatment. I find it brings forth a feeling of relaxation and a sense of being present.
  11. Once I have given the student a treatment and explained how it is conducted, time is allowed for the student to give me a treatment. I encourage the student to take it slowly, refer to the hand positions in the manual and to stop and ask questions. This treatment is a learning session not necessarily a healing session. However, you never know what healing might take place. It is meant to help the student feel comfortable with the ability to give and receive Reiki.
  12. One question I am asked often is how long you must wait between each level of Reiki. Although it seems many Reiki master teachers are suggesting shorter and shorter periods of time, I suggest four to six months. The reason is that the student goes through a detox period and may even have emotional issues rise up. Students have shared that they are comfortable with this time schedule. It allows them the time to feel comfortable with their Reiki experience and confident to go forward. Without judgment for others who say once you receive the Reiki attunement that is all you need, I feel there is more. When you first tried a new musical instrument or played a sport, it took time and practice to become comfortable and knowledgeable. Allow your students time to digest the experience, be with the experience and know for themselves when it is time to go forward. As individuals we are different and the experience is different. There should be no competition only acceptance of the unique experience for each student.
  13. At the end of the class, I present a Certificate of Completion for each level achieved. Though the class has ended, it is only the beginning for the students to start travelling down their life’s path with Reiki. I am humbled by the fact that I am able to contribute to the journey. It is truly only the beginning.

My hope is this article will encourage others to want to teach and spread the gift and blessings of Reiki. We are a light filled with loving healing energy. Take your time, set the class the way you wish, feel comfortable with your choices and keep it simple for you and the student. If you treat the student as equal with a little more knowledge needed, you will definitely give a gift that will be understood with a desire to accomplish. Remember the student has the knowledge, but needs to be tuned in and turned on. I am grateful and humbled that I received and can teach Reiki. May you go forth and spread this life-changing gift.

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Patti Barker Kierys

Patti Barker Kierys

Patti Barker Kierys is a Reiki Master-Teacher, artist and author. She is trained in all levels of Usui Reiki and is certified in Ligtharian Reiki I and II. She has been practicing Reiki for over eighteen years. Upon retiring after 45 years in the legal field and as a Senior Paralegal, she decided to expand the Reiki experience to the next level. In 2014, she formed The Art of Reiki and offers training in Reiki as well as individual Reiki sessions.
Patti can be reached at her e-mail address pmkierys@gmail.com and on Facebook – Patti Barker Kierys

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  • Barbara April 14, 2019, 4:39 pm

    You have confirmed my way of teaching Reiki. I live and teach in west africa and nearly everyone I have taught has little extra money for such an extravagance, but they have all been friends and have contributed immensely to my life. My classes schedule themselves. I never have to advertise and each class is perfect. I enjoy your postings. Namaste.

  • HariniSankar April 15, 2019, 6:52 pm

    Dear Patti,
    Thank you for your wonderful sharing, so motivated to share this wonderful technique once I am blessed with Level-3. Your article was replete with simplicity, humility love and light which are true signs of a healer.God bless you.
    love and light

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