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How To Heal A Memory with Reiki

Article by Durga Pillai

Recently, I’ve been open to explore my creativity in art & craft. When I decided to start my journey in creating art I was led by my intuition to a series of thought-provoking questions for myself.

Here I go!
My heart asked me.

Why didn’t you create art?

Why didn’t you create art as a child?
Why didn’t you create art in your childhood?
Why did you choose to write your own journal at age 6 when all your friends were busy drawing the sun?
What did words mean to you then and now?
What did art mean to you then and now?

It was a huge revelation for me. I realised that right from my childhood I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Art. The truth is I enjoyed watching artists create artworks both online and in the real world. But, I couldn’t create art myself.

Note: I follow a small practice just before every activity I ever do. I would like to share it with you. Once my heart nudges me to take up a new/renew a job, project, hobby or relationship in my life I take time to sit with my heart in silence. We make time for a heart-to-mind discussion. Yes, I’ve taught my heart, mind and body to respect each other’s space and the oneness that they are. You should too!

I would love to draw and paint someday. I still think it’s in the future but not now. The reason is when I was 4 somebody commented to me that my drawing was bad. It was a teacher. So, I believed it. I believe it even today. It’s that simple and intense.

How To Heal A Memory with Reiki

Image by pixel2013

Teaching and parenting are the pillars of support for every child’s promising future. They can make or break a child’s persona at a deeper level which could leave a huge impact in a child lasting a lifetime. So, if you’ve any similar experiences you can invoke Reiki to heal you to do better.

HZN/ Reiki symbol 1 helps you connect to yourself and the Divine energy of Reiki beyond time and space. In our 3 dimensional world, your experience or memory is in the past. In higher dimensions, 5D and above there is no past, present or future. You can heal an experience or memory irrespective of its time. Invoke HZN to heal you in the past, present and future. You have the power to stop your past or present spilling over your future.

  • You can visualise the exact moment when you experienced the memory. You can recall the time of the day, location, people who you’re with at that time or anything other specific visual detail that you remember about the moment.
  • You can sense and be aware of the emotions that you experienced during the incident. Don’t take yourself on task for crying or feeling any hurtful emotions. As a healer you know better.
  • You can hear the exact words spoken to you or the weight of the silence around you. Allow yourself to experience the moment unapologetically.

SHK/ Reiki symbol 2 helps you to connect emotionally and mentally with an experience or memory. You’ll never know how you’ll feel or react when you’re in the middle of healing yourself from your past or present. Seek the Divine Love of the symbol to stay grounded during your healing.

  • You can seek the support and guidance of other healer or a loved one whom you trust.
  • You’re healing. It’s both empowering and challenging at the same time. Welcome the experience. It will gift you freedom and peace.
  • Be compassionate to yourself. If you can forgive yourself or the people involved, for a hurtful memory, please do so. Or, you can seek Reiki’s guidance on how to move on from the memory.

CKR/ Reiki symbol 3 helps you empower your learnings and protect yourself from the hurtful impact of your experience or memory that is healing now. Healing calls for a lot of power, perseverance and patience. This symbol brings forth the Divine Power to guide you in your healing journey.

  • Acknowledge yourself
  • Appreciate yourself
  • Accept yourself

Why did I have to heal myself from a childhood memory during my art class at school?

Well, honestly I don’t lose much not practising art during my lifetime. It’s perfectly okay. But, why do I have to be afraid to draw or make art? Why do I have to limit my creativity to words and only words? What if I could enjoy creating art, do better and become an artist someday. Think about the infinite possibilities that comes with not limiting yourself with fear and self-doubt.

I’m trying to work on my inhibitions right now. I’m not yet ready to sign-up for art classes. I know I’ll get there sooner. I’m learning from online tutorials right now. Once I feel less intimidated I might move on to more structured art lessons from an art teacher. My fear is about not being good enough and being ridiculed in an art class among other talented students. It ultimately led to me shying away from practising art in any form.

Do you have any limiting beliefs or patterns that date back to your childhood or past experiences? Remember, no emotion or situation is too trivial enough for healing. If it is in your subconscious mind then it’s worth healing. Sit in meditation, connect with your childhood/past ‘Self’ and invoke Reiki to heal you from your experiences and memories that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Wishing you take the time to connect to your Divine ‘Self’. Love & Truth!

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Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai is a writer, Reiki healer, and spiritual seeker. She channels Reiki Distance Healing and currently lives in a beach town in the southernmost part of India. She enjoys alone time, music and books while charms her luck with candle making, quilling and anything that awakens the creator within. She believes in spreading light, love, and spirituality to kids and women in the remote parts of the world. Follow her here: themeraki.org

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