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Putting A Price on Reiki

Article by Amy Brandon

Charging people to receive Reiki can feel uncomfortable at first, after all, we are asking someone to pay for something that we:

    • Love to do
    • Practice daily with ease
    • Benefit from
    • Simultaneously heal with
    • Have probably been offering for free and
    • Have little guidance on

There is of course, the business side of things that help determine our service fee; for which there are plenty of helpful resources.

Many of us naturally begin our Professional Reiki Practitioner journey part-time, as a second job or complimenting other services; this offers more freedom and flexibility with pricing.

So how do we know what price is right for us and feel good about it? A few perspectives may help.

Our Energy

It’s important to feel comfortable asking for the amount we charge because we are working with energy, if we feel coy or embarrassed asking for a certain amount, our energy is not flowing as freely as it could be, which could affect self-practice and client treatments.

We are also receiving a wonderful opportunity to assess our self-worth. By recognizing the emotion attached to that figure, we can ask ourselves, why do I feel this way? Is it because:

    • I am not experienced enough
    • I do not value Reiki that highly
    • People may not pay it
    • I haven’t charged people before
    • I learned Reiki less than one year ago
Putting A Price on Reiki

These are only a few of the reasons our mind may come up with, there will be many more if the subject of money and Reiki makes us fidget in our seats. A helpful way to release some of this unease is to take a pen and paper and write down at least 30 reasons why we feel we can’t charge this amount. The first 10 will be easy, the second 10 will test us and third 10 will be delving deep into our subconscious. Now we have either labeled or acknowledged all of these reasons/excuses/conditionings and can dispose of the paper and practice self Reiki with the intention of freeing these thoughts and allowing our energy to flow more freely.

Our Environment

When we accept people to receive Reiki, are they entering a brick and mortar clinic, a dedicated room or our living room? Is the dog running around, phones pinging and teenage neighbor playing loud music? The intention of the treatment is somewhat determined by the sounds, setting, and feeling of the surroundings. Would you feel valued as a client in this space? What do we need to do make this space more professional? Maybe we need to:

    • Investigate a new rental space
    • Be more professional in our personal setting
    • Become a mobile practitioner
    • Compliment the treatment space with soft lighting, music or scents?
    • Perform a Reiki blessing in the treatment space?

If we are unable or unwilling to make changes in these areas, we can consider how much we would be willing to pay for a treatment in this space.

Our Time

It is common practice to charge by the hour, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Time is something that exists in the relative world and is indeed responsible for many of our dis-eases and dis-harmonies. And having been conditioned to think in minutes and hours our entire lives, how could we possible charge any other way?

Putting A Price on Reiki

There are a few realistic options, we can charge by:

    • The treatment – the client may need to be available from 30 minutes to 2 hours
    • The minute – smaller numbers make us feel more comfortable and the client determines the final figure
    • The package – we often require more than one treatment to feel the benefits, therefore a total amount for 3, 4 or 5 treatments may work for us, and our clients
    • Contribution – leave the total entirely up to the client. We must resolve to hold no attachment to the contribution to ensure the continuity of free-flowing energy
    • As an add on – to an existing service we offer

Our Values

After considering all aspects of our treatments and how our client may value them. It is essentially the way we value the treatment that matters. When we are attuned to Reiki, we are simply reminded of the energy we have access to. When we engage in self-practice every day, the healing energy helps break down the habitual thoughts and habits that contribute to our dis-harmony and dis-ease processes and it is our desire to help others do the same that propels us to into receiving an exchange for our time and attention.

We request something in return that the recipient values, in order for them to value the treatment and receive the greatest possible healing. We are asking them to value their health.

Good luck in your professional journey

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Amy Brandon

Amy Brandon

Originally from the UK,Amy Brandon learned Reiki when living in Perth, Western Australia, where she was initiated into Reiki 1, 2 and Master levels of the Usui Shiki Ryoho system. Currently based Houston, TX, Amy holds the position of Vice Chairperson and Membership Officer for the Reiki Association of Western Australia, teaches the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki and her own course for Animal Reiki. Amy is also qualified in Animal Communication, Animal Bowen Therapy and Remedial Bowen Therapy for people. She is responsible for the not-for-profit #Sharesomereiki initiative, designed to connect Reiki communities across the globe.

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