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Reiki Tips and Spiritual Practices while Breastfeeding

Article by Charuta Rajadhyaksha

Motherhood changes life 360 degrees. Being a mother of a newborn baby my life is very much revolving around my little prince. Gone are the days when I would get plenty of time for meditation and Reiki practice.

For the last few years, Reiki has become inevitable, part of my life. It keeps me aligned with my higher self, helps to strengthen my connection with the divine and keeps me grounded too. I can’t imagine my day without Reiki practice.

In this new phase of life, the challenge was to keep up with this practice and soon I discovered a solution.

Breastfeeding has enormous physical health benefits for baby as well as for mothers, so I thought, how about utilizing this time to nourish our mind, heart and soul!

I found out these few ways to keep up with Reiki and spiritual practices while breastfeeding. As a result, every breastfeeding session is filled with positive energies of healing, joy, and peace.

Reiki Tips and Spiritual Practices while Breastfeeding

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  1. Gently touching my baby, I request Reiki to flow to each and every cell of his body
  2. By keeping my hand on his forehead I chant Reiki symbols or sometimes I play them on YouTube
  3. I draw Reiki symbols on my breasts and imagine breast milk charged with Reiki is reaching to each and every cell of his body. I also request Reiki energy to increase the supply of my breast milk
  4. I recite different mantras and shlokas. When I am tired I simply play it on YouTube
  5. I say few affirmations loudly by placing my hand on his heart
  6. I pray to his guardian angels to protect and guide him. I also pray them to assist me as I have just begun my new journey as a mother
  7. I love to creatively visualize about future – Eg. My baby is becoming healthier and stronger, meeting development milestones, our family spending wonderful time together, we are traveling together etc.
  8. When I am tired and have absolutely no energy to do anything, I close my eyes and I request Reiki to flow to all my Chakras
  9. I invoke Archangel Raphael and request to send healing for my recovery and overall health. I feel his green color light around my body
  10. If I have a specific issue like back pain or neck pain I request Reiki to flow there
  11. At times gazing at innocent eyes of my little angel itself feels like a meditation

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Charuta Rajadhyaksha
Charuta Rajadhyaksha

After pursuing an MBA in finance and having worked at corporate sector for eight years, Charuta gave up her finance career to pursue her passion for spirituality and swimming as full time career. Former national level swimmer now working as coach in Mumbai. She was highly intuitive and psychic since childhood. She realised these gifts and entered the world of healing. She is a Tarot card reader, Teacher and Angel card reading practitioner. She practises Reiki, Violet Flame healing and Angelic healing. She is also cofounder of Urja holistic healing along with a few fellow founders. She can be reached at +91 9619 661 368, urjahealers@gmail.com or charuta.rajadhyaksha@gmail.com, Charuta’s blog – Mind power – http://mindpower-charuta.blogspot.com/ and on Facebook at Urja Holistic Healing Group.

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