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How to Help a Trapped Spirit Cross Over with Reiki

Article by Justine Melton

I am a Psychic and a Medium as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. I love to help people with my abilities whenever possible. One of the most common things that I am contacted about is people seeking advice for what they usually call a haunted house. They notice that a spirit is around them at home and hear a lot of bumps in the night. Sometimes this can all just simply be fear based thoughts, sometimes a house cleanse is needed, and sometimes it is a spirit that needs helps crossing over.

Reiki is a wonderful tool that can be used to help almost any situation. Did you know that it can even be used to help trapped spirits cross over? Most people have heard of using sage, using oils, feathers, crystals, spiritual rituals, etc. While these are all wonderful and there are several that I really like my favorite method is to simply use Reiki.

When I first came into contact with Reiki it was by chance. Or so I thought at the time. I was living in what best could be described as a haunted house. There was so much activity going on and none of the usual things seemed to help clear the energy. I sought outside help to clear the energy in my home. I had a few people come in and cleanse the place. It did not really help more than what I had already done myself. When the home blessing from the priest did nothing to help alleviate what was going on either I started to become a bit fearful and wondered if I would be stuck living like that forever.

One day I felt guided to do an online search for house cleansing in my area. I came across a woman with very high reviews and decided I didn’t have much to lose by giving it a shot. I was a little worried to have a stranger over that I had only just come across online but I felt like I was being guided to do so and that it was the right choice for me. I ended up having the woman come over pretty quickly. She came and cleansed everything and was absolutely amazing. She used sage and some of the other traditional methods. When she was done the transformation in my home was striking. For the first time, the whole home was calm, peaceful and what I can only describe as fresh and spring like. I asked her if there was anything special she had done. She said that she had used some Reiki and that she does in all of her cleansing work. At this point I knew that I had to know more about Reiki and signed up for her next class.

Today I use Reiki in all of my cleansing work. I have found it particularly amazing in helping trapped spirits to cross over. Reiki is such a loving energy. I have often felt that it works so well because of how pure and loving it is.

The cool thing about using Reiki is that you can be at any level to help trapped spirits cross over. Below, you will find a simple method for how I like to do it and how I teach others to do it. There is no right or wrong way and it is all very personal. Feel free to add your own touch to the method. Also, please remember that this is specifically for spirits that are trapped and need to cross over. This is not for ghosts, dark energy, or anything other than helping a trapped spirit move on.

How to Help a Trapped Spirit Cross Over with Reiki:

  1. Protect yourself in your favorite way. If you like you may use my simple bubble method. Picture a bubble of pure white light surrounding you and say, “I am surrounded by the white light of God’s love and Divine protection. Nothing negative may pass through.” Of course be sure to change the words to match your own beliefs. Make one Cho Ku Rei over yourself.
  2. Stand in the middle of your home and make your plans known out loud to the spirit. For example, you could say something like, “You have passed away and it is time to now cross over. There is nothing to fear. I am here with loving, gentle energy to help guide you to the other side.” You can also ask that guides and passed loves ones of the spirit be present to help.
  3. Next, if you are able to see the spirit make a Reiki ball around them. If you are not able to see them simply visualize that they are in front of you. To make the Reiki ball just surround the spirit in the same ball of pure loving light that you did when protecting yourself a few moments before. You can say something like, “I am surrounding you in the white light of love and Divine protection. You are safe, you are loved, you are at peace.” Make one large Cho Ku Rei over the bubble of white light.
  4. Next, instruct them to cross over. To do this say, “Go now across the bridge of love before you to the other side. Reiki energy is here to help. Your relatives and friends are waiting for you. There is nothing to fear. Go in love. You cannot stay here any longer. Your time on Earth is now over. Move on and be at peace. “
  5. Put your hands up towards the spirit (or where you are visualizing that they are) and beam Reiki to them for 5 min. During this time they should cross over. When you are done ground yourself by making a backwards Cho Ku Rei around your stomach. Give thanks.

This is a method that has worked time and time again. It can work no matter what the reason for why the spirit felt trapped to the earth. I have used it on both adult and children spirits. It is gentle, loving and works. Be open and see what wondrous things Reiki can do. Thank you Reiki!

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Justine Melton
Justine Melton

Justine Melton is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Intuitive Counselor. Reiki came into her life and changed it in amazing ways. It is her passion now to bring Reiki to others and help them to heal in a holistic way. Justine is lucky enough to be an Empath, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and Clairvoyant. She is able to use these gifts with Reiki if asked to give extra messages during a session for the client’s highest good. You can follow Justine on her website SerenityOfTheMindAndSoul.com and on Facebook at Serenity of the Mind & Soul.

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  • S G Anand March 22, 2019, 10:52 am

    Thank you for valuable article !
    and what about Demon/Dark forces and Dark Energy

  • Ramesh Kumar March 10, 2020, 10:02 am

    Thank you very much, Ms. Justine for the knowledge for helping cross over to the spirit which is clinging for over a long time.
    It’s been more than 23 years that I have been clung by a spirit, make a lot of noise at powerful energy spots, vortexes and people with spiritual healing energies.
    Could you help release this from me? I would love a response

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