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Does Reiki Guarantee a ‘Problem-Free’ Life?

Article by Nivedita Bhosale

“A man who fears suffering is already suffering from what he fears.” – Michel de Montaigne

The above quote explains how we perceive things and create problems. Even if the source of the problem is not external, there are problems created by our emotional, mental or social behaviors.

It is said that if you are born on earth, then problems are inevitable. Obviously, we all are on a journey and figuring out solutions to make our lives fulfilling, simple and comfortable. With several therapies, such as meditation, sound therapy, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki is one of the popular ones, people look at to overcome life’s problems.

Being a Reiki practitioner for over a decade, people I meet are curious to know that although Reiki is prevalent in their lives, why do they still encounter problems? In their quest to find answers, they lose interest in Reiki and fail to discover the strength that Reiki possesses. So, whether Reiki acts like an insurance to provide a ‘no-problem’ life is something I have tried to explore in this article.

As quoted, life does not come with a manual and instructions or a set of solutions or guidelines. So is true even with Reiki. Reiki does not prescribe solutions to any of the problems. It, in fact, does something even more powerful. It brings you back to your inner self, that carries wisdom to resolve any issue.

Does Reiki Guarantee a ‘Problem-Free’ Life?

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I believe Reiki not only helps us endure problems but teaches us how to respond to life issues. When we worry about the problems, we tend to focus on them rather than the resolution. Reiki has the potential to subtly open ourselves to own and respond to our problems. Reiki caters to a holistic, deeply instilled perspective towards life. Instead of putting worry first, Reiki develops a perspective of acceptance and helps us tap into our inner wisdom.

I vividly recollect when Reiki was not a part of my life, I would cling on to outcomes with either obsession or depression. My life was in a watch and act mode, where I found it difficult to be complacent with my results, nor could I cherish what I had and was constantly anxious. This changed with Reiki. My awareness about things, situations, people was heightened which led to solutions in miraculous ways. Choosing Reiki as a tool, freed me of the burden that desires carry. It doesn’t mean that desires don’t pop up. It means that the approach to fulfilling the desire is from a space of gratitude and calm rather than lack or unhappiness.

Having Reiki by your side stops your mind chatter that curbs overthinking. We have the universal wisdom within us, and Reiki helps us to get aligned to it, which resolves existing problems while diverting foreseen problems. Every problem if perceived rightly, brings growth. And Reiki develops that perception towards problems.

  • Reiki softly imbibes the lessons that a soul may have chosen to learn, or it opens other possibilities that otherwise may not be visible.
  • Reiki holds a space for you to identify any alarming signs about a situation, thus arming you to face problems.
  • Reiki works like a support system amidst any difficulty. It gives you the perspective of other soul’s journey, develops an empathetic attitude, gently caresses and keeps you going with lightness, projects grounded-ness, and nurtures your soul.

I feel that instead of seeing problems as problems, Reiki makes the problems seem like bridges to your desired goals, which in turn provide tremendous opportunities to grow.

Sow the seed of Reiki practice, nurture it consistently and rejoice in the grace of Reiki each day. That is the Reiki-way of dealing with problems. Being in the Reiki space dilutes the intensity of the problems while empowering you to work on solutions. A little Reiki every day will benefit a long way in developing and sustaining a space of calmness, happiness and reigniting creativity towards resolving problems.

We, as Reiki practitioners, do face our share of challenges, however, by transforming our attitude towards problems, we approach problems in the light of Reiki. It would be worth giving a try and spending your time ‘Reiki-ing’ rather than worrying.

I would say that Reiki guarantees peace with your choice of resolution and always works for the highest good.

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Nivedita Bhosale
Nivedita Bhosale

Nivedita Bhosale is a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering followed by Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing. Serving 9 years in the Corporate sector, her strong inclination towards Reiki drove her to be a healer and a teacher. Born as an intuitive and gifted with deep compassion, she got enthralled with the divine gift of Reiki and would like to expand her experiences by nurturing Reiki in everyone’s lives. She is a Holistic healer, Independent Reiki Teacher, and a Traditional Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. You can reach her at melbournereikiessence@gmail.com.

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  • Sumeet Tulsyan March 15, 2019, 5:45 am

    That is a truly wonderful article Nivedita Bhosale !
    Thank You for sharing.

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