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How To Heal Electronic Devices with Reiki

Article by Durga Pillai

I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with all of my electronic gadgets since I owned them. Laptop, smartphone and power banks never fail to surprise me. They visit the service center every other month for different reasons. Whether it was my very first smartphone or my most recent iPhone, I encountered a wide range of glitches on a daily basis.

I almost gave up on smartphones and started using basic models to stay away from the troubles. However, once I connected with Reiki about a couple of years back I realized that there was a better solution. Yes, I had a moment of self-discovery when I healed my laptop with Reiki symbols.

I would like to share my experience with you. I’m a freelance writer apart from being a Reiki healer. I always had strict deadlines at work and eventually, my love-hate relationship with my laptop got me into a lot of trouble. It just wouldn’t start! I didn’t have the budget to go for a new one at that point of time in my career. So, I started thinking of a more creative solution as I was running out of time and risking my reputation with the clients. I was a newborn Reiki healer, then. So, I started invoking Reiki to guide me.

How to Heal Electronic Devices with Reiki
  • The Reiki guidance was spot on! I placed my right hand on the base of the laptop and invoked each Reiki symbol one by one to help me finish my work on time.
  • Firstly, Reiki symbol 1 (HZN) helped me to connect with the laptop on a spiritual context. I send waves of gratitude to the laptop and every soul who took part in manufacturing this laptop and sold it to me. It was my very first investment after I got my first salary. I channeled healing towards the laptop across time and space for its good health. It felt truly beautiful to connect with it with mindful awareness.
  • Secondly, Reiki symbol 2 (SHK) helped me empathize and thank the laptop for supporting me with my work for more than 7 years. We had an amazing heart to machine bond which I never realized until I connected with it through Reiki. The symbol revealed to me the amount of heat generated by the laptop while I’m busy working for hours together. As a result, I felt a lot of love and compassion towards my laptop and all other electronic gadgets that I use in my daily life. I channeled my heartfelt love and empathy while listening to everything that my laptop feels and speaks.
    (I’m a clairsentient who deeply empathizes and experiences the varied thoughts and emotions of other beings and objects. From my own experiences, I believe inanimate objects are open to receive healing as much as all beings in the cosmos.)
  • Ultimately, Reiki symbol 3 (CKR) helped me channel power and sense of security to my laptop. It was deeply empowering to experience the healing of objects I thought weren’t receptive to it at all. It was a thought-shifting experience, to say the least. I invoked the Divine Love, Divine Power and Divine Wisdom of Reiki to help heal my laptop for its highest good. At this point, I was open to accept whether my laptop continued to work or needed to rest forever in peace. I allowed the Universe to show me the way to get my work done.
  • I thanked The Creator, Reiki, Reiki Master, my laptop and myself for this amazing healing experience.
  • Now, I tried switching on the laptop for about 15 mins. Nothing happened. I was disappointed. I left my desk for a while and tried again once I got back to work. I was spellbound to find my laptop started without any problem. Still doubtful, I was busy counting the seconds for my laptop to get inactive. But, it didn’t.

I’ve been struggling for months with my laptop swapping between both active and inactive state. The authorized service center didn’t have an answer as well. Reiki did! Since then I slowly started healing different electronic gadgets and appliances at home and work. Reiki has worked wonders on a 30-year-old water pump, a couple of smartphones, a blender and many more.

I hope you’ll also try healing different gadgets and appliances with Reiki symbols. It’s a truly wonderful experience to connect with and heal inanimate objects which beautifully understands and responds to our genuine intents and thoughts without a fuss.

“My prayers for you to experience Reiki in your everyday life.”

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Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai is a writer, Reiki healer, and spiritual seeker. She channels Reiki Distance Healing and currently lives in a beach town in the southernmost part of India. She enjoys alone time, music and books while charms her luck with candle making, quilling and anything that awakens the creator within. She believes in spreading light, love, and spirituality to kids and women in the remote parts of the world. Follow her here: themeraki.org

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  • Radha Varanasi March 1, 2019, 10:22 pm

    Thank you and love you for sharing your wonderful experience.
    Thanks for explaining the steps in detail.Expectt many more articles from you . Love and Light.

  • Durga Pillai March 5, 2019, 9:01 am

    Dear Soul Sister,
    Thank you for your love and wishes. I’m happy you liked my article. It’s my pleasure and blessing to connect and share my Reiki experiences with you and other divine souls on earth.

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