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Rejuvenating the Womb with Colours

Article by Kavya Nairy

The sacred womb carries all the psychic and emotional debris from our past lives to the present moment. The rejection, disrespect apprehension is implanted in the cells of the womb. Additionally, there may be memories carried to our genes through our ancestors in our womb.

Below is a simple meditation to clear the cellular energy of the womb and build in more self-confidence in a woman’s life with the help of colors. Each color has an energy associated with it and we use the energy of it to heal the womb in this meditation. It is recommended to sit in the cobbler’s pose where your feet touch each other.

  1. Cleanse the space and call upon the motherly energy of unconditional love of Quan In, Parvathi, Durga, Fortuna and Zadkiel.
  2. Make yourself calm and bring in your awareness by inhaling and exhaling in the reverse count 20 to 1 slowly.
  3. Bring in the awareness to your belly, the holy seat of your womb and just spend a few moments consciously breathing deeply and fully.
  4. Reverse count from 20 to 1 concentrating on the womb region and build a connection with it to the fetus stage and imagine the space opening up to the present space.

  5. Allow yourself to listen, feel and understand the energy of the womb it may be light, heavy, dark or bright, these are the blockages your carrying. Let the deep connection build in between you and your womb.
  6. Imagine flashes of white light in the womb and let it flush out all the negativity your carrying from the trauma of your birth or before to present day.
  7. Request archangel Zadkiel to infuse a purple ball of light to transmute the energies in the womb.
  8. Imagine the dense energy getting out through your Root chakra to the ground and request mother earth to transmute the energy and heal herself.
  9. Fill the womb infusing energies from colored chi balls sequentially with yellow, orange, pink, and green, ray of light.
  10. If your guided to you can use other vibrational colors to infuse their energies too.
  11. Finally, request Quan In and Ma Parvathi to fill your womb with the unconditional love of white light.
  12. Affirm to your womb that you have restored balance and harmony to your sacred center.

From my case studies, I have seen that following the above mediation for 15 to 20 mins for 11 to 21 days has helped people heal issues related to self-confidence, sexuality, and PCOD.

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Kavya Nairy

Kavya Nairy

Kavya is an IT Software Engineer from Bangalore. An avid traveler and foodie who loves to live life according to her own terms and condition. Reiki came in her life in 2013 while preparing for a competitive exam and never parted with her henceforth. She is an Access Bars facilitator and practices more than 15 modalities – DLA, DNA, Gajanan Reiki, Lavender Flame and Money Reiki to name a few.

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  • Vivek Mantri February 28, 2019, 5:48 pm

    Very nicely articulated

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