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Distant Healing for Known & Unknown Hospital Patients

Article by Aparna Nanoti

Hospitals are places with mixed emotions of hope, frustrations, and celebrations. While the patient goes through physical pain, family and friends are in a state of anxiety and despair.

So many times, known friends or relatives are at hospitals or care centers that are at a distance or a different city. With distance healing, patients can receive the healing and recover faster.

Distant Healing for a known patient:

  1. Ask for permission from the patient to receive healing.
  2. Take a picture of the patient, with the hospital name, ward number, bed number, city, and country.
  3. Decide on a mutually agreed time when both you and the patient will be at ease and not disturbed.
  4. Place the picture, and all details on a piece of paper in your cupped hands. If you can, announce to the universe that both the picture and details are a surrogate for the patient.
  5. Pray to your Reiki master and guides while starting the session.
  6. Visually draw the Reiki symbols while chanting three times:
  7. Visualise you are with the patient and draw the symbol on the body of the patient and chant the names of the symbols 3 times.
  8. Conduct a full session in your mind as you would if the patient would be with you.
  9. Focus on the known ailments and let energy guide you to the other spots which require healing too.
  10. Keep in mind, the intent is healing is sent for the highest good.
  11. Once treatment is complete, clean the patient’s aura and ground them.
  12. Wash your hands with cold water and ground yourself, thanking all masters who guided you during the treatment.
Distant Healing for Known & Unknown Hospital Patients

Image by AdinaVoicu

Sometimes you are guided by the Reiki master and guides to send healing to everyone at the hospital. This may include patients, doctors, nurses, support staff, family, friends and everyone else. Since you do not know them, you cannot ask for their permission. At such times, place the intent that this healing is sent for the highest good.

Distant Healing for unknown hospital patient/ support staff:

  1. Sit in a peaceful environment where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Imagine a white glowing light from the crown of your head that flows throughout your body.
  3. Now imagine the hospital where you want to send the healing.
  4. Cover that hospital and all the nearby areas with this white glowing light.
  5. Feel the energy of the light healing everybody there for the highest good.
  6. When you feel intuitively that the healing is complete, you can stop.
  7. Wash your hands with cold water and ground yourself, thanking all masters who guided you during the treatment.

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Aparna Nanoti

Aparna Nanoti

Aparna Nanoti is a software professional with an experience of 18 years in the IT industry. During the last couple of years, she realized she has a strong inclination towards Holistic healing. This urge for knowledge drove her to learn and practice Reiki Healing and Tarot Card reading. She is a Tarot and Angel card reader, Zibu Symbol & Switch word Advisor, Reiki Master, Spiritual Writer, Motivational Coach and Speaker. Her aim in life is to nurture and nourish lives that she touches with enthusiasm for living. For all your questions, you can reach Aparna on guidancefromthestars@gmail.com or through her Facebook page at facebook.com/SeekYourGuidance

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