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DNA Strands Activation and Hidden Codes – Spiritual Number 55

Article by Saummitta A Mazumdar

As per Quantum physics past, present and future all exist simultaneously and the concept of time is an illusion.

We, humans, are part of this Cosmos, human beings are multidimensional personalities, not only existing in a 3D world that comprises of height, width and length along with additional dimension that is Time, but also human souls consciously playing varied roles in different situations, and in varied time zones actively. It seems weird!! Our DNA is structured to program the events of life hence the activated DNA strands explore multi-dimensions of our existence where the concept of Time loses its significance.

Now the question arises does TIME exist?

As Aristotle once said “Time, it might be said, consists of the past, present, and future. But the past has been and is no longer, while the future is about to be and is not yet. (217b 33) And the now (that is the present) is evidently not a part of time. (220a 20) Since no parts of time exist hence how can time itself exist in this realm?”

Here, I wish to narrate a story of a young Journalist
Back in 2004, a Journalist was staying in Mumbai India. As usual, he went for a walk in the evening, visited a coffee shop, and sat beside an old man. Hurriedly he left the café and rushed back to his house to check his main entrance door. He found that the keys were at the usual place so he came back, and he saw that the person sitting beside the old man it looks like him, wearing similar attire, sitting at the same table, sipping the coffee.

On his next visit, he found the same place with the same old man sitting in the same place. Only one or two people can be spotted there. A state bus halted their few villagers got down from the bus and entered the coffee shop with a lamp. He felt creepy and immediately left the place. Once he entered the main street again, the life was normal as usual, the market place was the same as it used to be. 

Déjà vu: “a feeling of having already experienced the present situation” It happened several times with me. We are certainly not living in the linear time. Are we?

I had shifted in my new flat recently and was trying to settle down. One fine evening I was invited by my friend to visit her place, when I reached there, at the entrance I saw a painting of dahlia on the left side and the painting of an English woman scientist, hanging on the right side of the door. While ringing the bell I felt that this situation has already been experienced by me. Déjà vu 😊

A human being has 7 main energy center or vortices and 21 minor chakras in their etheric body similarly nature is also operating at high and low energy vortex.

Nature is described at the smallest scales’ energy levels of atoms and also at subatomic particles. These particles have certain vibrational frequencies. When the elementary particles (i.e., subatomic particles) of universe vibrate at a certain frequency, our DNA molecule responds to them. We can only understand the universe in the form of matter, space and time hence our DNA molecule are coded or pre-programmed an event to take place at a certain time zone in our lifetime in the physical realm.

Nicola Tesla has given a vivid description to understand the law of the universe. 

The structure of DNA is a repeated pattern of these numbers 1,2,4,8,7 and 5 resonating the low energy centers, but once we reach to the point of high vibrational energy vortex of our physical earth then our DNA responds to its vibrational level. The higher frequency numbers are 3,6 and 9. Number 9 is free from all the other number patterns.

One of our high-frequency zone on earth is the Great Pyramid of Giza and Mt. Sinai and Mt. of Olives, It is known as 5’th chakra. This vortex point is ‘Throat or Voice of Our Soul’. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Mount Sinai (Egypt), and Mount of Olives (Jerusalem) are the Throat chakra of the Earth. Three sites are given here as best defining the center of this chakra. Mount Sinai, between the other two, is a useful point from which to construct the expanded circle.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is encoded with the geometric template of the Merkaba. It provides the elements necessary for subtle sound waves to be interdimensional dispersed. 432hz and 528hz are the sound frequency that creates the elements for the body and consciousness respectively to experience interdimensional reality shifts. These shifts enable you to have a powerful Merkaba experience and learn mysteries beyond our sphere of time. The unique feature of this chakra is that it is not on either the Rainbow Serpent (feminine) or Plumed Serpent (masculine) ley flows. Hence lying at the exact center of the earth’s land mass. By its spinning function, this chakra drives the force along the Rainbow Serpent path.

In Sanskrit, Throat chakra is called Vishuddhi chakra – means Purity or Holiness. Mantras are scared chant in praise of divine. This chakra is for communication hence his primary function is to purify our communion with the divine or higher self. The sound vibration thus created strengthen your energy body helps to balances the first four chakras and allow the flow of prana to unblock the energy center to activate pineal gland. Similarly, for all of the earth chakras, the art of listening to the divine messages once given to Moses by God at Mt. Sinai and at Mt. of Olives where teachings and the discourse of Olivet in the Gospel of Matthew was prophesized by Jesus to his disciples. Human race first needs to tap into the energy of the 4’th chakra (Heart chakra) to ascend higher. It is not possible to align with the purpose of own divine self until we learn to hear and respect the voice of the Earth spirit and it’s nowhere, more crucial than in the Middle East.

Number 55; 505, 550; 00:55; 555(5+5+5=15; 1+5=6) and 55:55 (10:10 in digital numbering system) Are these numbers visiting you again and again?

The significance of this Number:

The spiritual number 55 is also connected with past lives; all kind of past life techniques such as Past Life Regression and Akashic Records (delving into records of past life/lives); and also technique related future such as Future Life Viewing, Vision Board technique are related to this number.

Inferences: Our part of Sanchit Karma ie., our Prarabdha karma that we brought into this current physical body and that we take it forward to our future lives; part of our deeds that we generate through our actions here is also experienced in future in this current physical body, that accrues to our Agami karma; the present life is connected to our past lives; hence, all are working simultaneously in this present life. Similarly, we experience past lives incidents in future lives and this current life is one of them.

Observation: This number has the power to correct our past actions. If you encounter this number you can go back mentally at a specific moment to correct certain actions, rectify the mistakes done, actions/decisions of yours that have an impact at your soul level.

Dots of destiny connect the past with the present and the present with the future, hence we can travel back in the past from the present to examine the future. Since it connects the future, we have the opportunity to end negativity, to start fresh or plant a seed to enjoy the fruits of positivity in the future.

DNA Strands Activation and Hidden Codes - Spiritual Number 55

This Number is strongly associated with children

A case study in which Marry and Harry (the name changed) broke up and went through a period of separation before divorcing shows that the only one who suffers is their child. Because of the marriage survival problem itself, the child was undernourished physically, mentally/emotionally. The child’s soul complained asking for help and support.

Children are the creation of two separate individuals. These two individuals come together due to their karmic account of past lives to give birth to a child; firstly, bringing in someone else’s karma to be balanced in physical reality as per the contract or deal.

Inferences: As per Hindu Ashram system giving birth to a child is considered as positive karma. As part of fulfilling duty towards the householder and also honoring the divine creator, Grihast Ashram is the ashram where we fulfill our duties fully towards each other. Grihast Ashram is optional, not necessary, but it is the most important of all in the sociological context, as a human being in this stage not only pursue a virtuous life, they produce food and wealth that sustained people in other stages of life; offsprings to continue family lineage. The stage where most intense physical sexual, occupational, emotional and social and material attachment exists in human beings’ life. This stage is followed by Vanaprasthan (retirement) and then Sannyasa where one tries to detach themselves from the material world to attain a higher consciousness where the ultimate goal is to attain moksha.

Number 55 as a single digit

Number 5 In Vortex Mathematics as given by Tesla:
In his illustration number 5 is opposite to number 1. 5 and 5 when added it gives us the binary number 0 and 1 that is Number 10 (5+5=10).

Number 5 is also the expansion of our 5 basic senses and it takes the energy of 5th element for healing that is Ether (also known as space or spirit) for our kundalini to rise.

Other important significances of these Numbers are: (Remember our material and astral world are working simultaneously; as you sow, so shall you reap).

  • Excess of materialism in thought process;
  • Urge to deal with the mundane life;
  • Love at first sight;
  • Number 5 is our self-expression/sexuality;
  • Attraction towards someone or something;
  • Matrimonial alliances;
  • Unreeling inhibitions, a negative attitude in general, emotional intelligence;
  • Healing at the physical level for self-awareness physical activity (like Yoga), related to health and wellness (having nutritious diet)
  • Urge to finish a task quickly to achieve a specific result or reach a certain situation in work or personal life and selfless services all these fall under this repeated number combinations mentioned here.

“Let the light shine upon us, bringing in the deepest truth of life”

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Saummitta Mazumdar
Saummitta Mazumdar

Saummitta A Mazumdar is a professional Vedic Astrology practitioner and counselor. Her interest in occult studies started at very young age when she met with her school principal’s father. She is a Reiki practitioner and healer and combines various healing modalities including DLA (Divine Light Ascension). She has an MBA in human resource from a reputed institute. She practices Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Excalibur Reiki, deep healing Reiki and Divine Light Ascension and she is a a beginner in Pranic Healing. You can follow Saummitta on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Saumaaz-Holistic-Healing and www.facebook.com/saumaazholistichealing/

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