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Healing Traumatic Incidents

Article by Ashwita Goel, Reiki Master

Daily self-healing starts to improve our energies slowly, but simply this is not enough if we want healing in specific areas of life, such as painful incidents in the past.

Our mind and emotions are interconnected. Any emotion we feel reflects in the body through stress in a particular part. When we experience something traumatic and if we resist the onslaught of negative emotions we experience, these emotions ‘freeze’ in the associated part of the body.

More often than not, the body will retaliate some time after the incident with a physical problem, trying to release this frozen energy, but this does not always happen, and even if it does, the release may not be complete if we have tried to suppress the reaction through medicines or other means.

Types of Trauma

Some incidents in our past remain as a dull background pain, creating a disturbance every once in a while when something happens to remind us of it.

Others are forgotten thanks to a change of circumstances and rarely remembered, but are unresolved painful memories.

The third category is the sort that the subconscious mind has wiped out because it is too traumatic for the mind to handle. This usually comes up only after one has begun deep inner work, and usually the assistance of a therapist, in this case, is very helpful.

Healing Traumatic Incidents

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The Process

  • Start by recollecting and reliving the incident which caused you pain, in as much detail as possible. If you are a level 2 channel, you can start the process by using the distant healing symbol to connect you more deeply with the incident.
  • Feel the pain as deeply as possible. Level 2 channels can use the emotional healing symbol to bring them in deeper touch with the emotions. Do not resist the emotions or try to make them go in any way. Surrender to the feelings.
  • If the feelings are too overwhelming, bring your fingertips together and breathe powerfully either through the nostrils or the mouth, for 10-30 seconds.
  • Bring your awareness to the body and check if there are any sensations anywhere.
  • Once you are aware of the area where there are sensations, place your hands on it, or on the nearest accessible spot. Reiki 2 channels can also draw the physical healing symbol.
  • Become aware of your breathing now, and imagine that your breath is bringing Reiki into this spot.
  • Continue the process until the sensation fades. If it doesn’t fade, stop when it feels right and continue the next day.
  • In case there was no palpable sensation, simply allow yourself to feel the emotion deeply and practice self-healing, starting from the Root chakra and going upwards.

Continue this process for as long as is required. Sometimes, it feels as if we have hit a roadblock, and the healing seems to have stagnated. In such a case, it is helpful to take a break for a short while and restart after a few days.

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Ashwita Goel
Ashwita Goel

Having learned Meditation as a child, Ashwita incorporated Reiki into her life during her early teens. After a decade of witnessing the magic Reiki, she felt compelled to take up Reiki professionally, and ended her corporate career in 2007, taking up Reiki full-time. She eventually incorporated EFT, hypnotherapy and past life therapy into her work. Apart from her healing work, she teaches Reiki and meditation, and her book ‘Healing Through Reiki’ is available on Amazon. You can connect with her through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Reiki.Bangalore,
her website http://www.reiki-bangalore.com/ or visit her blog http://www.ashwita.com/zen/

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