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Practicing Jaki Kiri Joka Ho

Article by Shailja Kapur

It is one of the Japanese Reiki techniques of energetically cleansing of unwanted energies which should be performed ONLY on non- living things.

The meaning of the term:

Jaki means negative energy, unwanted, unfavorable, unhealthy energy
Kiri to cut
Joka means cleansing or purifying
Ho means technique


It should only be done on non- living things. Never to be performed on the living things.

I got inspired to write about this topic, as my family members asked me how I perform it. My child has always been curious as sometimes he watched me while performing this amazing technique on the things which we bring to our home. Though we can perform it on any NON-LIVING things, the most popular in my family are the clothes that need dry cleaning and the school items – bags, stationaries, uniform etc.

I believe if the kids have an emotionally drained day at school, it will be a good idea to take out all the things from the school bag, cleanse it physically if possible but energetically for sure.

I would like to share my way of performing Jacki Kiri Joka Ho:

  • Start with any ritual, preferred.
  • Do aura brushing & grounding.
  • Invoke Reiki, invite your guides.
  • Set an intention- “I begin Jaki-Kiri-Joka-Ho Now”
  • Visualise that the Universal Life Force Energy is pouring over you.
  • Inhale the Reiki energy.
  • Fill your hands with Reiki energy.
  • Bring your awareness to Hara centre.
  • Focus your breath on the Hara- centre and fill it with Reiki.
  • Hold your breath.
  • Hold the object or the thing on one hand, preferably non- dominant and perform Kiri, the action to cut the negative energy with another hand with palm facing down. Kiri should be performed few inches above the object to cleanse the object.
  • Perform Kiri with an intention of getting rid of unwanted energy. Do a very quick three horizontal like karate chop motion few inches above the object (moving away from you) to cut the air through the object with a sudden stop after the third motion.
  • Breathe out: exhale through the mouth simultaneously with sudden stop.
  • After doing the process, channel Reiki to the object with an appropriate intention; long as you are guided to and fill the object with Divine Love and Light.
  • Thank the Reiki & all your guides.


  • Normally Kiri is performed with three quick motions, but I modify the approach according to the heaviness of energy on the object. Most of the time, two rounds of the cleansing, I have experienced, is more appropriate.
  • While performing Kiri, if you prefer, you can intent or visualise the unwanted energy like dark clouds leaving the object.
  • Variation while performing Kiri –
    • You may prefer to breathe out once three quick motions are done.
    • If you find difficulty in holding the breath for that long, breathe out with every chop with the intention of cutting the negative energy from the object. Breathe in Reiki energy before the next cut.
  • If the things are too big to hold in your hand, stand in front of them and connect with the Distant Symbol and perform the procedure.
  • You can visualise the object on your hand and perform the cleansing.
  • You can use the surrogate, the way we perform distant healing and cleanse the object.

Be creative and soon you will find what works for you the best.

Some ideas:

  • You can add visualisation to this practice if you are guided to.
  • Perform it on any objects: Clear the unwanted energy from the objects when you buy any object either to use for yourself or for a gift purpose. It is a wonderful feeling to use those objects that are filled with energy of love and light.
  • Energetic cleansing of any crystals as soon as you buy them.
  • Cleansing of any house or room: Before moving into a new house, perform it with the intention of bringing peace, love and joy to your place.
  • Please make sure, after doing the process, channel Reiki; long as you are guided to and charge it with Universal Life Force Energy and fill it with Divine Love and Light.

Enjoy the Reiki filled high vibes objects for the Greatest Good!

Thanks to all Readers;
Thanks to all the Gurus for the Divine Guidance and Blessings.
Love and Light!

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Shailja Kapur

Shailja Kapur

Shailja Kapur is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer. She got passion for various Reiki practices and other healing modalities. She also practices Candle Healing, Distant Healing, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Magnified Healing, Yoga and Guided Meditation. She always felt a strong connection with Reiki. She had started practicing Reiki since her childhood without knowing what she used to do is called Reiki. As possibilities are endless with Reiki, her enthusiasm to experiment Reiki and share her experiences with the world. She believes self- purification, self-dedication and selflessness enhances your Reiki experiences. Shailja can be reached via her e-mail address divinereikiblessings@gmail.com.

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