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Self Healing and Reiki

Article by Patti Deschaine

Self-Healing is the cornerstone of your Reiki practice. Neglecting this important step could leave you feeling listless and disconnected. In a few short minutes, you can connect to energy and chart a new path for your entire day. Practitioners who regularly practice self healing reap the benefits in a multitude of ways. Self confidence and assurance, serenity, pain relief, relaxation, wisdom and calm are just a few of the benefits of regular self healing.

Here’s how to begin your journey into self healing.

Create a sacred space in your home, where you will be undisturbed or go outside to a peaceful location.  Turn off electronic distractions, TV, phone, computer. Light a candle, play some soft music. If you are outside, tune in to nature and soak in your surroundings.  Increase your awareness of the life around you. Consider bringing essential oils and or crystals into your practice as well. Crystals absorb and amplify energy, are beautiful to gaze into and lovely to hold. Aromatherapy with essential oils can enhance your experience in wonderful ways. Once you are practiced at self healing, you can do this anywhere, whenever you have a few minutes.

Get comfortable, close your eyes and take deep cleansing breaths. Use the power symbol, Cho Ku Rei, and the emotional healing symbol, Sei He Ki, to strengthen and increase your connection to energy.

Call in your spirit guides. Request their assistance in honoring your practice and directing healing to exactly where it is needed.

Set your intent – for light and love, healing and abundance. Use a phrase such as: I open myself to divine healing and love.

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Review the Reiki precepts:

Just for today

I will not anger,

I will not worry.

I will do my work diligently,

I will be grateful,

I will be kind to all living things.

Now use the following hand positions to connect to each of your chakras.  Repeat the following phrase out loud three times for each chakra:

Balancing and clearing, crown chakra.

Balancing and clearing, third eye chakra.

Balancing and clearing, throat chakra…

Continue until you have done all of the hand positions listed below and cleared and balanced all of your chakras. Stay on each position for as long as you like. Use your intuition.  Visualize the colors for each chakra as you work through them.

Crown – both hands on top of head – Helps with concentration, headaches, spiritual connection. The color for the crown chakra is clear or pure white.

Ears – one hand over each ear. – Helps with balance, hearing, sinus issues.

Eyes/Temples – one hand over each eye. – Helps with vision, headaches, spiritual insight. Third eye chakra color is purple or violet.

Back of the head and neck – One hand flat on the back of the head, one hand on the back of the neck – Helps brain, neck, spinal fluid, headaches.

Shoulders – arms crossed across chest with hands on shoulders. Heals shoulders, throat, thymus, neck. Can assist with finding acceptance.

Throat – throat, esophagus, thyroid and communication. Throat chakra color is blue.

Heart – heart, lungs, breathing issues, love and compassion, connection to others and to animals. Heart chakra color is green.

Solar plexus – stomach, liver, spleen, personal power and letting go of old trauma. Solar Plexus color is yellow.

Sacral – upper belly pancreas, intestines, digestion. Sacral color is orange.

Root – lower abdomen, hips, reproduction, grounding, Root color is red.

Continue with hands to:

Middle back – back, kidneys, pancreas. To heal guilt.

Lower back – back, sacrum. To assist with grounding and security.

Thighs – hands to thighs, legs, hips. For strength and stability.

Knees – hands to each knee. For increased flexibility.

Feet – through the feet all organs are accessed.

If you have taken the time to go through all the hand positions, you have done a thorough job and should feel great! If you did the shorter version, you will still get tremendous benefits. Not every day is one we can spend an unlimited time in self healing and meditation. Congratulate yourself for making time to connect to universal energy and healing. Draw an angel card for a positive thought to carry throughout your day.  And when you feel like you don’t have time for self healing, think about this: healing yourself with light and love is the first step toward healing others and reaching the ultimate goal that is to join with other light workers to heal the world.  It really is that important!

Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine

Patti Deschaine is a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki Master, and owner of Maja Energy Works and Reiki Healing. She resides and practices in Wilmington, NC. She enjoys all types of Reiki and particularly loves using Reiki on animals. Patti can be found at http://majaenergyworksandreikihealing.com and https://www.facebook.com/MajaEnergyWorks.

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  • Paula Smith August 19, 2014, 11:28 am

    I took my Reiki Masters course several months ago, wish you had been my teacher. I read each one of your articles and try everything. I love it!

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