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Melchizedek Method Reiki

Melchizedek Method Reiki

Melchizedek Method Reiki is said to be, by the practitioner of this style, one of the most advanced Reiki healing techniques, which balances spiritual, physical, mental and emotional being of a person. Many practitioners that adhere to a certain style claim this of their style, so this shouldn’t be a surprise :).


The history of Melchizedek Method is not very old. It originated in end of 90s and was taught by Reiki Master Thoth. The concept of this form of Reiki went towards its discovery from Altantean times. The knowledge of this form of Reiki was handed over to human being by dolphins and whales (Catacean) within temples. The fundamental goes with the idea of awakening spherical consciousness of a human being by activation of Hologram of Love Merkaba rotating light field.

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During this phase, a person gets light vibration through their atomic body structure, which is made up of cells. If the light field is activated, the capacity to heal gets even better. There is awakening of more unconditional love in your life and your heart also becomes very open. Melchizedek method makes a person to take full responsibility of their health, harmony and well-being with environment and people around them. Besides, this Reiki method is applicable from one person to another. Melchizedek Method can clean the body from inside and outside and skilfully get a person to feel better by getting positive thoughts into their mind.

After getting the therapy on your body, it will return to its appropriate physical condition. This skill can be practiced by Reiki masters having a correct knowledge about their streams. It makes a person confident and gets them rid of any negativity in life. Melchizedek Reiki Method is followed by activation of Merkaba (hologram of love). Merkaba is a sacred pattern having ability to give origination to whole universe. This pattern is based on universal resonation through which the unconditional love revolves. Human beings have this pattern inside them and it awakens through Melchizedek method.

Mediating can open up Holographic Merkaba, which brings the call at a special frequency into continuous time field. The frequency is 13:20:33 and is termed as ‘Frequency of No Limitation’. This frequency permits human beings to get harmonious with the originator of whole universe. This frequency is also present in all body parts and harmonizes it to universe. The tool used by Merbaka Hologram is a form of Divine Expression, which can get an entry through different levels of consciousness. It is the living holographic pattern of Godly Source vibration and can spiritually rejuvenate different forms of beings.

Melchizedek Method Reiki has the capacity to begin a consistent flow of energy, called love energy, from the heart of a person to the ultimate source ‘The Almighty’. The linkage through different aspects will allow Godly source energies and Earth to show off a high frequency healing energy having capacity to get a human body into healed and rejuvenated stage. The capability to access thought and mental state can be made feasible in this state by getting indulged into a spiritual experience having capability to meet physical and emotional needs of a person.

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  • Charanjit singh September 25, 2014, 9:37 am

    Please send the free copy of melchizedeck methods.i am very thank full to u.god bless u

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      I want Melchizedek method level 1/2

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    Please send me the Melchizedek Method Reiki.
    Thank you’
    Reiki blessings to you

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    Can I have a copy of the Melchizedek Method Reiki ?

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    Pl, send me a the proceedures to follow .Thank you!

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    Hi, I would be very grateful to receive more information about this.
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    Most grateful to receive more information as to this article.

  • Harjeet singh November 3, 2019, 7:43 am

    I want Melchizedek method level 1/2

  • Gail Sharkey June 8, 2020, 1:01 am

    Thank you for the opportunity to learn Reiki at a deeper level. Will you please send me a copy of
    Melchizedek method Reiki?
    Thank you.

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