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Celestial Reiki: Giving Message from Heavens

Reiki is simply a holistic or spiritual way of healing a body. It can help you to reduce stress level and get relaxation of body and mind. It can give multiple benefits to the body. Reiki is basically a Japanese technique developed by Mikao Usui. The main aim behind using Reiki technique was to treat a person spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. The conventional technique was developed by Japanese, but this healing therapy is being used presently all over the world.

Celestial Reiki concept

Celestial Reiki is almost similar to conventional Reiki. The only difference is that Celestial Reiki takes into consideration other planets of solar system, as well as constellations and stars (mainly zodiac signals). Reiki can help in channelizing the energy to heal various forms of diseases. This energy is called ‘Life Force Energy’ and has full control over human beings. The positive energy flowing through us makes us happy and healthy from inside.

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Celestial Reiki moves with an advancement to conventional Reiki form. This life force energy is used to make up body, soul and mind. Celestial Reiki Masters make use of life force energy from celestial bodies towards human beings. Reiki treatment includes whole body and believes in curing spiritual well being of a person. Reiki believes that life force energy is present in everything and anyone can use it for recovery or healing. It is a self-improvement process.

Celestial Energy is not limited to individual level, but comprises of universe power. Life force energy for this form of Reiki has no limits. Life force energy can be utilized by a person to get healing. Reiki is given by a master to its student through attunement. Reiki master helps their students to know about tapping life force energy to get healing and improve quality of life.

You need to emphasize on the fact that Reiki is not a religion. The people who practice Reiki can get holistically stronger and help you to emphasise on the religious beliefs in a better way. Reiki can promote better living and make a person peaceful from inside. It also boosts self confidence and keeps a person happy and stable. Celestial Reiki is linked with solar system attributes and gives a wider scope and light to patients.

Life Energy of whole universe can be channelized at individual level as well as with regard to whole planet. Reiki practitioners are able to accomplish healing techniques by connecting with planets and stars of solar system.

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