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Protecting Our Energy as Reiki Practitioners: Grounding & Clearing Techniques

Article by Asha Surti

If the intention is to simply channel pure universal life force energy through the hands, Reiki will not cause harm or drain to your own energy field. The best way to do this is to imagine life force energy entering through the crown of your head and emitting through the palms of the hands. Some picture a white light, others imagine the Reiki symbols channeling through them as they work with their client. If your intention is to not give your own energy, then you should overall feel fine. However, it is important to think about various factors that go into a session that may cause the body itself to feel fatigued. If you are not used to the therapeutic processing piece with clients (which tends to happen often as you discuss any messages you receive from the session, or which chakras were focused on), your mental body and Throat chakra may become strained. It is also important to take in to account body positioning throughout the session. Are you standing the entire time, are you able to pull a stool up for comfort? The more comfortable you are, the more ease of Reiki flow encountered. If at any point you feel discomfort, do not be afraid to adjust yourself prior to continuing the session.

As you get more comfortable channeling Reiki sessions, you will get to know your style as a practitioner. The number of sessions may increase or decrease as you practice more. The time frame of sessions may vary. You may come to recognize that at least 15-20 minute breaks are needed between clients. For some individuals, they may come to realize they are solely meant to do this work. For others, it may become part-time work. And for some, it may become just a way of living.

Let’s discuss how a practitioner may be able to ground before, during, and after Reiki healing sessions so they can come back to the physical plane a bit more easily. Often when we do not ground into our Root chakra and clear our own energy fields, we can become fatigued as there are instances of energy leaking. Sometimes heavy issues may also come up, leaving us to feel emotional as it may trigger some of our own traumas. Keeping several practices in place in order to come back to our own inner home is truly important and cannot be emphasized enough.

Protecting Our Energy as Reiki Practitioners: Grounding & Clearing Techniques

Some examples of how a practitioner may be able to ground

  • Setting the intention to disconnect at the end of a session
  • Saying closing prayers at the end of the session which can be:
    “I thank the Reiki energy for channeling through me
    May the Reiki work with the individual’s energy for as long as needed
    May the fruits of this healing be sent to the divine
    Thank you, thank you, thank you”
  • Set aside a bowl of salt water and send CKR to it prior to beginning the session. In the end, sprinkle some water on the table and around the room to clear the energy
  • Use sage during and after the session as energy is clearing
  • Keep a grounding stone at the foot of the table (black tourmaline is often used)
  • Set crystals on the table that you feel drawn to for balancing and clearing in between clients and at night
  • Play strong chants or music that feels clearing once a client leaves the room
  • Wash your hands with cold water immediately after the session; if you have no access – Kenyoku or dry bathing will also work to brush energy downwards back into the earth
  • Get some air, go for a brisk walk in between clients
  • Open the windows in between clients for circulation
  • Keep plants in the room if possible to keep the energy of the room balanced
  • Exercise regularly (for some running outdoors can be grounding, others it might be yoga and stretching close to the ground)
  • Hydrate with plenty of water during and after sessions as needed
  • Take a shower or do a quick rinse at the end of your day. Using epsom salt in a bath, or even sprinkling it on your body during a shower can cleanse heavy energy.
  • Call upon Archangel Michael to protect your energy field, visualize clearing at the front and back of the body through his assistance. Call any other guides, angels, ancestors to assist with protection and clearing.
  • Use meditation and connection to breath on a regular basis to clear the mind and body
  • Connect with Mother Earth: hug trees, give and receive Reiki while out in nature.
  • Give yourself breaks from Reiki (take trips to rebalance, socialize with friends/family, stay connected to other hobbies and interests). Often longer breaks may be needed for weeks at a time to disconnect from work and truly ground back into your own energy and inner home. This is typical for Reiki practitioners who conduct sessions regularly.

If you’re still feeling drained and fatigued with your level of work, it may be time to go into a deeper space. Which of the bodies is not feeling balanced (the emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical)? How can you incorporate new habits to balance this body? Are you resting enough? Do you give yourself enough quiet space to come back to your own flow and home? It can be difficult to transition back to the physical plane when feeling drained- we may pull away from social activities and not want to exercise as much. We may feel floaty all the time, or that we are constantly leaking in others’ energy. Crowds and traffic may become overstimulating for our senses, as our senses have been heightened. This is a new norm that we may need to adjust into, therefore allow yourself the time and space for the transitions as they occur. There is no set way to balance! It is all about listening to your needs each day and pulling into what your body is telling you. Different phases and sheds may occur; this is all part of the process of being an energy worker. Reiki chose you for a reason, and it will also come to deepen and strengthen your most important connection over time- that is to yourself!

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Asha Surti
Asha Surti

Asha Surti is an Occupational Therapist who studied at Boston University, and a Reiki Master currently practicing in Hoboken, NJ. She completed her training with leading RMT and Hypnotherapist Nicholas Harris in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was inspired to integrate holistic healing practices into her work by her late aunt, Urmila Surti, who was a RMT in India. She believes everyone has the ability to heal themselves, and feels guided to assist others in their journey; she is currently researching integrating two of her passions, OT and Reiki in serving children with special needs, particularly on the autism spectrum. She can be followed on Instagram @ReikiTraveler, or contacted at www.reikitraveler.com

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