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Dealing with Confusion – Reiki and Archangel Uriel

Article by Charuta Rajadhyaksha

Early years of my life was dominated by the word confusion. I hated when I had to make choices and decisions. It used to scare me. I never felt empowered to make any choices. How will I know what to choose? Lack of self-worth, lack of inner alignment, fear of going wrong used to put me in a constant state of confusion and fear. It took me so many years to realize there is no a so called wrong decision or choices in life. Everything that we experience ultimately contributes to our journey.

However, whenever we are required to make choices or decisions we all do tend to think. What would be the right choice for me?

When we follow our heart and make choices that are aligned with our soul’s desire or calling it brings tremendous joy, happiness, fulfillment, and abundance in our life. Yet at times this process of making decisions may not be easy, it can be overwhelming and confusing.

In such situations invoking Reiki and angels bring miraculous results. I would like to share a method that I have been following for last few years.

Dealing with Confusion - Reiki and Archangel Uriel

Image by Arcaion

Steps to follow

  1. For example, if I am considering 4 options, I use a flash card for every option. On one side I write about that choice briefly and on the other side, I draw all Reiki symbols. These flash cards remain as a part of my altar till the entire decision-making process is complete
  2. I invoke Reiki master Dr. Mikao Usui, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, and my guardian angels
  3. I ask for protection and then activate Reiki
  4. I request Reiki energy to flow to all my chakras
  5. After feeling the Reiki energy and enjoying meditative state for some time, I say this prayer:
    “Dear Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, and my guardian angels. I request you all to help me with this situation. I am feeling confused. Help me to make a choice that works for me, a choice that is aligned with my life purpose and best for everyone involved. Please guide me clearly. Please heal my fears and insecurities. Please give me the courage to follow your guidance.”
  6. After this, I imagine Reiki energy is flowing to all flash cards

I continue this ritual until I get clear answers or guidance. Sometimes it takes a few days, few weeks or sometimes months! There is no fixed timeline. Reiki and angel prayer method helps me to be in allowance or surrender mode. It helps me to offload my burden and release control. I literally step back and let divine take charge of the situation. Archangel Michael gives courage and confidence to follow divine guidance. Archangel Uriel helps to bring clarity by healing all fear and confusing based thoughts and emotions.

Usually, after implementing this method I get answers or guidance in many ways.

  1. The Universe responds by giving signs such as angel numbers, books, videos, articles etc
  2. Right people, resources and information show up that helps me to make the better choice
  3. The inner nudge to take some action that leads to receiving more clarity about my situation
  4. Clear knowing what I need to do or choose
  5. Sudden loss of interest in one or two options
  6. Experiencing some challenges and negative situations that ultimately helps me to eliminate few options

Do try this method and let me know how it is working for you.

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Charuta Rajadhyaksha
Charuta Rajadhyaksha

After pursuing an MBA in finance and having worked at corporate sector for eight years, Charuta gave up her finance career to pursue her passion for spirituality and swimming as full time career. Former national level swimmer now working as coach in Mumbai. She was highly intuitive and psychic since childhood. She realised these gifts and entered the world of healing. She is a Tarot card reader, Teacher and Angel card reading practitioner. She practises Reiki, Violet Flame healing and Angelic healing. She is also cofounder of Urja holistic healing along with a few fellow founders. She can be reached at +91 9619 661 368, urjahealers@gmail.com or charuta.rajadhyaksha@gmail.com, Charuta’s blog – Mind power – http://mindpower-charuta.blogspot.com/ and on Facebook at Urja Holistic Healing Group.

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