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Tips Learned on My Reiki Healing Journey

Article by Padmaja Mohandas

Just do self-Reiki and take care of myself that is my way of life since 2007. Doing self-Reiki regularly, I mean same time on every day had helped me a lot. It awakened my true self. Being on my true self gives me lot of joy, confidence and my every day is much easier than before. Be in present and be mindful of moments are much easier than before. A new mindset is created within me, “I can enjoy every day of my life.” It is the great gift of regular self-Reiki. I may consider it as a shower to my soul and consciousness!

I can see things very clearly with less effort and things and opportunities lined up in front of me. Now I do not chase the things that I need to have in my life. Cool, isn’t it? During the initial stage of my Reiki practice way back in 2007, I was a bit skeptical about “why Reiki is not working?” Do I need to tame universal energy, the pure glowing light in favor of me? If so, what else more is need to do? I kept on asking and doing self-Reiki! Sometimes I discontinued self-Reiki, wittingly or unwittingly. It may be due to some delay happened in achieving the expected outcome. However, Reiki paved the way for me to remain on this path and enjoy the benefits of self-Reiki. Its great impact on my life.

Regular chanting of Reiki ideals is the best way to reinforce good virtues like kindness, gratitude, happiness, and peace in our minds. It was a constant reminder to me who am I? What my strengths are? Regular expression of gratefulness opened my eyes to see all my blessings, and it attracted even more to my life.

Many questions were answered at the right time. Accurate information were delivered to me. I could meet right people on right time, what an amazing tool is it? My thoughts were started shifting. Reiki acts as a guiding force to me. The pure light and love opened many doors in front of me. I have had many achievements materialistically and spiritually.

Tips Learned on My Reiki Healing Journey

I just read the word “Reiki” in a magazine, when I was a teenager and I do not know why this five letter word ”REIKI” struck my mind and it started revolving in mind every now then. At times, it showed up and then it faded away. Then again, I happened to see a small book on Reiki in my friend’s house. I borrowed it from her and read it. This word “Reiki” surfaced in mind repeatedly, very strongly. I was not sure what to do. However, I know I liked it. Why does it come in front of me? Was Reiki testing me?

Again after a decade, one fine morning I was reading Sunday special edition of Prominent Newspaper. A Reiki teacher named Nanda Puri Sharad was featured on that newspaper. I jumped for joy and just dialed to her no to receive the reply “I will call you when I conduct next Reiki Class.”

Exactly, two years after one of her students called me and asked: do you want to learn Reiki?” By the time, as usual, it had vanished from my mind, I thought for a second and replied: “Let me see ”.

The next weekend, I attended Nanda’s Reiki meeting and then and there, I decided to join for the next Reiki Level 1 class. My Reiki Journey or otherwise my spiritual journey took off there! I was very much thrilled about my new investment in Reiki. The new guiding force of mine, the loving gentle companion of mine lead me to advance levels of the same modality.

Moreover, It led me to other energy modalities like Qi Gong, Crystal healing, Pranic healing and even to Angelic healing! NLP is another addition to this journey. Of late, I am trying my hands on life coaching!

Reiki is a way of life for me now. I could do astral traveling and mindfulness even without knowing, what it is! Later on, I read in some holistic books and articles, I could realize, this is what downloaded to my mind. What a great blessing this pure love and light has been bringing to me!

Many of my plans and dreams came true with Reiki guidance. I started to see and know myself very clearly and it wipes out all my fears, hesitations and difficulties from within me. It has also given me a sense of belonging. I started to own my space, it created more certainty in life. I could feel unconditional love and compassion from within me. I could even buy my dream home in chosen location even though my family and friends commented, “that locality is completely filled, it wouldn’t get in million years.”

I also had plantar fascia on right feet; it is healed just by drawing with Karuna Reiki® symbols and Usui Masters on my right feet and giving for 10 to 15 minutes Reiki a for a week!

Because of self-Reiki, I became calmer and I was able to focus on my goals consistently. Coherent ideas started coming to me. Some of my problems and difficulties begin to dissipate. In short, I felt more peace than before. My self-awareness is increased. Being present and mindfulness has become a way of my life without any special exercises and effort from my side.

Another awareness, I got through self-Reiki is I really got the experience of creative chakra or sacral (svadhishatan) chakra is related with water element. Of course, I theoretically learned element associated with second chakra is water. However, I could feel and experience whenever I am soaking myself in water, may be in shower, or swimming or just dipping my hands in water, many ideas come into my mind. At first, I was thrilled but later I could figure it out sacral plexus or creative chakras is detoxified, activated and energized. Regular self-Reiki made me more creative in healing work. I was guided through my intuition to use colors to energies and heal chakras. Additional benefits I gained from self-Reiki is my handwriting became much better than before!

My daily ritual goes like this: – SeIf Reiki along with chanting Reiki ideals and Gratitude expression. Followed by this I do send Reiki for Happiness and Health of People on Earth.

Before wrapping up my words, I would love to express my attitude of gratitude to my higher self and all Reiki practitioners and master who imparted me great knowledge!

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Padmaja Mohandas is a Usui Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher. She’s also an NLP practitioner, Strategic Intervention Life Coach and got in touch with Crystal healing, Angelic healing, Qi Gong. You can reach Padmaja at srireiki@gmail.com.

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  • Prashasti Patel December 28, 2018, 6:22 pm

    Everyone’s experience is awesome with Reiki Healing…. & your’s also. Thank you for sharing Padmaja.

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