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How To Manifest Your Soulmate Love?

Article by Aarti Seraphim

“No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.”– George Chakiris

Having a soulmate in life is a desire of almost every soul on the Earth! We commonly dream for an ideal partner with whom life becomes more enjoyable than before. We look for the one who understands us and accepts us for who we are. However, since conventional set up to the modern era, such desires have deceased under the heaps of materialistic wants. It is an inevitable truth that we all are living on material plane where things are more physical, but there is no need to leave your spiritual body behind to reach the worldly achievements. Being in a relationship does not mean giving up on your dreams or learning how to compromise, but to grow together physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually maintaining your individuality. Let’s learn more about a soulmate relationship and how to manifest your soulmate love into reality with the help of Reiki and the angels.

The Ideal Relationship

First of all, we need to break through the chains of bizarre thinking pattern of the soulmate relationship. Some of you may have created your ideal partner or relationship on the basis of Bollywood/Hollywood love stories. Kindly do not entirely depend on such theories. Being or having a soulmate does not imply to love someone more than life. It definitely doesn’t mean to push your partners to disclose each and everything about their lives shutting the doors to their privacy. And love never means sacrifice! If you didn’t get the person you desire that simply conveys s/he was not designed for you. It just does not stops you from learning your own life lessons. You still have to grow as an individual while keeping up with your companionship just as any other relationship in your life. You still have to complete yourself fulfilling your dreams. Love is also an energy just like money, joy, hunger, thirst or melancholy. And a beautiful one indeed. It may transform you or make you a better person in life but it does not ask for an unwilling exchange.

You may already know the amalgamation of the word soulmate with soul means your immortal body and mate means a companion. Thus, a soulmate is someone who is a companion to your soul.

Here is a tried and tested technique to help you attract your soul-companion into your life.

I recommend maintaining a journal or scrapbook for this exercise as you would need it. Title it ‘My Ideal Soulmate.’ You can name the separate sections as My Soulmate, My Married/Love Life.

In the journal start writing your soulmate preferences.

  • How do you wish your soulmate to be? Include the aspects under the following points:
    • Physical Attributes/Outer Appearance
    •  Abstract qualities (humorous, sympathetic, humble, kind, etc.).
  • What do you desire in your relationship?
  • How it should be? You can include things such as long walks holding hands together; taking care of one another in sickness; making Sunday lunch together; going out on romantic dates; being in a loving relationship in the old age; and so on.
  • You can stick pictures of desired destinations of outings or future home and more.
  • Keep the intention very clear of creating an ideal relationship.
  • Now, you are ready to manifest.

Method of Manifestation

If you have read my previous article (Heal Your Relationships with Reiki and Angels) then you already know about the angels of love. We would work with the angels of love in this method while adding on the assistance of Archangel Raziel, crystals and candles. In this ritual you would need some paraphernalia, i.e your ideal soulmate journal/scrapbook, 2 pink candles, 2 hearts of rose quartz, a separate altar, a pink cloth, essential oils of rose or jasmine, pink/red roses along with the pictures of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Raguel, Jophiel and Raziel.

  • Create an altar. Lay a pink or red cloth over it. Set up the pictures of the angels upright on it.
  • Keep your journal on the altar or at the side of it.
  • Spread some pink/red rose petals on the altar and keep some roses in a small vase.
  • Keep the hearts of rose quartz on it.
  • Burn some essential oil of rose or jasmine.
  • You can also keep a pair of doves (optional).
  • Now, get two pink candles. Keep a palette on the altar on which you would keep your candles.
  • Place the candles in between your hands. Give them the intention of manifesting your desired love life while meditating. Afterward, create two Cho-Ku-Rei‘s and one Dai-Ko-Myo on both the candles.
  • Now, burn the first candle and keep it on the palette and then burn the second candle with the flame of the first one setting it on its side.
  • Then, meditate on the pictures of the Archangels. Draw two Cho-Ku-Rei’s, one Sei-Hei-Ki, and one Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen between the gap of angels and you. Do not forget to intone the names of the symbols to activate them.
  • Now, shut your eyes gently taking deep breaths.
  • Say the following prayer mentally or verbally.
    “Dear Archangels Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Raguel, and Raziel, I call upon you now. I thank god for designing powerful angels like you to alleviate miseries of the Earth and help us souls to ascend to the spiritual plane with ease and peace. Archangels, I am unleashing the dreams of my ideal love life and soulmate to you now. Please heal and release all the negative karma and judgments in all directions of space and time that are blocking me to live my romantic relationship. Protect my relationship with my partner and remove any obstacles from our way to live a loving, prosperous and abundant married/love relationship in all aspects of this life. I, now, surrender myself and my dreams completely to you as you know me better than I do. You know what I need more than I do. Help me enjoy the essence of true and unconditional love with my partner. This or better, thank you.”
  • Sit there for a while and receive the healing sent your way by the angels. Once you are finished, you would be prompted by angels to open your eyes.
  • You have manifested your love life.
  • Sever the cords of attachment with Archangel Michael. Complete the ritual by thanking the Lord and his angels. Have a glass of water and do grounding.
  • Allow the candles to burn out entirely.
  • Remember to discard the rose petals and candles’ leftovers in a garbage can.
How To Manifest Your Soulmate Love?

You can do this ritual every Friday and continue doing it until you achieve the results. If you do not find essential oils or roses then skip it. The rose quartz crystal is to amplify the effect of the healing, but if you are unable to purchase it then you may leave it. Just perform the session as mentioned and have faith. Don’t think that if I do not have all the apparatus then my wish would not be fulfilled. The divine beings are not judgmental.

The concept of the soulmate is much bigger than the simple amalgamation of the two words. But the word limit is beyond the extent of the article. Thus, I have kept it short and concise to help you manifest your desired love life. I hope the angels of love bless you with an amazing love life.

Note: The divine beings work for your highest good and sometimes you may need to act with patience when they are manifesting your love/married life. The white light healing helps in creating the good; pay attention to the way it benefits you.

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Aarti Seraphim
Aarti Seraphim

Aarti Seraphim is a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Angels Therapist, and Tarot Card Reader. She has completed her Masters in English Literature from IGNOU Noida, India. Aarti is trained in Indian Classical Vocal Music and French Language. She works as a freelance writer. She idealizes love and peace as the sole purpose of the creator. She is inspired to enlighten the world about healing modalities and self-love. Her aspiration to restore love and peace in the world motivates her to use the blessings of lightwork for helping out those in need. You can reach her at reikiaarti777@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/AartiSeraphim777.

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