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How to Deal with Criticisms as a Reiki Healer?

Article by Durga Pillai

Criticisms aren’t welcome in our day-to-day life. We generally feel triggered to react rather than respond when being criticized. It’s only natural for us to feel mixed emotions towards such encounters. On the contrary, the life path of a Reiki healer has its own highs and lows to serve the higher purpose. More often you’re being judged or criticized for several reasons during your Reiki practice.

How do we deal with such situations? 

A few months back a mother of two approached me for Reiki healing. She complained that right from her health to finances and relationships were in troubled waters. I accepted to do my part as a Reiki healer for her highest good.

I made it very clear that there are no quick fixes to healing and Reiki does that which serves her highest good in Divine Timing. She agreed to all of them and sat through distance healing session for 21 days.

Every day she would call/message me continuously throughout the day apart from my Reiki healing hours. I could understand she was restless and so replied to her whenever she contacted me. She slowly felt more calm and composed day by day and I completed her healing sessions successfully.

After a week, she wrote to me that she couldn’t find any improvements in her life situations after I completed Reiki healing for her. She also added she paid me her hard-earned money which turned out to be useless. I, again, explained to her that healing is not time-bound and results are not always as expected. She didn’t follow a few of my guidances and understood my practice only superficially. How could I change her approach or perspective? It’s her own journey to heal and I’m only but a guide.

I felt hurt and refunded the money to her. I couldn’t sit for healing anybody for about 3 months since then. This incident made a huge scar in me that I still can’t accept the words and emotions I went through for doing my best for a healee. How could I be more detached with feedback, in general?

I later realized I had a pattern of judging/criticizing myself for receiving money in exchange for my spiritual healing services. I was receiving the same vibrations from people I met through my healing practice as well. I needed to heal myself first to overcome these situations. People and situations always mirror your inner Self. 

How to Deal with Criticisms as a Reiki Healer?

Image by Zoltan Tasi

How do you make peace with criticisms as a Reiki Healer?

  • Firstly, give yourself permission to feel hurt or angry. In my honest opinion, making peace with that which hurts you is an ongoing journey. If you slowly begin to see the pattern in situations that repeat themselves in your life, you’ll gradually learn and grow from it. But, if you suppress or hide your emotions then you’ll never truly overcome them.
  • Secondly, try to delay your reaction by not replying to any criticisms/judgments at the heat of the moment (social media/face-to-face). I’ve done that mistake once and I really didn’t feel good about it, later. Instead of reacting to the heat of the moment, you need to respond to the heart of the moment. Maybe, the other person is in deep pain and you’ll be able to empathize with them only when you calm down first.
  • Finally, don’t take any feedback personally. Whether it’s positive or negative, remember as a Reiki healer we’re only channeling the Divine Energy of the Universe. We don’t own anything to give it away. So, why do you take it personally when someone criticizes you or your practice? Surrender the good and bad comments to Reiki and do not own them. You’re not the doer and so, you don’t own the criticisms too.

You’ve chosen your journey as a Reiki healer to serve humanity and the Universe. It’s your own choice out of your free will to serve. So, let your higher purpose guide you to greater deeds. You can learn from criticisms or judgments if they’re valid. Remember, wisdom is hidden in every word spoken and unspoken as well.

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Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai

Durga Pillai is a writer, Reiki healer, and spiritual seeker. She channels Reiki Distance Healing and currently lives in a beach town in the southernmost part of India. She enjoys alone time, music and books while charms her luck with candle making, quilling and anything that awakens the creator within. She believes in spreading light, love, and spirituality to kids and women in the remote parts of the world. Follow her here: themeraki.org

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  • Susie December 9, 2018, 8:02 am

    It says more about the people who criticise, that’s who they are not who you are, in our journey we get used to the negative nellys. We rise above them.

  • Durga Pillai March 5, 2019, 9:03 am

    Thank you Susie for your kind, reassuring words. I’ve now come to accept my critics as my wellwishers too. Thanks to Reiki for giving me this experience and wisdom.

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