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Archangel Reiki Healing for Miscarriage

Article by Chanchal Mishra

The path to pregnancy is indeed an enlightening one. A soul that has been constantly craving nourishment is now the provider. No one can really figure out the variety of emotions a mother goes through during pregnancy. It’s precious, it’s miraculous and emotional for sure. The joy that builds day by day with each passing scan of the fetus sometimes leads to despair when one loses the baby either in womb itself or afterward as stillbirth. The emotional grieving that follows is excruciating psychologically and draining at many levels.

We are blessed to have been walking on the Reiki path that leads us to light at the end of the tunnel. In this article, we will work on healing of the Mother. We follow this three-part process.

  1. Acknowledgment – Where one accepts the reality of the present and acknowledges that the baby is no more.
  2. Forgiveness – learn to forgive one’s soul and physical body
  3. Rejuvenation – Sending love to oneself and preparing for a healthy future

For the Acknowledgement of the incident that has occurred.

One has to be receptive state. This needs to be done before going to sleep. Since the conscious mind is at rest at the time.

  1. Sit Calmly. Rub your palms together.
  2. Affirm you intention, call upon Reiki Mother and Archangel Gabriel to assist you in this healing process.
    “Dear Reiki Mother and Archangel Michael (for protection) Archangel Gabriel (Healing the womb) I call upon you now to come and guide me for (recipient’s name) healing from the loss of the baby.”
  3. Close eyes and visualize an enormous size Cho-Ku-Rei entering the Heart chakra. As this happens, draw Cho-Ku-Rei on the palms and place the palms on the Heart chakra. Let the Cho-Ku-Rei emit its vibrant rays that will heal the grieving heart. The Mother, in this case, can express unsaid emotions and the burden she feels on her soul. It’s ok to cry during this practice, it will cleanse the body from clogged emotions that in long run can cause other illnesses.
  4. As Archangel Gabriel surrounds the mother, she is completely protected and safe. Close the session with a prayer to Archangel Gabriel, “Dear Archangel Gabriel, I now release all clogged emotions to God’s light for transmutation in all directions of space and time. I request you please bless me and fill my womb with love and healing light so it can heal and conceive again when the right time comes. Thank You Thank You Thank You”.

This Simple and effective exercise can be done for continuous 21 days to heal the grieving heart and womb.

Archangel Reiki Healing for Miscarriage

Image by Jills


Everyone heals differently. Everyone forgets in their own time and everyone forgives in their own time too. Many mothers choose to blame themselves for the loss of the baby whereas the reality is it’s no one’s fault. The most probable reason for a miscarriage is that the Soul contract between mother and child was short. And the mother’s soul was not ready to carry forward the pregnancy. So there is actually no one to blame. We do a small forgiveness prayer and Reiki technique to remove unforgiveness from mother’s heart and body.

  1. Sit calmly. Rub the palms together. We will be calling upon Reiki Mother and Archangel Zadkiel (for forgiveness, releasing negative thought patterns and lifting one’s spirits to a higher level of peace)
    “Dear Mother Reiki and Archangel Zadkiel, I call upon you now to come and guide me during this forgiveness exercise for (client’s name/self). Please help me forgive myself and everyone involved in this situation of loss. So that I may release negative thought patterns and raise to a higher vibration of peace and compassion. Thank You Thank You Thank You.”
  2. Visualize an enormous size of violet HSZSN entering through your Crown chakra and moving in a clockwise direction from top to bottom dissolving the unforgiveness from all your chakras. Its violet flame will be dissolving the remains of unforgiveness from your body and shall set you free from the unsaid emotions. Remain in this position for 7 minutes (each chakra has a minute with HSZSN to work with).
  3. After cleansing the Root chakra the symbol goes back to your heart and sits there for a long time (follow your intuition here for duration)
  4. Close the practice by gratitude prayer, “Dear Reiki Mother and Archangel Zadkiel thank you for making my chakras more open to forgiveness. Thanks for letting me forgive myself. I now accept the truth of the situation that no one is responsible for this event and everyone did their best effort. I release and forgive everyone including myself. Thank You Thank You Thank You.”

This simple and effective exercise can be done for continuous 21 days to heal the grieving heart that suffers most from unforgiveness.


Once you have grieved the past its time to get back on the track with life and give it another chance. Bringing back the gone luster and joy back to oneself is crucial so one can look at the life with a fresh perspective and prepare for a welcoming future.

It’s best if you do this exercise barefoot, early morning out in the garden where you can see trees, grass and be closest to Mother Nature.

  1. Sit or stand in a calming state. Draw a Cho-Ku-Rei on both the palms and let the palm chakras activate.
  2. Now say the prayer, “Dear Mother Reiki and Archangel Nithael (for rejuvenation) I call upon you now. Please help me find myself back and guide me to rejuvenation of my body and soul. Please guide me. Thank You.”
  3. Visualize an enormous Sei-He-Ki in front of you radiating pastel pink color. As it approaches you. It is filling you with eternal bliss. Let it soothe and balance the masculine and feminine energies within you. Visualize how it soothes your skin and brings glow and radiance not just to your outer body but also to your inner organs. It is boosting you with health at cellular level. You now have this angelic glow on your body. This symbol stays with you and rejuvenates you from inside.
  4. Let the symbol dissolve within.
  5. Say the gratitude prayer, “Dear Mother Reiki and Archangel Nithael, thank you for assisting me and guiding me during this healing practice. Thank you for helping me find myself back and guiding me to rejuvenation of my body and soul. I am now ready to move on with my life and prepare for a beautiful future that lies ahead of me. Thank You Thank You Thank You.”

This Simple and effective exercise can be done for continuous 21 days.

Few points to remember:

  • No one can heal you without your own effort
  • You are not alone!
  • Be kind to yourself in the time of healing
  • Stay hydrated and focus on your recovery
  • Everyone is different, adjust the mediation timings as per your convenience
  • Divine light has something even better planned for you

Stay Blessed!

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Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra is a Certified Reiki Master and Angel Therapist. She also practices Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angel card reading, Money Reiki and Karuna ki. Chanchal completed her English Literature Master’s degree from Delhi University. She also completed her Post graduation in Fashion Marketing from California, USA. Chanchal loves to read and write. In her free time, she empowers others and provides guidance to those in need. Reach her at healsattviki@gmail.com

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