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Reiki and Hair Loss

Article by Norman W. Wilson, Ph.D.

Hair loss and its subsequent attempts to stop it, to prevent it, and to replace it has plagued humankind for hundreds of years. It’s a multi-billion dollar a year business according to ABC News. The latest figures released by The Hair Country indicate 35 million men suffer hair loss and 21 million women have that experience. Men spend one billion dollars yearly to suppress their hair loss.

It’s interesting to note which countries have the most bald men. As reported in Quora, The Czech Republic heads the list with nearly 43% followed by Spain with 42.6%, Germany with 41%, France, the UK, and the United States nearly tied at 40%.

Two years ago, my wife was stricken with a rare form of bone cancer. Within the first week of her treatment, her hair began to fall out. Being the marvelous woman she is, she had her head shaved. Two years later her once curly hair is now straight and thin in places. I’ve read all the promotional material about hair loss and its restoration. Being concerned about adding any other chemicals to her body and not sure of their effect on her over-all health I wondered if Reiki would have a positive role to play in aiding her hair growth.

Research showed a limited discussion about the use of Reiki in the treatment of hair loss. Frankly, these discussions demonstrated a lack of understanding of the fundamental principles of Reiki. Please realize I fully recognize that Reiki is not a panacea for all physical and emotional issues. But, because it is a powerful energy infusion, I was sure it would have a positive impact on my wife’s hair. From my perspective as a Reiki Master, I feel that gentle stimulation provided by a release of the natural flow of energy would be helpful.

Please bear in mind that we are still working the following procedures and for some, our success may appear to be limited. From my point of view, a slight overall increase in hair thickness warrants the effort.

Before you begin a Reiki healing at a treatment for hair loss be sure to set your intention. This is crucial to any healing session you may undertake. Howard G. Charing in his book, The Accidental Shaman also reminds us that “with intention you signal energy to move to a place and with attention, you hold that energy at that place.” As a shamanic healer as well as a Usui Reiki Master, I can’t emphasize Mr. Charing’s point enough. Please keep your intention brief and to the point. Be exact. I simply said, “Hair grow.”

Reiki and Hair LossSecond, with my hands, I created this symbol in the area over my wife’s head. Third, I placed a card containing that symbol directly on her head. After cleansing my hands with lavender spray, and drying them, I went into a brief meditative state. During those couple of minutes, I said, “Reiki come near Suzanne and bring your healing energy to help her grow her hair.” Please notice this statement is a command. Never beg!

Next, I removed the card from the top of her head and asked her to hold it over her heart chakra. After that, I placed my hands above the top of her head and waited a few seconds before I checked to see what it was she was feeling. I then lowered my hands and let them lay across her head in such a way that allowed two fingers of each hand to touch. I left my hands there for a minimum of two minutes. Please note, I physically placed my hands on her head. If you are working with a client be sure you have permission to physically touch that individual and where you may touch them.

I suggest you repeat this healing procedure daily for two weeks. Depending on the individual, a longer time may be required. Ten minutes per day should be the maximum and three to four weeks or even longer might be necessary for hair growth to be noticeable. Just don’t despair.

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Norman W Wilson, Ph.D

Norman W Wilson

Norman W. Wilson has two PhDs. He is a shaman, a Reiki Master, a Crystal Healer, a spiritual counselor, an author of over a dozen books, and hundreds of articles published on the Internet. In his spare time, he operates a podcast called The Chatter Box. His website is healingtheshamansway.blog

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  • EL November 6, 2018, 6:36 am

    Excellent article! Thank you for sharing such a personal journey! It seems from previous articles you have posted, numerous events have happened in; your, your family’s and client’s lives… Thank you for gracing us with understanding that life isn’t always “perfect” (though perfectly imperfect! :)), providing alternatives in both; perspectives and healing possibilities, to either utilize what has worked for you and all, or inspiring other’s to explore what could be workable for others and/or ourselves… What you share honors us all, thank you! Namaste…

  • EL November 6, 2018, 7:44 am

    P.S. I don’t know if you are aware… Under your profile, the website address provided, to find out more about you and your work, is “inoperable”… When I clicked on it, the tab on my computer states, “error”, the site address is provided in the search engine… However, instead of your site coming up, a page pops up and states, “Oops! Site disabled”… If this was intentional, please disregard… If unintentional, I hope both you and the site builder’s support system, will correct the error soon! Blessings and Namaste…

  • Radha Varanasi November 6, 2018, 5:07 pm

    Thanks for the. article which is the need of many of us

  • Marcel Faas November 9, 2018, 6:52 pm

    Great article!
    About using the command in the meditative state, it reminds me of ThetaHealing. There you too state a command, commanding the Creator to do a reading or a cure on a person, animal or plant. You’re only witnessing the reading or cure.
    But sure I give it a try here!

  • Marcel Faas November 15, 2018, 4:35 pm

    One other thing about the name of the article.
    Isn’t it better to name it Hair Grow, because that’s more positive.
    Hair loss sounds negative.
    Excuse me if I’m wrong.

    • Damayanti K May 18, 2020, 3:57 pm

      Excellent article. Thank you. Will try the command and the symbol on myself. It would be beneficial if you could show the method as to how to draw the symbol. Please confirm if this symbol needs the 3 main symbols and mantras for completing the healing process.

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