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My Encounter with Unicorns and How They Guided Me to My Calling

Article by Ashwini Chubé

Post my Reiki Masters attunement my life became a series of miracles and things which were out of the world. In those days I used to do 2 things after work.

1. Pray intensely for myself and my family
2. Meditate and do a lot of self healing with Reiki

Encounter with the Unicorns

Within 3 months of the Masters Training and in a month of my Angelic Healer Master training – I had one major breakthrough in my career. I had an opportunity to travel abroad for a work assignment. I was waiting for this opportunity since I began my corporate career or maybe much before that since I was in MBA school. In my MBA school days, I used to daydream about sitting in an overseas office working at my desk and seeing snow outside. As you think you create. In the extreme winter, I landed in the beautiful City of London where the temperature was -5 degrees – an extreme of 27 degrees in Mumbai.

This opportunity gave me great work exposure beyond what I was working in Mumbai. I got a very good recognition among my overseas team as a hardworking and intelligent team member. I had a strange sense of coming home in a foreign land. I felt I was living my dream life. Each and every thing was having instant manifestation. I was probably living in 5D.

But there was this one particular day I vividly remember when I truly connected to Unicorns. It was a freezing day and I was in high spirits. My immediate seniors had praised my work and I was given all adjectives from creative to hardworking and genius to dedicated. My boss had, in fact, asked me to explain to my seniors about the complex excel sheet I had made from the scratch – they were impressed too. They had never seen anyone doing this new type of complex excel modeling. Happy was an under statement to what I was feeling. I always knew I was good at my work, but this was a totally new high.

As I walked towards my service apartment in frozen weather I gasped for my house keys. And while searching for them in my purse I spent an extra minute walking. I saw a woman in front of me walking with a bag in her hand with a huge image of a unicorn. The Unicorn caught my eye – as if he was trying to tell me something. That night I dreamt of Unicorns. Huge white shiny horses jumping with joy. I felt they represented my soul. Freebird happy go lucky loving.

My Encounter with Unicorns and How they Guided Me to My Calling

For the next 2-3 weeks, I saw Unicorns everywhere. Be it, shops, stores, parks. I still took it as coincidences but was immensely drawn to them.

On a Sunday afternoon, I was at the Hamleys store in Oxford street. There was a huge Unicorn soft toy and it caught my special attention. The same evening I felt a very positive presence in my house. When I closed my eyes (which I always do when I sense energy) I could see a huge white Unicorn standing behind me emitting pure white light. In a moment I felt beyond amazing. It was an out of world experience.

The further connection

I came back to a Mumbai after the end of my work assignment in extremely high spirits. I continued to see Unicorns for the next month when I almost channeled an article on Reiki Rays about them named “Unicorns and Reiki”. Almost 2 days after my article released I came across a book “55 steps to Ascension” by Diana Cooper. The book exactly spoke about Unicorns what I was experiencing. And I realised I wasn’t hallucinating but all my experiences were 100 % true. But then due to some family emergency situation, I got extremely stressed. Things got better in a few days however after which my vibrations slowed down and I stopped seeing Unicorns.

In May 2015 – things at work started getting too stressful. I also started working longer hours. My desktop had been slowing down and crashing more frequently. Anyone who has learnt energy science can understand how much impact energetically you are on your computers/gadgets/machine. Most data I worked on used to not get saved and my machine used to crash every 2 days. My work was getting delayed and I had a tough time meeting my deadlines. I changed 3 machines in 15 days, however, each machine continued to collapse. This invited much annoyance from my seniors. I felt like the whole universe conspiring on my side to quit my stressful job. I started hating my job and all the things I used to love about it. It was unbelievable how things had just shifted in a few months. As if someone was telling me to wake up!

One such day I was at my desk and I felt a presence of divine behind me. I closed my eyes and realised I was surrounded by a team of huge glowing horse like looking white Unicorns. I was actually seeing them with my third eye. I was elated by this experience and although my logical rational brain was arguing otherwise. Knowing that they were there for a reason I asked them what do they wish to tell me.

For the next few days, I continued to see them – in my meditation, visions, social media, print media etc.. One night just before going to sleep, in my meditation, I went into a light trance. And there they were. A huge group of Unicorns among which one was more prominent, like the leader of the herd of horses. “My name is Cranio and I am your spirit Unicorn. Know that all the things you are going through are for a reason. This job has already given you whatever it had to. The purpose is over and you just have to move on. The problems you’re facing are because this is not your life purpose hence the universe is pushing you towards your life purpose. Go and do something in learning, in development and training. For the next six months do proper research on it and then move on to a new career in learning and development. You are meant to be a trainer, a speaker, a writer”.

Before I realised I woke up from the trance or the near theta state and remembered each and every word of Cranio aka the unicorn. In exactly 3 days I was speaking to my senior on the mid year review and I really don’t remember why but I told her that I d like to get into a new learning and development role. She said, “If you like to explore it do it- but first find a job and only then quit”.

However, I followed my gut feeling and quit my high profile job in August 2015. I was really not sure what I wanted to do but I knew I had big dreams and would make it there one day. I felt a strange state of relief when I quit my job.

The Dark Night of the Soul

The whole picture changed in six months. Next 4 months were a living nightmare for me. I was jobless – amidst a life transformation – doubting my own self and my feelings, doubting my relationships – dealing with family health emergencies – scared, fearful, anxious, worried, disappointed, and a lot more. I stopped connecting to Unicorns completely and felt my life was collapsing like a pack of cards. I was constantly seeking advice from my spiritual teachers and doing a lot of self work. This period what I refer to as the dark night of the soul taught me many lessons. I meanwhile 6 months post quitting my job became a certified trainer after doing the trainer certification course. This was the only good thing that happened in those days. Well, being brought up in a typical middle class family I started looking seriously for trainer jobs with zero luck. I got only 1 interview call and the lady who took my interview said she ‘ll never hire someone like me who speaks from the top of her throat (I still don’t understand what it meant).

The Past life Regression and Reconnection

In May 2016 I went to see a past life regression therapist as I was dealing with a plethora of emotions in my personal life which had no apparent and logical reason. I had tried all therapies but I wasn’t getting the answer I sought. The PLR(past life regression)session went very well. A lot of healing happened that day and in just one session I felt a lot of shift and healing happening. I got a lot of answers to my questions. Towards the end of the month I started feeling myself again. 4 days later I got an opportunity to be a speaker at a forum based in Mumbai. The talk was later put on YouTube channel and in no time I got 500 views. The talk has close to 4000 views now.

On 22nd May post midnight while going to sleep I was talking to my friend and while talking to her I realised – what if I could start my own in training instead of looking for a job? It will give me work to do – the work I love and also pay my bills. She agreed with me. We spoke for a long time, however, couldn’t come up with a business name. I tried and tried very hard, however, no luck. I went off to sleep.

Around 3 am in the morning I saw a huge Unicorn in my dream and gave me a quick insight. In a moment like a golden thought – the name Unicorn Insight came to my mind. I texted my friend and told her “Unicorn Insight” it is.

Initially, it took time for this business to take off. I knew what I wanted but had no clue on how it was going to happen. I had no clue how I was going to do it. Most people asked me “But from where will you get clients?” “There are already trainers in the market – why will people hire you as a trainer?”

I just surrendered the situation to the divine and let it happen on own.

Glastonbury and my accelerated journey

My first training happened in July. Where I got 6 participants of which only 3 turned up. I was disappointed as I had paid a huge sum of money to the venue. However, it did not dampen my spirit.

A few days later I flew to beautiful England once again to recharge my batteries and to learn to heal by connecting to the spirit world in detail. As I stayed in my hotel room in London and was just about to sleep I meditated once again with the Unicorns. I continued the practice for next 10-15 days. At the beautiful Glastonbury which is the capital of magic and alternative medicine, I got my first Unicorn Figurine.

One last day before I was about to fly back – I saw a white light at night in my room before sleeping. As I was guided I took paper pen in my hand and started writing “Your life purpose is to be a trainer, a motivational speaker, a writer, a coach. All the knowledge you have learnt needs to be shared with the world. Go… and spread the joy and love you have in your heart. We will support you with all the finances, opportunities by sending helpful people in your life. Go and just have fun and joy doing what you love.”

After coming back I finally took a leap of faith and launched myself as a corporate trainer and motivational speaker. The Unicorns were right. Opportunities started flooding in. Clients contacted on own. Got so many opportunities to do corporate training. My work started flourishing. I did all kinds of corporate training. I started to train everyone from corporates to professionals, from associations to college students. I became a regular speaker with forums and launched my own brand in a completely unique way.

My Encounter with Unicorns and How they Guided Me to My Calling

Image by geralt

A year and a half later 2 of my friends joined me and we 3 took the Unicorn Insight brand to another level. Today we are doing a lot on the brand and it continues to touch many lives in a different manner.

Following are the steps to find your life purpose with the Unicorns

  • Keep the intention to connect to your Unicorn
  • Sit in a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed
  • Light a candle and play a soothing meditational music if you wish to
  • Close your eyes and breathe
  • Now draw the CKR HSZSN SHK and DKM symbols and put the intention by saying “Dear Reiki Energy – please connect me to my Unicorn and help me reveal my life purpose.”
  • Sit still for the next 15-20 mins
  • Close the session with the CKR
  • Now take a paper pen and write down whatever you feel for the next 5 mins – you may be surprised by what messages you get. Keep a record of it
  • Over the next few days – look for dreams, visions, and signs. Look for any number sequences or billboard signs or any other signs.
  • Write all the details for next few weeks. Try joining the dots for any clues. Have faith


There is so much hype created in the world about finding your calling. Know that it is not something impossible and you just have to introspect yourself to find it. I never intended to find my calling nor was I desperate or obsessed to find it.

If you are reading this article and looking to find your passion the Unicorns may be able to help. However, this was my story and my experience with them. Not necessarily you ‘ll have the exact story. Have faith and patience. Do not compare your journey with mine or anybody else’s. Your journey is unique and will show up in the best possible manner.

Love and Blessings to all my readers

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Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube is a Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation Trainer, Wellness coach, Spiritual Teacher, Access Consciousnesses Bars Facilitator & Reiki Grandmaster. Ashwini is also a Writer, an avid blogger and is currently working on her 2 upcoming self help and spiritual books.
She has founded the company Unicorn Insight with a vision to create a world where the world runs on consciousness, joy abundance and love instead of fear, lack and scarcity. Ashwini's mission is to empower individuals to know who they truly and authentically are and help them tap in their power. Unicorn Insight has been instrumental in transformations of lives - whether it is through individual one on one coachings, group workshops, corporate trainings or motivational talks.
Ashwini is a former Investment banker and holds an MBA in finance having worked in Corporate world of Banking and Mergers and Acquisitions with Banks like Morgan Stanley and RBS for 8 years in Mumbai and London before she pursued her calling in 2015.
Get in touch with Ashwini through her Website: www.unicorninsight.com or at unicorninsight@gmail.com. Her Facebook page is: facebook.com/ashwinichubeofficial

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    Thank you so much

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    Thanks Ashwini ,very nice article, i also had similar problem but not like unicorn , but related to my job, now it is making me to go to different city from Bangalore to Chennai as my manger says no project at Bangalore ,need to go to Chennai , and also current job was like very easy like government job , i am in confusion am i able handle new job and also i feel my health also sometimes like feel tired ,head ache ,again learning new product not sure how to do etc .

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    Thanks for such informative article. I’m a reiki 1&2 healer. I live with my husband and 2 teen children. we are in financial crisis since a long time. Now I feel as if I’m losing my fighting power.. Can u help me please?

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    Your article is inspiring to many. I wish you all the best.

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