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How Reiju Transformed my Practice

Article by Parita Shah

Reiki circles are the perfect gatherings to exchange knowledge of Reiki and the spiritual energy itself. While some circles are for practitioners only, and others are inclusive to all, there is a lot to be learned in both settings. Most circles hold a meditation and then some sort of a Reiki share. My teacher, Donna Arigo, was guided to give a Reiju, energetic clearing and blessing, at every Reiki circle she hosts. After six months of receiving a Reiju on a weekly basis, I share how Reiju transformed my practice and why it should be a part of every Reiki circle.

What is Reiju?

A Reiju is a spiritual blessing, offering, energetic clearing and a ritual that Reiki Master Teachers perform on students. The International House of Reiki says “In Japan, Reiju is the name given to the method a teacher uses in order to communicate with individual students on an energetic level.” A Reiju is different from the attunement that is given during Reiki 1, 2 and 3 courses.

History of Reiju

In the medieval era, it was common practice for people to learn through their lineage, initiations, and mind-to-mind transmission. It is believed that Dr. Mikao Usui gave Reiju to all of his students every time he saw them. It symbolizes a commitment to practicing. We can contemplate Reiki endlessly, but we need our practice to progress.

When Dr. Usui shared Reiju, he did not need any physical processes. He simply embodied Reiki. He was also able to offer Reiju to people “as a healing, a blessing, an initiation, or all at the same time. In that space, the student could receive whatever he or she needed, at that moment in time.” (International House of Reiki). Over the years, teachers developed tangible rituals to share Reiju.

How Reiju Transformed my Reiki Practice

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What does Reiju feel like?

A Reiju takes only several minutes to perform or receive. The Reiki Master Teacher will use breathwork, mantras and symbols to open a student’s heart, third eye and crown chakras. There are different types of Reiju given to Reiki 1, 2 and 3 students.

Some people will see colors, or feel heat, tingling or coolness. Others may hear sounds or feel an emotion that is coming up for healing. Most notice that they are able to channel more Reiki. Most importantly, students experience their true nature and are better able to embody the precepts of Reiki.

How has Reiju transformed my practice?

  1. After receiving Reiju every week for the last six months, I notice my intuition has gently opened up. I feel more sensitive to other people’s energies while performing Reiki on them. I can sense blockages, stagnant energies and the flow of subtle energy with more discernment and clarity.
  2. I am a stronger vessel for the Reiki energy. My clients notice that they are healing more, and receiving more from my sessions as I am cleared energetically on a regular basis.
  3. Since Reiju clears my crown chakra, I feel more connected to divinity. I am also able to see with a higher perspective and an open mind.
  4. My heart is more open and I am more compassionate towards those around me. I can hold an even more sacred, nonjudgemental, and safe space for clients.

How to receive Reiju

When you find a teacher who practices the traditional Reiju, be willing and open to evolve. Set the intention to receive healing for what’s of your greatest good. Surrender your attachments to what healing should look like. Dedicate yourself to clearing so that you can be a channel for higher vibrations.

How to give Reiju

Practitioners must have a consistent and devoted Reiki practice that connects them with their Highest Self. Reiju is only as meaningful as the practitioner and student’s conscious desire to teach and learn.

Reiju is a ritual to connect to our Highest Self and an essential to learning Reiki that is often overlooked in today’s Reiki circles. I encourage teachers to offer this initiation to their students on a regular basis. Reiki cannot be taught in a one day course as it often is in the West. Our practice grows when we consistently work with our teachers and energetically exchange through Reiju.

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Parita Shah

Parita Shah

Parita Shah incorporates Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy & Chakra Balancing to help clients balance their mind, body, and soul. Her energy healing sessions help clients clear unresolved thoughts and emotions, connect to their true essence, and create inner peace. Balance your chakras and auric field to discover ease and manifest new experiences. Parita is available for sessions in Long Island, NY and distantly. Her website is www.paritashahhealing.com also she can be founded on Instagram and on Twitter

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