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Journey of “The Lovers” – Major Arcana VII

Article by Darshan.S

Card Symbology

The card depicts a man and a woman standing in a lush green garden indicating a biblical reference to the story of Adam and Eve. Behind them stands a Mountain pointing upward and in the open blue sky on a cloud that fills the distance between the man and the woman an angel is seen overlooking these individuals. A snake is seen slithering on the branches of an orange fruit bearing tree that stands behind the woman. Behind the man stands a tree not as lush but its leaves look like fiery flames. The Sun behind angel shines in its glory, illuminating the entire scene as the angel blesses the two individuals

Work with ‘The Lovers’ archetype to strengthen the following traits:

• Ability to communicate and work effectively with others
• Analysing different outcome
• Becoming clear about our own values
• Harmony
• Igniting passion
• Increased intimacy
• Receiving guidance on important decisions
• Romantic communion
• Seeking true love
• Strengthening relationships
• Strengthening your ability to trust
• Understanding self and knowing your qualities

Signs that you lack the archetypical energy of ‘The Lovers’

• Affairs and treachery in relationships
• Caving to temptations
• Confusion about self-identity
• Constantly making bad decisions
• Disharmony
• Fear and lack of trust in a relationship
• Indecisiveness
• Insecurities disguised as passion
• Internal conflict
• No clear value system
• Sense of attraction only on the physical level
• Sense of loneliness and disconnect

‘The Lovers’: The Art of Communion

We as human beings have this fundamental need to connect and share with other human beings. It is something that allows us to experience life more fully. The act of interacting and sharing with others amplifies our joys and dissipates our sorrows. We have always been social animals. Living in tribes and communities that share common understandings and ways of life has been a part of our survival mechanism.

Apart from physical survival communion with others also allowed us to develop culturally and spiritually. Our relation with others gave us a mirror that reflected parts of us that we would otherwise have been oblivious to. We learned more about our own selves through others. Every individual gave us a new vantage point and a new understanding.

We not just connected with others, we also connected to what was within us (internal world) and what was around us (external world).

Here are some of the most important connections that we must strengthen in our lives:

Communion with Self

With the most important of all communions because without the sense of self we wouldn’t be able to operate in this physical world. Our idea or understanding of the self, allows us to function in the here and now. If we did not have a sense of self we would not be able to differentiate one from another. There would be nothing that makes us unique in terms of what we bring to this reality.

Communion with God

They say that God made us in his image. Our communion with God helps us transcend our physical sense of self and puts us in a space of the absolute self. The physical sense of self is temporary in nature. It changes as we grow, mature and face the different challenges life throws at us. Beyond the physical self is a self that is the absolute observer of everything that happens. The observer that is beyond time and space. This self never changes, it simply observes.

Our communion with God allows us to realize this sense of self.

Communion with Earth 

Our birth here on this planet is sustained by gifts from Mother Earth. She nurtures us not just physically but energetically as well. Our planet is a vortex of energy and our communion with the planet determines how much of that energy we have access to and how much of it our bodies can absorb.

Planet earth is a living being. The more we are connected to her the more she guides and helps us in our journey. The more we open up to the heart of Gia the more our heart opens to the influx of cosmic abundance. Treat her with respect and she will take care of you.

Communion with Partner

A relationship can be the most challenging and rewarding experiences that we go through. Firstly, the idea of a relationship is based on the premise that love isn’t a localized feeling. It is an active and intelligent energy that is constantly looking for avenues to express itself. Secondly, a relationship/communion with a partner brings to surface parts of our personality that are hidden in the deepest recess of our consciousness.

If we have the capacity to take responsibility for our own lives instead of blaming our partners for kindling our shadow selves, a relationship is the most powerful tool for self-reflection. We cannot commune with another until we have communion with our own selves and that is what a partner teaches us to do.

Communion with Friends

Friends bring the greatest amounts of joy into our lives. With our friends, we have the ability to be vulnerable and choice to be whoever we want to be. There is an innate sense of freedom that we experience with our friends and that is what brings us the greatest joy. Communion with our friends also opens up our horizons. We understand that all of us are unique in terms of our structural, cultural and energetic makeup. With our friends, we have the ability to go beyond our maps of reality and experience life through different perspectives. We be, do and have so much more when we are with our friends because we are not limited to the workings of our own self.

Communion with Society

Our society is a mere reflection of the energies that we hold in the collective consciousness. The consciousness of individuals collectively makes up the collective consciousness. When we incarnate on earth we have an individual purpose and also a collective purpose. We chose a time and place to reincarnate based on this purpose that needs to be fulfilled. In order for us to understand our collective purpose, we must be in communion with society for it will only reflect what we hold individually. We all view society differently based on our consciousness and how we view society reveals to us the parts of our individual consciousness that need to be healed. It is better to gain this communion with society by observation rather than relying on media because it can be biased in a lot of ways.

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Darshan is a Reiki healer & teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Professional Dowser. He owns a Metaphysical Store called “Crystal Alchemy” through which he helps spread awareness about Crystals and other Healing Modalities. You can reach Darshan at www.facebook.com/Crystal.Alchemy.Store, www.facebook.com/TheHealingOcean.

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  • EL August 10, 2018, 10:36 pm

    Thank you for your post… Consider a quote recently discovered:

    “No, don’t tell me “You attract what you are.”
    What if you’re kind and you attract mean?
    What if you’re honest and you attract liars?
    What if you’re loyal and you attract cheaters?
    What if you’re God-conscious and you attract the one whose heart is hardened with disbelief?
    No, you don’t always attract what you are.
    You sometimes attract people who are in desperate need of what you are.”
    Nashiha Pervin


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