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The Language of Energy

Article by Vicky Roncero

I’m very grateful that Reiki came into my life, as it has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of myself. Since a very young age, I could feel and sense the energy of others. It was not something that was explained or encouraged. In fact, sometimes it was dismissed or stifled. You could even convince yourself that you were imagining things because other people weren’t speaking of this and therefore, you must be wrong. It feels so empowering to realize that it wasn’t a question of wrong or right. It’s energy. And, as I have worked with clients and have become more and more familiar with working with energy, it’s validated something that I have always believed to be true… our energy speaks much louder than our voices. The language of our energy is the most authentic. And, when we can quiet our voices and really listen to the language of energy… that is when we can really hear what is important. That is the language we should listen to and trust.

I’ve always been fascinated by the energy of others. When someone enters a room, and you feel an instant connection or an immediate sense that something is off, you are sensing their energy vibration. Before even speaking a word, you get a sense of how you feel about this person. Energy doesn’t lie. It is the ultimate lie detector. I’ve always trusted this feeling. Trusting your gut, when it comes to energy, is the ultimate navigation tool. Your intuitive energy can pick up messages faster than your senses. To me, it was never about what someone said or did that impressed me… it was how I felt around them. That, to me, is everything. Energy is our soul’s way of speaking. It’s a language far more intelligent than words. The higher your vibration, the more light it brings forward.

It can get confusing when a person’s vibrational frequency is inconsistent with their physical energy. The two have little to do with each other. There can be one person who is up at the crack of dawn, runs ten miles before breakfast and brags about how energetic they feel and this person can have a very low vibrational energy. Someone else can be the life of the party, or the social butterfly and be notoriously popular for being fun and friendly, but that does not mean they have a high vibrational energy. Physical energy does not always match your vibration. Your vibration is felt at a much deeper level. Learning to trust your gut and follow your intuition is the best way of determining someone’s vibration. Pay attention to how you feel around certain people. Which ones leave you drained? Which ones leave you coming back for more?

The Language of Energy

As Reiki Practitioners, practicing self-care techniques can help connect you with your vibration and increase it over time. Reiki can bring light to darkness and elevate vibrational energy, to assist in optimal flow of energy through the Chakras. Clients can raise their vibrational energy through regular sessions and self-care. There are many ways that connecting with Reiki energy helps to elevate our vibrational frequency. This not only helps us to navigate the energies of others, but also attracts high frequency energy to our own.

I think it is the responsibility of each person to truly own his energy. It is necessary to be responsible for what you bring and what you leave behind. One of the biggest reasons I became a Reiki Practitioner was because it was becoming more and more clear to me that our world is in need of higher vibrational energy. If we can each work to raise our vibration, it becomes contagious. The light that you bring lights up others and so on. It’s like holding a candle flame to someone else’s candle and passing it on. It is important to spread the light and to strive to be the person whose vibration inspires others. It’s important to remember that your energy is speaking, even when you are not. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you leave your energetic footprint behind. What is yours saying?

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Vicky Roncero
Vicky Roncero

Vicky Roncero is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner/Instructor, with a practice in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. She has been working with clients to control stress and anxiety, heal from injury and illness and maintain wellness through Reiki. Vicky has worked as a television producer for over twenty years and has always been drawn to energy work, as she feels everyone’s energy tells a story. Regulating our energy helps us make the choices that create the next chapters of our lives. She lives in Montclair, New Jersey, with her two children and husband. You can contact Vicky through her website ronceroreiki.com or by email at vicky@ronceroreiki.com

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