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Cutting Cords with Reiki

Article by Chimi

This is a visualization/Reiki practice used to help you cut the cords in your life that are hurting and blocking you from living your full potential. This visualization assumes you are familiar with the chakras and their relationship to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Take a moment to visualize any and all cords coming out of your chakras. Cords coming out from the top of your head, your brow/third eye, throat, heart space, solar plexus, sacral chakra, and root chakra.

These cords may have formed as the result of past hurts, unhealthy relationships, bad habits, fears that are paralyzing you, and other things that keep you from developing into who you were meant to be. All of us experience these things no matter how spiritually advanced some appear.

They may be none, one, a few, or many. Maybe some of the cords are thin and some are thick, and some are in between. Some may be flimsy and some may be taut.

Create a space where the chakra is in between your hands, with the palms facing. Let Reiki flow out of your hands towards all the cords in that chakra. Energy flows from the cord, living along the cord and into your chakra and along the cord out into whatever you are attached to relationships, situations, habits, possessions, anything that is hurting or blocking you.

The cords are completely filled with Universal Energy that is flowing out of your hands.

For as long as you want, visualize Reiki healing the pain and damage that these cords have caused or are causing.

As you visualize Reiki healing the hurt these cords are causing you, you can say:

“These cords are filled with energy Divine,
so that issues attached to them will heal in time.
Burn away all negativity that these cords hold,
by dissolving them so they no longer have a hold.”

Then visualize the energy causing all the cords attached to that chakra to be cut. As the cords are cut, visualize the cut ends tethered to your chakra, and issue dissolving. They start dissolving at the cut ends and dissolve all the way to your chakra and the issue that is no longer tied to you. You can cut and dissolve them for as long as you need to until they completely disappear and nothing is left. Now the cord is not only no longer tied to you, but it doesn’t even exist anymore.

As you cut and dissolve these cords, you can say:

“These cords are cut by Universal Source,
freeing me up for my purpose, getting me back on course.
As the energy flows I start to become free,
so I can more easily move towards who I am meant to be.”

Be still for a moment and feel the freedom you have now that these cords have been cut and dissolved from your chakra. You can move on to the other chakras if need be or stop right here. And understand you will likely have to do this more than once over a period of time as part of the healing process.


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Chimi is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner. She mixes Tibetan Buddhism and Roman Catholicism to create a unique spirituality that includes crystals, Reiki, meditation, prayers, Buddhist deities, and Catholic Saints. She is also interested in EFT and looking for ways to incorporate it into meditation and Reiki. She often uses the Chakras as a guide when meditating and creating meditations.

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