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My First Out of Body Experience

Article by Charuta Rajadhyaksha

I had my first out of body experience when I was 12 years old. I still remember that incident vividly. One afternoon I was taking a short nap after studying. Suddenly I found myself floating in the air.

Whohaa!!! It felt like a miracle or magic happening to me. It was a very beautiful feeling. I was in the highest state of joy. I was free as a bird and as light as air. I was smiling. I felt I am perfect. I had no fears.

I wondered “Oh my God I am flying but how can I fly, anyways but this is so fun”. Curiously I gazed at my own body; it did not have a regular shape. It felt like a translucent substance. I could see but I did not know where my face or eyes were, I could wave my hands but I did not know where my hands were, I could move back and forth but I did not know where my legs were…!!!

I was wondering where my body parts have gone? But I was too joyful to worry about it! I then realized there was something attached to me. It was a big transparent bubble or balloon attached to my stomach. It was heavier than my body. It was kind of giving support and balancing my enteric body.

My First Out of Body Experience

Image by h.koppdelaney

I was so elated by this out of the world experience. I wanted to fly higher and higher. As I tried to do so I banged my head to the ceiling of my room and then I happened to look down.

I saw my real body sleeping peacefully on my bed. I was wearing a pink and white color frock. I looked around and I saw my mom dusting home furniture. She was yelling “Charuta get up you are getting late for your class”. She was getting irritated as I was not responding. Finally, she started walking towards me to wake me up. When I saw my mother standing next to my body I said to myself “Hey it’s time to go back” and the very next moment I opened my eyes and saw my mother’s furious face.

This experience totally enlightened me. For the very first time, I realized I am a spiritual being having human experience hence I have a body. My soul can exist eternally without having a body. My soul knows no limits; my soul is immortal; my soul knows only happiness, joy and peace; nothing can scare or restrict my soul.

For the next few hours, I experienced tranquility. I wanted to share this experience with someone, but I thought no one would believe me and hence it remained secret for many years. In the year 2010, I learnt concepts of energy healing, soul, past lives, pre-birth, near-death experiences, and out of body experiences etc.

I consider myself very lucky because destiny had been teaching me all these concepts way before they came in my conscious awareness.

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Charuta Rajadhyaksha
Charuta Rajadhyaksha

After pursuing an MBA in finance and having worked at corporate sector for eight years, Charuta gave up her finance career to pursue her passion for spirituality and swimming as full time career. Former national level swimmer now working as coach in Mumbai. She was highly intuitive and psychic since childhood. She realised these gifts and entered the world of healing. She is a Tarot card reader, Teacher and Angel card reading practitioner. She practises Reiki, Violet Flame healing and Angelic healing. She is also cofounder of Urja holistic healing along with a few fellow founders. She can be reached at +91 9619 661 368, urjahealers@gmail.com or charuta.rajadhyaksha@gmail.com, Charuta’s blog – Mind power – http://mindpower-charuta.blogspot.com/ and on Facebook at Urja Holistic Healing Group.

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