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Kundalini Reiki

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Kundalini Reiki is very simple and aims at opening up energy within your body to channelize it for healing purposes. It collaborate the elements of conventional Reiki form and includes Yoga beliefs. The purpose behind Kundalini Reiki is to reach highest spiritual level, where unity combines with divinity.

There are many names for Kundalini Reiki, including ‘Coiled Energy’, ‘Serpent Energy’ or ‘Dormant Power’. In Hindu mythology, Kundalini is serpent goddess having its favorite place at spinal base, where she sleeps and waits for someone to wake her up. Kundalini Waking means releasing energy source present within us. This energy pushes out every chakra opening from the body and creates a sensuous environment of ecstasy, bliss, visions, brilliance, increased physical power and pain.

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Attunement in Kundalini Reiki

There are three levels of attunement in Kundalini Reiki. Each levels aims at energy channelizing and strengthening in the body, which allows Kundalini energy to flow out and clean off any sort of blockages occurring in the body. Kundalini healing energy allows practitioners for using different methods for getting healing. Some are direct healing therapies, and others will be long-distance healing techniques.

The concept is very simple and majorly, the problems occur in awakening individual form of Kundalini Reiki. People keep on working for awakening Kundalini, but only a few people reach towards the level of Kundalini awakening.

There are different ways for opening a scope for Kundalini awakening. Yoga, deep meditation and similar things can release this sleeping energy from body. There have been two effectual exercises, which have proven successful for awakening people for Kundalini energy. First one is Bandha Traya (Three Locks) and Kumbhaka (Breath technique).

Kundalini awakening is just like crossing half the battle. If there is time spent for releasing the dormant energy, there will be same time taken to receive the cleaning process provoked by Kundalini awakening. Kundalini energy mastering begins with lowest chakra and moves up to crown chakra (head area). This process might require several years.

Kundalini is meant for healing, but the huge energy release can cause an uncomfortable feeling for some people. In these conditions, purification of body is required, which means removing of your body’s system from alcohol, drugs, caffeine, fatty food and tobacco. It also means reducing stress levels and the other psychological issues.

Kundalini Reiki heals the body by providing renewed energy and reducing stress levels. The blend of Kundalini fire and conventional Reiki practices are helpful in promoting holistic growth and gearing towards enlightenment path.

Kundalini Reiki can enable you to get full knowledge regarding different ways to provide treatment to other person, ways of distance healing and self-healing processes.

It is always advisable to begin with free Kundalini Reiki session and if you find it effective, you can pursue with the path of enlightenment.

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  • Vedant August 17, 2013, 3:34 pm

    Hello Reiki Rays ,

    Are there symbols involved with Kundalini Reiki or is it strictly the methods explained above in your article?

    Love Vedant

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