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Explosive Reiki: An Incredible Way to Heal Clients

Article by Abdolghani Abdollahimohammad

Many clients have blockages in their chakras that are not easily removed in one healing session and using one modality. I have used explosive Reiki to save time and to achieve the healing purposes fast.

Explosion is a familiar word, which reminds us of negative and debilitating effects of bomb bursting or a dangerous weapon. However, you as a light warrior can apply this metaphor, bomb bursting, to remove blockages, balance and heal the energy pathways and centers of human beings. You can integrate Usui Reiki and crystal Reiki to channelize explosive Reiki to your clients!

Many types of crystals exist, but it is not necessary to know or have them. Just, imagine you have a black star shape tourmaline crystal, which is inflatable like a toy balloon, and its color is changeable. The color of star shape tourmaline crystal changes when it burst into light accordance with chakra’s color i.e., red for Root chakra, orange for Sacral chakra, yellow for Solar Plexus chakra, green for Heart chakra, blue for Throat chakra, indigo for Brow chakra, and purple for Crown chakra, and pearly white for aura. You also imagine have a pair of pearly white tourmaline crystal to put on your hands, eyes, or the third eye to boost your transferring energy healing.

Explosive Reiki

Image by perovict


  1. Ground and shield yourself.
  2. Visualize you put pearly white tourmaline crystal on your hands, eyes, or third eye.
  3. Invoke all the Reiki symbols you are attuned to the pearly white tourmaline crystal.
  4. Visualize you put black tourmaline crystal on the client’s top of the head (aura field) and body’s chakras.
  5. Send the Reiki energy to the black tourmaline crystals and visualize they are inflating as large as the client’s auras. Then burst them simultaneously like fireworks or firecrackers to emit pearly white light which engulfs the whole body of the client, and light similar to the chakra’s color e.g., red for root chakra. (x3 or based on your intuition).
  6. Seal the healing energy with Raku symbol or any symbol you learned.
  7. Gratitude Almighty God for all His blessings!

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Abdolghani Abdollahimohammad Abdolghani Abdollahimohammad is a Ph.D. in nursing/medical education and master and BS in nursing. He is a Reiki Master Teacher and Healer. He practices Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, DNA Reiki, Magic Reiki, Divine Light Ascension (DLA), and Metahealing (faradarmani). Find Abdolghani at www.facebook.com/kohinoorreiki

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  • Charisma Phatak June 7, 2018, 4:57 pm

    Wowww.. Lovely article 🙂 congratulations Qani

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