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Throat Chakra and the Higher Throat Chakra – My Journey

Article by Ashwini Chubé

My Journey and Laryngitis

Last few months were a little stressful for me. There were primarily 2 reasons. First being I was severely affected by laryngitis or infection of the throat. And second being since I am a speaker, trainer teacher, and a coach most of my daily work activities comprise of talking and thus using my vocal cords which was making the situation worse.

I tried everything from Reiki to access bars and violet flame to angelic healing. I also tried allopathy or mainstream medicine, homeopathy and ayurveda but all in vain. Most doctors told me to take complete voice rest as I had what they call teachers nodules. I was deeply frustrated and that made the situation worse. The day I felt better and thought my voice came back – something used to happen again and I used to go back to the sore throat loop and my voice quality was getting worse.

I also looked at Louis Hay’s You can heal your life and realised Laryngitis is nothing but fear of speaking up and fear of facing the authorities. It also means feeling no one is listening to you.

On self-exploration, I realised there was no fear – at least on the conscious level. So what was it that I was facing?

It took me time to realise I was not listening to my own inner voice and wasn’t being kind to myself. The spiritual journey is all about removing all false layers of you until you reach the true core of yourself. And being advised a complete voice rest by my doctors – I learnt so much more in my 5 days of throat rest than my entire 30+ years of life. When in silence I felt like a meditation. The initial few hours were difficult but later I started enjoying my silence and not communicating with anyone. My phone calls reduced and I stopped even taking any appointments for clients.

All these years -being a coach I was ever available to my clients for their emotional issues. More than that I was also 24*7 available to friends who needed a shoulder to cry on, a free advice or someone to vent out and a listening ear. Being a natural born empath and a professional coach I was being extremely kind to them but the glitch was I was extremely unkind to me. All these inabilities to say NO to others made me understand that I was not listening to my inner voice which was pleading to be heard.

Throat Chakra and Higher Throat Chakra

Image by Pezibear

Slowly and gradually on the path of Self-love, my throat chakra started healing and as I further connected to my spirit team a lot of revelations were made. My spirit team also connected me to information about my higher throat chakra which I ‘ll explain in this article.

Reiki has already opened up new avenues and pathways, to heal root cause, of diseases and with the knowledge given by my beloved Reiki Master as well as that given and channelled by me from all the masters, ascended masters angels and my spirit team – here are some insights on the throat chakra and higher throat chakra.

Throat Chakra facts and checklist

  1. The throat chakra is the 5th Chakra in our energy system and lies right at the Centre of throat.
  2. The chakra is named as Vishuddha or Vishuddhi which means “pure place” in Sanskrit. The chakra is also called as Kanthapadma which means lotus of the throat. It has a circle with a flower of 16 petals and hence is also termed as Shodash dala
  3. The throat chakra is at the location of vocal chords and has to do with our outward communication. In addition to it, it is also a chakra of inward communication as well as self-talk. All the things which constitute our inner voice are also energetically linked to this chakra
  4. The chakra has to has to do with the element of ether what we call as Akasha or spirit.
  5. The chakra is beautiful turquoise blue in colour. The blue is the colour of expression, infinity, and inspiration
  6. The beej mantra or seed chant of this chakra is “ ham” (pronounced as HUMMM)
  7. Body parts governing this chakra:
    This chakra physically covers the following parts of physical body
    • Ear, Nose, and Throat
    • Vocal chords
    • Neck
    • Thyroid glands
    • Jaw and Teeth
    • Thyroid, parathyroid, lymphatic system
  8. Deities and Angels energetically governing this chakra
    • Hindu Goddess Saraswati is said to govern this chakra. Often singers have been said to be blessed with Saraswati presence in the Throat Chakra
    • Archangel Michael is said to be governing this chakra. He is a very powerful Archangel who can help you speak your truth, stand up for yourself and also stop negative fearful self-talk.

Throat Chakra imbalance

Chakra imbalance or block results into a very big or a very small chakra

An Enlarged throat chakra: It is often noticed some people are gregarious and some are simply domineering. When someone speaks excessively loud or too much the chakra could be too big
Depleted or small chakra: On the other hand, people talking softly or ones not able to express oneself have a small throat chakra

How you Identify imbalance in chakras and what are the symptoms

Physical Symptoms

• Sore throat
• Issues with teeth
• Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid
• Neck pain and upper back issues
• Laryngitis

Mental and emotional issues

• Trouble expressing yourself
• Shame
• Fear of speaking truth
• Issues with public speaking
• Stammering

Ways to heal this chakra

  1. Blue therapy: Use the turquoise blue colour. It helps to soothe your tensions. We would highly recommend wearing blue shirts for interviews or meetings where you could be nervous and have to speak
  2. Deep breathing helps a lot. You can add mantras or chants. You could say these chants loudly . “hum” chanting can help
  3. Salt water gargles: This is an excellent technique to remove the blocks from chakra. We often tell clients to take a salt water bath before giving them a Reiki healing. Salt helps to remove the negativity and the toxic energies
  4. Write: We often tell clients to help express the unexpressed, write a journal. It helps to remove the issues from mind
  5. Singing and Music could help It opens you to a big universal musical vibration of joy and happiness. Who cares how you sing as long as you sing from your heart
  6. Reiki: Reiki or any other form of Energy healing can help: Of course Reiki helps. Try using Sei Hei Ki symbol extensively on Throat Chakra to soothe any issue that you may be facing
  7. Crystals: Using crystals like Kyanite or Lapis Lazuli can help. Lapis Lazuli is one crystal that gives you extra courage to speak. Hold one in your pocket or wear it as a pendant
  8. Element of Sky: Spend time near the sea or below an open sky. You can carry a diary or paper and pen. Write down those thoughts which you cant speak or express
  9. Yoga Asanas: Never underestimate the power of Yoga. Try asanas or poses like cobra pose, one of my favorites… Excellent pose to stretch the neck… Cobra pose can be used for most chakras. The lion pose with tongue sticking out could help too
  10. Silence: Finally the best and most golden way to heal your throat is silence. I explained about my journey with silence – silence can open various gateways in your life as Silence is also a golden communication. In my days of silence, I opened myself up to the divine knowledge of what we call as the higher throat chakra
Throat Chakra and Higher Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra Symbol

Higher Throat Chakra

The higher throat chakra is nothing but the ascended aspect of your throat chakra. As your throat chakra opens further and raises your vibrations you start connecting on your higher journey of what we call ascencion.

Location and colour

The higher throat chakra lies between the occipital lobe and the base of the skull, i.e the rear portion of throat and neck. Its colours are turquoise and when activated gold.

Activation of the chakra

This chakra is dormant until the time you are living in the third dimension or what we call as the 3D illusion of the world. Once you start ascending and moving to the 5th dimension this chakra will emerge.

You start communicating with the beings of higher consciousness i.e; angels, masters and all the light beings who are on your path of ascencion. Your conversation with universal consciousness is reflected in this higher throat chakra.

This Chakra is also about your telepathic communication to the world. How many times it happens that you think of a friend and the same friend calls you up or you bump into them. Communication is not just about the actual face to face or electronic communication. The telepathic communication takes place when you access wisdom of the higher throat chakra.

The higher throat chakra is it is about self-expression in universal Consciousness. When you express your spiritual gifts and share it with the world this chakra starts opening. If you are a spiritual teacher- you would be having an activated higher throat chakra.

How to tap into the energy of this chakra

Archangel Michael can help you to connect to the chakra and its energy. Connect with him in the meditation and ask for clarity. Often you even meet with the right spiritual teachers who ‘ll help you access the higher wisdom and express yourself better.

Connecting to Unicorns is another way to open this chakra. Let your divine team guide you. For more please refer to my article on Unicorns and Reiki.

Thank you for reading and loads of love and Reiki blessings from me and my spirit guides and divine team – ARG

Loads love

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Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube

Ashwini Chube is a Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation Trainer, Wellness coach, Spiritual Teacher, Access Consciousnesses Bars Facilitator & Reiki Grandmaster. Ashwini is also a Writer, an avid blogger and is currently working on her 2 upcoming self help and spiritual books.
She has founded the company Unicorn Insight with a vision to create a world where the world runs on consciousness, joy abundance and love instead of fear, lack and scarcity. Ashwini's mission is to empower individuals to know who they truly and authentically are and help them tap in their power. Unicorn Insight has been instrumental in transformations of lives - whether it is through individual one on one coachings, group workshops, corporate trainings or motivational talks.
Ashwini is a former Investment banker and holds an MBA in finance having worked in Corporate world of Banking and Mergers and Acquisitions with Banks like Morgan Stanley and RBS for 8 years in Mumbai and London before she pursued her calling in 2015.
Get in touch with Ashwini through her Website: www.unicorninsight.com or at unicorninsight@gmail.com. Her Facebook page is: facebook.com/ashwinichubeofficial

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  • EL May 13, 2018, 4:49 am

    Thank you for sharing your journey… I especially like the realization you came to, while healing! Five other things that could be added to the “help list” concerning the throat (if you are vegan disregard the chicken soup and honey!)… “Throat Coat Tea” (look at the contents to be sure Slippery Elm is added)… Planetary Herbals “Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup” (usually used for coughs (which is excellent to use if you want to sleep through the night!), but is also excellent for sore throats… Gargle and allow the syrup to trickle down, coating the throat)… Also, honey is a great anti; bacterial and viral remedy, and chicken soup with garlic and ginger added… May your inner voice continue to bring a wondrous chorus, helping and inspiring both everyone and especially yourself! Blessings and Namaste…

    • Ashwini Chube July 14, 2018, 10:39 am

      thank you dear EL for your amazing tips<3 and I love the chicken soup too will try for sure
      much love and blessings to you xx

  • ishamreiki June 10, 2019, 8:46 am

    Indeed , a wonderful journey & a beautiful share . Many could be benefited from your very honest expressions

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