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The Natural Elements, Part 3 – Earth

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

As we explore the five natural elements as described in ancient Chinese wisdom, the earth element may be the most relatable to Reiki practitioners. When we think of the characteristics of the earth, we automatically think of the first chakra, the root or base chakra. The functions of this chakra include groundedness, stability, and security. It seems almost all my Reiki clients recently have been dealing with root chakra issues. This is certainly no surprise, as many of us feel insecure with all the upheavals in today’s global world.

Although there are valid reasons for us to feel insecure, the reasons to feel secure are much stronger. We simply need to take the time to sort through all the thoughts we are having. Then, we need to identify the associated feelings with the thoughts. Soon, we realize which thoughts are feelings are based in fear; and, which thoughts are based in love.

We will understand Mother Earth has given us many gifts, all based in love. We will learn fears rise out of human-made decisions. Greed, misuse of power, jealousy, hatred, and all negative words and actions are borne from human insecurities and other fears. In contrast to this, all positive words and actions are reflections of Divine Love and Light.

There are so many ways Mother Earth showers us with love, it is difficult to choose a few to explore here. Nature is bountiful in its many gifts; for thousands of years, humans lived off the land solely. People ate plants and fruits from trees. Animals and fish were hunted and caught, and all parts of them were utilized to sustain life. Natural resources provided all that was needed. In the modern world, we need to remind ourselves that it was not Mother Earth that changed! We need to remember that Mother Earth still has the capacity to meet all our needs, if we utilize our natural resources property.

The Natural Elements, Part 3 - Earth

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There is a reason why we feel “connected” when we walk in the woods or spend time in a quiet park. We are connecting to life-sustaining, and life-enhancing, earth energies. We breathe easier, and our heart rates go down. A sense of peace and calmness envelops us (when we can get our minds off our stress-filled lives).

When we are unable to sneak off to the woods, it is essential that we bring earth energies into our lives. Eating organic vegetables and fruits, having live plants in our homes (play in the dirt sometimes), and taking an after-dinner walk around the neighborhood are ways to connect with the natural world. Take off your shoes in your backyard, or while sitting on a bench in a city park – and feel the energy that arises from the ground, up through your physical body.

Even though we associate earth’s energies mostly to the root chakra, we must remember that Mother Earth’s gifts affect all our chakras. Without her, we would not exist in human form. It is essential that we always appreciate Mother Earth’s amazing capacity to give us life, and to sustain us during our lifetimes on earth. She brings us gifts and healing energies each and every day. Without these gifts, we would not have the capacity for healing through Reiki energies. Let us always live in gratitude!

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Deborah Lloyd
Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master and certified holistic therapy practitioner, providing Reiki sessions and training in Asheville, NC. Deborah is the author of two books, 22 Messages from the Archangels; and, Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. She is also one of the co-authors of Reiki 101: 101 Answers for Your Reiki Questions. Reach Deborah at http://www.deblloydhealing.com/, deb@deblloydhealing.com and at Deb Lloyd Healing on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/deblloydhealing)

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