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Reiki Always Helps!

Article by Bhavna Bhosale

I am sure even as practitioners we all follow Reiki practices but at times even we get little doubtful and start worrying that is this really working, especially in the challenging times of the life?

To answer this question, I would like to share the two experiences of my life with you all.

I and my family went to our native recently to celebrate the festival of colors (named as Holi). Just to let you know my native is something a typical village with very limited network coverage, no street lights, and no sign boards. So here we were in the car, driving on the lonely streets with the farms alongside with no other vehicle or human being in the vicinity.

As usual, mind kept having all kinds of thoughts whether we will reach home safely, what if GPS stops in between, what if the car breaks down in the middle of these lonely streets and the chatter continued. Then I reverted to my all-time rescue master – Reiki. I just kept connecting our car to our home with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. And as always Reiki helped me with few people coming on the way or some small shops where we can confirm the correct route and helped us reached home safely.

Reiki Always Helps!

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The second incident also happened on the same night post reaching home. In the night at around 3 am when everyone being so tired were sound asleep, the electricity went off and being a village with no additional battery facility, the entire house was blackout, rather entire town was blackout. I got up as the fan had suddenly stopped. With the small kids around I was praying that the lights should be back immediately. Then it clicked in my mind as if somebody just poured the thought in the mind, why not use Reiki here? I immediately started connecting with electricity using Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and the electricity was in place in 3 mins. Unbelievable but true!!

Some of you may feel this is little exaggerated stories or logical minds may give this a name of a mere coincidence. But these are my real life experiences which confirm and increases my faith in Reiki energy day-by-day. Or, should I say, that this is the message from the Reiki that it will always help you in not only achieving your highest good but in your difficult times as well.

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Bhavna Bhosale
Bhavna Bhosale

Bhavna Bhosale is an HR professional and Reiki Master Healer based in Mumbai, India. An extreme positive person with an immense interest in the spiritual modalities. She is passionate about helping others by bringing the positive changes in their lives. Reiki has helped her to discover the purpose of her soul to connect with others and empower them by helping themselves. She feels that Reiki is not just a spiritual modality, but a way of life. She can be reached at energiesallaround@gmail.com for Reiki Learning or Healing Appointments.

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  • Mahadev M C April 26, 2018, 4:06 pm

    Bhavana really very interesting article you sharing. Thanks

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