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Reiki and Deep Cleansing

Article by Nikita Dudani

Cleansing ourselves with Reiki is one of the many benefits Reiki gives to us. Today, I am talking about it because I keep experiencing many drop-downs in my energy level or I feel extreme pain in my body without any specific reason whenever I sit to heal myself. This constant pull and push in my energy made me think about it. With some exploration around, I concluded that because I am easily connected to other’s energies, I at times, unconsciously take up some part of their energy into me. Since, the energy is borrowed; it creates an unwelcome influence on my body, mind, and soul. Either it disturbs my energy levels and makes me feel drained or it causes unrest in my body.

I started working on it by creating a boundary around me so that I stay protected even if knowingly or unknowingly I am connected to someone or something. It was working fairly well, but still, at times, I used to feel the “unexplained” pain in my body. The frequency of it made me ponder upon it and I started my journey to healing my body.

So, lately, I have been working on finding out various ways of cleansing myself with help of Reiki. In this exploration, I found a way, which is quick, easy, and reliable. This process also heals my mind, soul, along with my body.

eiki and Deep Cleansing


Here is how you can follow the below regime if you have experienced something similar:

Step 1: Cleanse the area where you are going to sit or lie down to carry out this process.
Step 2: Sit or lie in a comfortable position.
Step 3: Take deep breaths until you feel stillness in your body or calmness. It may happen that during this process, you may feel pain and want to give up but DO NOT GIVE UP!
Step 4: Start Reiki flow by setting this intention: “I pray to Reiki to help me for my utmost good. Reiki, I call upon you to cleanse my body from head to toe and cleansing my entire body parts along with it. Let your power flow in my mind and soul as well so that my body, mind, and soul become one and they are free from any unwanted energies.” Imagine a white light flowing in through your Crown chakra, going to every inch of your body, and cleansing it.
Step 5: You can adjust the flow by Cho Ku Rei symbol.
Step 6: Channel the Reiki within you. Let it swipe all energies that don’t belong to you.
Step 7: This process will be completed within 15-25 minutes. Hold your ground until then. You may experience unrest or disturbance, let them flow out with Reiki as well.
Step 8: Once your mind, body, and soul are at peace, open your eyes and come out from the space.
Step 9: Thank your Angels, Gods, and Reiki for the help provided.

Do remember to drink lots of water after this process is over. Share your experience with me in the comments section below.

– Nikita Dudani
|| Hare Krishna ||

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Nikita Dudani
Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani is a Reiki Practitioner & Therapist residing in Ahmedabad, where she touches many people’s lives through Reiki & intuition. She practices in-person healing and distance healing. She is also a Tarot Card Reader, Intuitive, and an Anthropologist. Reach out to me at www.facebook.com/aakrutitarotandreikicentre/

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  • VINOD goel September 13, 2018, 1:58 pm

    Nikhil, you have invevented a good healing process thanks from all energy channels

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