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Healing Addiction with Reiki

Article by Amisha Mehta

Addiction isn’t about substance – you aren’t addicted to the substance, you are addicted to the alteration of mood that the substance brings. – Susan Cheever

Addiction is a complex condition, a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. However, when we speak about addiction we tend to associate it with drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc which is nothing but just a myth. When a small habit becomes an absolute necessity for our survival, we can term it as ‘Addiction’. Mobile phones, gadgets, tea, coffee, etc are few examples which can one get addicted to.

Personally, once I and my cousin were talking about Reiki and our topic wandered to her addiction to Vicks vaporub. She was curious if I could help get rid of this addiction with the help of Reiki. And instinctively the answer from my side was “Yes”.

So while taking her case study I came to know that she was so addicted to Vicks vaporub, that she couldn’t fall asleep if not applied deep inside her nostril every night. She always had this bottle next to her bedside and in her purse while traveling. The soothing warm feeling in the nostrils had become a must for her to go off to sleep. After detailing her case, I started with my Reiki healing for her to get rid of this small, yet strong addiction.

After few days of healing I requested her to use only 50% of the Vicks she was applying before the healing started and she said she had already started applying in less amounts. And that she felt good even with small amounts and got peaceful sleep. Slowly and steadily she stopped using Vicks completely. Thereafter I told her to keep the bottle in a place where she can notice its presence with ease and see whether she gets the urge to apply it. After a few days, I made her mom put her Vicks in a cupboard without her knowledge to see if she notices its absence, which she didn’t notice and then after few days again made her mom to keep it next to her bedside to see if she notices it and feels the urge to apply it. But she was totally free from addiction and presence or absence of Vicks vaporub in her life no longer mattered.

Healing Addiction with Reiki

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I felt I should write an article on healing addictions because there are so many people who are not only addicted to abusive substance but such small habits that harm them in long run. As there is a saying “Anything in excess is not good”. So I hope somewhere someone will benefit from this article.

The procedure one can follow for healing addiction is as follows:

  • Invoke Reiki Energies, your client, and their as well as your masters, spirit guides and guardian angel.
  • Express gratitude to Reiki Energies, client, yourself and clients as well as your masters, spirit guides and guardian angels for being there for healing.
  • Ask Reiki Energies to help you heal your Client’s addiction from the root cause.
  • Shield yourself from all sorts of negativity.
  • Make use of Power Symbol, Healing Symbol, and Distant Symbol.
  • Allow the energies to enter your body through your Crown chakra right to the Heart chakra and Palm chakra and request them to flash out of your body from the heart as well as palm chakra.
  • Heal Solar Plexus chakra, calves chakra, knees chakra and thigh chakra for 5 mins each imagining power as well as the healing symbol for 21 times at each chakra.
  • Then Close the session by first expressing your gratitude for Reiki energies, client and everyone else for being there.
  • Thank Reiki energies for helping you heal the addiction from the root cause.
  • Request the divine Reiki light to be with your client and thank them.
  • Send back the Shield, masters, spirit guides and guardian angels after expressing your gratitude for helping you heal the client’s addiction.

You can also give affirmations that are to be said every night before sleep or after they wake up at least for 25 times each. However they can be said at any time of the day and for any number of times. They are as follows:

  • I whole-heartily accept Reiki energies help heal my problems.
  • All desire of applying Vicks (whatever addiction you are healing) left me and I am free.
  • I now discover how wonderful I am. I choose to love and enjoy myself.

Hoping the above procedure will help others heal their or their client’s addiction just like it worked in this case.

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Amisha Mehta
Amisha Mehta

After 6 years of corporate job as Equity Research Analyst, Amisha Mehta took a break for her marriage. After settling down in her new home, she started organizing events in 2012 at orphanages, old age homes, street school and on outskirts of Mumbai once every month for 5 years. While she was satisfied doing social service she was looking out for something which would give her financial independence and ended up getting attuned for Reiki. As she always says, Reiki chose her and she started the journey of healing. Afterward, there was no looking back for her. Along with her healing and attunements, she also runs Access Bars for her clients. She also makes customized candles for healing as required by other healers. She has her own whatsapp group group called Soul_Reconnect where she sends inspirational posts, shares tips on various matters, helps with techniques, etc. Reach Amisha at amisha.haria@gmail.com or by phone at 9820852076.

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