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Healing the World – Reiki Rays

Healing the World

Image by Care_SMC

Dear Reiki practitioners,

Claire G. had a great suggestion on our Facebook page:

How wonderful would it be if we all set a date to send some light and healing out to the world? Particularly those affected by Hurricane Sandy!

Thank you Claire for this wonderful idea.

This Weekend

All Reiki friends who wish to join this event, please send light and healing to the world, and to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, on Saturday, Nov 10th 2012, at 16:00 GMT (08:00 PST, 11:00 EST, click for more timezones).

If you cannot send at this time, you can send Reiki in advance, or even afterwards :), using the distance healing symbol.

Spread the Word!

Thank you for participating. Please spread the word using the buttons below.

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