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Akashic Records and Their Reading

Article by T V Mani

Akash means space or ether, records mean something tangible that records communication or facts with the help of marks, words, or symbols. A document serves to establish one or several facts and can be relied upon as a proof thereof. Generally speaking, documents function as evidence of intentions, whereas records function as evidence of activities. Hence, Akashic records mean the records placed in the ether.

  • The Akashic records is a library that contains sacred scripts written about every lifetime that our soul has journeyed.
  • The Akashic scribes livingly note down every one of our triumphs, challenges, and tasks undertaken.
  • These contain the contracts, vows, and promises that we have made to ourselves and to others.
  • It is also in this amazing realm that you can discover highest soul essence and highest soul purpose.
  • While accessing the records and Reiki symbols are used, the results will be great.

How are they recorded?

Every soul has a specific frequency. As per latest physics which says there is no solid form as such and everything is compressed form of energy. All the thoughts, intentions, activities are nothing but energy forms. Everybody has a soul inside. Once a thought comes out of our mind it becomes energy, our actions are nothing but energy. These energy fields which comes out of a soul are recorded in that particular frequency of the soul. The recording of a soul becomes an akashic record. Though the soul takes different births in different levels, as the frequency of a soul is carried from one birth to other remain the same, the thoughts, intentions, activities etc., of all the births are recorded in the same frequency level of that particular soul. Also based on the karma of the soul, some of the future pages are also written in the book.

It is how when we try to access the akashic record a particular person, it the records of the soul we are trying to access. Hence, all the information pertaining to the past, present, and future can be known. Of late it is observed that people are trying to access the records and trying to edit. Editing akashic records generate karmic problems.

Akashic records and reading

Image by thommas68

These are the records of souls which are preserved in the “hidden library” held in space or the astral plane which causes and effects of events. These records contain all the information about all the souls who are on their earthly journey about our past lives, present lives, and future lives. There is a record for all the events, thoughts, persons, feelings that have been with you at the soul level. These records help us to know and deeply connect with ourself.

Everything that has ever happened is happening and can happen is recorded in the Akashic Records. The existence of such energetic records has been known by people worldwide and is called by various other names, including the “Book of Life” in the Bible.

Who can access the records?

Anyone can access it anytime as the records exist as quantum, across time and space and are available for everyone to use. It takes some practice and patience to access the records. It is always important to remember to be patient and continue the process till you can access the records, as, with constant efforts and practice, your resistance will gradually fall away and you will be open to the world of information that exists within.

What are the benefits of accessing the Akashic Records?

  • To know our life plan
  • To know what karmic debts we are carrying
  • To live life of your dreams
  • To know which relationships or situations are for your highest good
  • To get clarity on certain challenges in your life
  • To understand certain behavior patterns and conditioning of the mind
  • To know about your past lives
  • To know how your past lives are influencing you in each of your events

Guardians of the Record Keepers

There are Masters and Teachers who keep a track of the progression of our soul. These are the Record Keepers or the Librarians in the Akashic records who maintain the records through time and space. Often while accessing these records you may hear the lords of the records or the lords of karma or simply higher beings who are some kind and compassionate souls, who have been put in charge of the library and they will appear to you and who is helping you with the information.

How do you access the records?

The most important part of accessing the records is asking the questions, as, it directly leads to the root cause of our problem or concern. This also ensures the appropriate information is coming to you. Some of the example questions you can ask are:

  • How my past lives are influencing my current?
  • What are the karmic debts I need to clear or I have to pay?
  • What are my emotional blocks?
  • Am I moving on the right path?
  • Am I in the right relationship?

    Akashic records and reading

    Image by ersi

How will you get the answers?

Most often the answers come to you through flashes or visions or like images or like a video on a projector screen. As you practice, sometimes you will get the answers while asking the questions itself, or you could also sense the answer while a part of your body may tingle or tighten to signify what you are hearing or sensing is right. I’ve experienced voices in my mind, seen pictures/videos on the screen. It does not matter how the answer comes to you. You will always get the information you are seeking.

It is a good practice to always write down the information received after a session, as it will integrate the experience more deeply in your being. Normal steps of accessing the records are: meditate, access, ask, write down and thank or meditate, access, ask, thank and write down.

For whom can we access the records?

We can access the records for self and others. We allow the information to flow through us without emphasizing on the outcome. Never access the records of others for fun or taking pity on them. That will lead to karmic debt. Some people have chosen to suffer in a certain way or through a disease or experience for higher learning. If we try to alter the records, we will be interfering with that person’s life plan. However, if a person really needs to check their records or be cleared of something, we may read the records for them asking their permission.

Accessing the Akashic Records can identify anything we have created. We can find out what exactly happened to create the repeating negative pattern and clear it. Once we reveal it, our awareness is instantly activated. It is one of the most powerful tools to help us remember our oneness with God/Spirit/Source.

Another important thing is to trust whatever we receive. There is no right and wrong. Trust what you hear or see or receive is what you need most at that time. Of course! There is no physical travel while you are in this space. There is still a sense of time travel. The soul may fleet out of the body during the session.

The art of reading the records will come to you at the time when you most need it and the universe is willing to provide it to you.

How can we use the records for our daily life?

To know why a certain thing is happening repeatedly in your life you may ask the intention in the records “Why does this thing/situation keep repeating in my life”? or if your relationship with a loved one has suddenly become difficult, you can use the records and find out the answer.

Initially, you may not be able to use the records at all. Don’t be disheartened. Keep practicing till you access the records. Once you have made your report with the akashic lords you will be guided by them how to use the records.


Do not sell the records for business purposes or casually or get pressurized to either do this work on yourself or others. Do not give into fear even if you see something unpleasant for yourself or others.

Clearing Karma with the Records.

We can clear Karma using the records for self and others in person or via distance. We can clear painful history of any of our lifetimes. We can see what karma we have with other individuals. Some of the information can be disturbing. Do not avoid this information. Let the healing come to you. This will put you in touch with the core of yourself. When you receive the information for others, remember to pass it on to them as it is, without filtering or modifying the information.

It is always important to note that, the intention for accessing the records is clear. If you cannot understand some information/message you have received, in your memory make a note of the same and also in the journal. Next time when you access the records, ask the Lords of the Akashic records to unravel the meaning to you. While accessing the records, if you see something unfortunate and which is causing hardship in your life, ask the Lords of the Akashic to heal and clear that bit of karma and remove it from your soul memory. It really works well. Once they become blank, a vacuum is created in that space. You can state what you want to be written on that empty space and create the future you desire.

                          REMEMBER! “UNDERSTANDING IS HEALING”

Approaching a person to clear the records for us

Yes! Sometimes when we are unable to clear the records for ourselves, we may need help from another reader. That’s OK as long as you are sure of the person you are going to. While picking the reader, listen to your heart. Try to feel if the person has integrity and will not manipulate you. Ideally, as a reader of the Akashic records, we should simply provide them the tool of doing the work. Neither the reader nor the teacher must ever suggest what changes to make in the client’s life. While doing the reading, it should be kept in mind that, transparency is high in this art and always for the highest good of all parties involved.

Healing Blocks using Akashic records

  1. Childhood blocks cause repeated patterns in a person’s life.
  2. Past life blocks effect only one or two areas of life.

Often we are stuck in difficult situations in our lives or a repetitive negative pattern. The root cause often goes back to our painful childhood memories and humiliation in our life. Some self-indulgent behaviors and addictions stem from these experiences. Most of us ignore it or brush it off, which never goes away and these start niggling the mind and the body causing various physical and psychological diseases.

To get rid of these blocks, Akashic reading can be done to find out why these are happening to us and what can be done to change the circumstances. You will get to know whether these will come to pass sooner or if these are beyond our control or we can heal it through the Akashic.

We can change the script because we are co-creators or the directors of our lives. So make the necessary changes and rewrite the script. Always keep in mind what is that you really want. Don’t change every thing which is even slightly unpleasant in your script since some experiences are meant to teach you some lessons. So tampering can lead to harder lessons. Go with your intuition about what you need to change.

To access the record there is an attunement and pathway prayer.

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T V Mani is a Reiki Grandmaster from Hyderabad. Apart from Reiki she have learnt Melchizedek healing method, Magnified Healing, Advance Level and Prep in Pranic Healing, Dowsing and Angelic Healing. Mani is also working as a supervisor in a central government organization. Her phone number is 9030081115.

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