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Reiki and Our Unique Rhythm

Article by Avril Jeggo

Reiki for us is all different. We all see life in different colours so our experiences are all going to be very different. My passion as a Reiki master is to empower people to see that what we all posses inside of us all is enough. I have lived a huge part of my life working and studying the energy that exits between us and horses…I have learnt a great deal from these amazing sentient beings.

Reiki and our unique rhythm

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Growing up in an environment where Reiki was a normal part of life gave me the opportunity to study and grow with the energy that exits all around us. Sharing the energy and teachings of the horse has made me look at how we as humans view ourselves…we are traditionally taught that seeking help and advice from outside of ourselves is the answer. We all possess our own unique rhythm…Reiki for me is much more than learning someone else’s way…it’s about learning Reiki and allowing our own unique rhythm to be part of that practice. The rhythm of the universe exists in all of us…enabling people to see their own gift…to know that they can with a few small changes make a huge impact on their wellbeing is a true gift. We all seek to understand the greatness of life….sometimes what we forget to see is that the greatness is already within us.

Reiki has taught me that our unique rhythm is fundamental to our own journey…when our mind takes over what our heart truly feels…how do we re-think and equal out what is inside of our heart…being truly in the moment, releasing all attachment…releasing our emotions that hold us to a certain belief system is how we change what we feel deep within…to know that what we are searching for is already waiting for us…we just need to believe in our own unique rhythm.

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Avril Jeggo

Avril Jeggo

Avril Jeggo is an Equine Reiki Master, she grew up learning healing from her Grandmother. Avril has spent many years studying the energy that exits between humans and horses…working very much with this energy it has given her the understanding of how we all connect on a much greater level. Connecting very much with nature Avril is drawn to empowering people to find their own healing energy…to be able to tune into their own greatness, to feel the energy that exits between all living beings.

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  • EL January 24, 2018, 3:21 pm

    Excellent article! Thank you for sharing your experience (that reflects my own!) and your valuable insight… May we all awaken to the true aspect that Reiki is, inspiring both others and ourselves to fully awaken! Blessings and Namaste…

    • Avril Jeggo January 26, 2018, 11:58 am

      EL thank you for your comment…I’m so glad you could relate to the feelings and passion that exists between all living beings…being connected to the energy that flows all around us is a true joy. 💜 xx

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