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Get Back to Your Reiki Self-Practice

Article by Nivedita Bhosale

When you come across Reiki for the first time, it sweeps you off your feet. You begin to realize that you do have powers to keep your life upbeat and going. Maybe, you start off with self-practice sincerely and as you start feeling lighter, sense opportunities converting to realities, you slowly tend to get away from Reiki self-practice. As Reiki is a gentle and profound healing technique, it uses divine time to unveil and bring about changes in your life. Thus, it goes without saying that you need to be disciplined with Reiki self-practice as you would be with any other life changing tool. Because you are not practicing Reiki on a daily basis, or maybe you are totally out of touch with it, it does not mean that Reiki is not persisting. I get many queries about losing touch with Reiki and wanting to get back to the sweet nectar again.

I would certainly recommend the following guidelines to anyone who is keen on getting back into the flow of Reiki.

1. It is completely human to get disconnected from Reiki self-practice, especially considering the many roles and responsibilities that one has to play in life. So be compassionate with yourself and say to your subconscious daily before sleeping “I know I am an open source for free-flow of Reiki.” This affirms that Reiki is available to tap into and can flow through whenever you are ready.

2. A certain way to start with is to attend a Reiki meet anywhere in your area, organized by a Reiki Master. Usually, Reiki Masters have deep discussions, meditations in addition to the many healing requests that are addressed during the meet-ups. This automatically draws you into the Reiki bubble and helps rebuild your connection. Personally, I have experienced that the energies in the Reiki Master meet-ups are high-vibrating and if you go with an intention, most likely you will end up seeing results or things working out towards your goal. So, you can intend that you have got back to your self-practice before you go to the meeting and hold it during the meet-up.

Get back to your Reiki self-practice

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3. The next tip would be to start using guided meditations around self-healing such as Reiki 3min bell meditation or soft soothing music. There are a number of free meditations available on the internet, it’s best to choose the meditation that you resonate with. This will help you release your doubts and establish a reconnection with Reiki.

4. If you are a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, then you can use the Reiki symbols to start your self-practice. Reiki symbols are quite powerful in assisting the channeling of Reiki flow. It is unlikely that you will forget the symbols as they are embedded in the subconscious. Just tap on them and they will reveal themselves. Also, as you use them, auto-suggest that these Reiki symbols are enabling Reiki to flow and that Reiki flow is getting stronger day by day.

5. If you are finding it difficult to focus and do it on your own, another way to get in touch with your self-practice is to swap Reiki healing with your friend or someone in your family who is a Reiki practitioner too. This technique gets Reiki channeling through you effortlessly as your friend sends Reiki to you, while you look forward to how the energy would flow through you to your friend. In this method, you receive Reiki both times-while receiving as well as while giving and it releases the blocks that may exist. I would suggest doing this swap 2-3 times a week for a period of a month. Of course, keep checking within when it feels best for you to stop.

6. Ask the higher realm spirit guides, ascended masters, ascended Reiki masters to bless you, guide you in reconnecting and increasing the Reiki flow. I feel immensely grateful to them as they bless and guide whenever they are called. Believing that help has been offered, feel the Reiki flow.

In case none of the above works, and you feel that your energy is depleted and you think a Reiki Master can help, you can take additional Reiki attunements to the level you already have. Although, you need an attunement only once to have Reiki for the rest of your life, these additional attunements will re-establish your connection and will not cause any harm.

Reiki is an omnipresent energy with unlimited supply. Keep your intention of restarting your Reiki self-practice and Reiki will guide you by opening doors to unlock it.

Happy practicing!

Love and Blessings.

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Nivedita Bhosale
Nivedita Bhosale

Nivedita Bhosale is a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering followed by Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing. Serving 9 years in the Corporate sector, her strong inclination towards Reiki drove her to be a healer and a teacher. Born as an intuitive and gifted with deep compassion, she got enthralled with the divine gift of Reiki and would like to expand her experiences by nurturing Reiki in everyone’s lives. She is a Holistic healer, Independent Reiki Teacher, and a Traditional Usui Reiki Master-Teacher. You can reach her at melbournereikiessence@gmail.com.

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