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Correlation of Reiki and Oneness

Reiki believes the concept of Oneness. There are many ways to understand this concept and oneness can be termed as a deep truth of mankind. Oneness blooms into experiences and expressions, through which, a person feels jointly associated with others with the relationship of humanity.

Reiki is a spiritual healing process, which is a primary way to symbolize oneness. Oneness is a truth attached to Reiki teachings across all realities and wisdom. Reiki makes a practitioner to become one with their own, environment, people and divinity. It gives a compassionate feeling to Reiki followers to get the feeling of oneness.

Ki Energy: Ki Force in Reiki is an animating force, which controls and manages creation. Ki is present in everything in this universe and a true experience in Reiki constitutes oneness. Ki is a universal form of energy, which enables Reiki to become a universal source of experience. Reiki is felt due to Ki energy form. It is actually this energy, which interconnects us with everything. Reiki is accompanied by compassion, power, stability, light and divine wisdom. Reiki gives an experience of oneness with life.

Breathing Pattern: Breathing is a rhythmic and reliable form, which is the source of life. It is common part of all lives. It is said that apart from living organisms, oceans & single celled organisms also undergo breathing process. Breathing flow connects us with everything in the world and it is actually an expression of life and being.

Sacred Centre (The Hara): This is a point, which gives a home to mind and ground to emotions. It allows a sense of oneness by controlling emotions and thoughts. In actual sense, emotions are multidirectional and can take us to wrong paths also. Hara is Seat of Enlightenment for human beings.

Hands-on Reiki: This gives an experience of oneness as it acts on physical, mental, emotional and holistic levels of a human being. The case is valid while giving self Reiki or to others. Reiki moves with hand movements and involves the flow of Ki energy. Reiki is a way of interlinking body and soul. When there is healing of emotional heart, there is a better development of spiritual senses of a human being.

Reiki has successful practical implementations and creates oneness amongst human beings. It generates the understanding about oneness in life as we live once and there is only one life for everyone.

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