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DNA Strands Activation and Numerological Path of Our Soul’s Journey

Article by Saummitta A Mazumdar

DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a double helix of biopolymer strands coiled around each other. The important function of DNA is to carry coded (genetic) information of our family history. Our growth and development are based on the family tree.

DNA is a blueprint of our karmic pattern and it controls every single function in our cell. Hence, the information carried along the DNA respond dynamically through our thoughts process.

The Human cell has a pair of 23 chromosomes (46 chromosomes in total) out of which 22 pairs are autosomes and set of 1 pair is sex chromosome. Each chromosome is formed by 2 strands of DNA double helix hence the total strands of DNA accounts to be 46*2 = 92 in each human being.

Again: 9+2 = True Master Number 11

The 22 pair of autosomes are assigned as True Master Numbers

1 pair of sex chromosomes i.e.,2 sex chromosomes has 2 double helix DNA Molecule in each hence when added it gives the power to procreate thus it carries the male and female energy of Yin (Hera) and Yang (Zeus).

According to a journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, published the research undertaken by the scientists at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Barcelona, Spain states that we use only 3 percent of 2 strands of DNA, rest of the DNA remains dormant or non activated thus we end up using only 10 percent of our brain. Beside these 2 strands double helix DNA, there are additional 22 etheric strands of DNA that each individual possess, the activation of our DNA depends upon our spiritual advancement that makes an individual 3 Dimensional Human Being to Multidimensional Dimensional Human Being. The 22 etheric strands of DNA activates once we practice meditation and any healing method such as Reiki. DNA strands activation varies from person to person and time taken by each individual to activate DNA strands varies too.

DNA strands activation and numerological path of soul's journey

Image by Mark Warner

There is a theory of 6 pairs or 12 strands of double helix DNA strands Activation, out of which 1 pair or 2 strands are physical DNA (rest of the 10 double helix DNA strands are dormant etheric/nonphysical DNA strands).

Once we activate 5 pairs etheric/nonphysical DNA strands and 1 pair of physical DNA strands completely i.e., 6 pairs DNA strands. Additional 6 pairs of etheric/nonphysical DNA strands can also be activated via DNA Strands Activation Attunement, i.e., total 5+6=11 pair of etheric/nonphysical (22 DNA strands) and 1 pair i.e., 2 double helix physical DNA strands.

i.e., 22+2=24 DNA Strands

For past 5000 years, the etheric/nonphysical DNA strands are dormant, those who are spiritually awakened can access the meaning of these sacred codes to communicate with divine beings (seat of our soul).

11, 22 and 33 are Master Numbers. Master Number 22 is a Master Builder, it connects the vision with action as represented by Master Number 11. Reiki is the best way to heal our karmic pattern stored in our DNA, our perception changes and we accelerate as higher spiritual beings.

Our spiritual dimensions (d) corresponds to our chakra activation.

3d: 12 DNA strand or (6 pairs) activates 7 major energy center lying within the physical plane (heal any issues lying in the current physical body or present life)

4d: 12 – 24 DNA strands activates the 8 to 15 energy points lying within higher spiritual chakras related to our past life/lives (heal past issues)

5d: 24 – 36 DNA strand activates the 16 to 22 upper spiritual chakras helps us to evolve as higher spiritual being and strengthen our connection to our soul. It brings more light to our energy body thus “being the light within oneself”.

The sacred trine of illuminate is thus corresponding to the above three dimensions.

3(d) dimension: Number 11 ; (11 +1 =12 DNA strands gets activated) “Reiki and Timing of Events”

1 denotes physical level; our Present

4(d) dimension: Number 22 nonphysical DNA strands (22+2=24 DNA strands gets activated)

2 denotes etheric level; our Past

5(d) dimension: Number 33 nonphysical DNA strands (33+3=36 DNA strands gets activated)

3 denotes higher spiritual consciousness; our Future

Observation Related to Master Number 22

Number 22 has the significance related to our past karmic debt; its number of bringing in forth our karmic pattern, if one comes across these numbers 22; 222; 2020; 2202; 2220;2222;2022 or similar combinations, it’s a sign of heavy energies, issues confronting currently. It’s a sign of releasing the negativity. (Its balance the karma) One may experience reflection on the past incident or any particular situation. Just observe the thought process.

Observation Related to Master Number 33

Nikola Telsa says: ”If you Know the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9 then you would have the key to the universe”

Number 33 is related to our future or future events that bring forth a new beginning, it brings our consciousness to our current scenario. If you are holding any promise in future, the events are surely going to take place in near future, when we come across numbers 33; 333, 3333, 3030; 3303; 3033 and similar combinations, then these number indicates that it will bring life-changing experiences, will take you to completely new situations/scenario in your life. It also indicates travel, getting an offer letter, new career opportunity, marriage, a new person in your life after a breakup or divorce (it could be a romantic or platonic relationship) thrills, freedom, and joy, successfully completing one’s research and investigation. Purchase of new car/ home, a new role on the job, elevation etc.

A related story to master numbers 11, 22 and 33

At the age of 11 a young girl came across a soul (Teacher) (refer to Reiki and Timing of Events) at the age of 22 she got married (love marriage, got married under social and moral pressure) faced several issues and hurdles hence facing past life/lives issues (balancing karmic debt) at the age of 35 + (36) learnt a healing method, ”Reiki” .It helped her in a number of ways. Evolution took place when issues were resolved at karmic level i.e., through DNA strands Activation; healing with Reiki helped her to elevate her soul.

This story gives us a clue to the numerological path of our soul’s journey.

Please note: these numbers are vital for all the descended souls to evolve in their soul’s journey. Age less than close to a year than the master numbers 11, 22 and 33 gives indication we have overcome the hurdle or block in our spiritual growth similarly a year more than indicates we still need to learn and grow further; the specified age (normally with the difference of couple of days or weeks) gives indication that we have balanced our karmic debt.

The Sacred Geometry has two Fundamental Components A Circle and A Trine:DNA strands activation and numerological path of soul's journey

The circle represents wholeness and the creator and the trine represent the three points inside the circle of the creator. These three points relate to past, present, and future. Hence, it completes the whole cycle of our evolution.

Hope you enjoyed reading it, more repeating numbers are under much observation.

Love and Blessings!

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Saummitta Mazumdar
Saummitta Mazumdar

Saummitta A Mazumdar is a professional Vedic Astrology practitioner and counselor. Her interest in occult studies started at very young age when she met with her school principal’s father. She is a Reiki practitioner and healer and combines various healing modalities including DLA (Divine Light Ascension). She has an MBA in human resource from a reputed institute. She practices Usui Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Excalibur Reiki, deep healing Reiki and Divine Light Ascension and she is a a beginner in Pranic Healing. You can contact Saummitta via her website saumaazholistichealing.wordpress.com/ or follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Saumaaz-Holistic-Healing and www.facebook.com/saumaazholistichealing/

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  • Jhilmil Golande February 7, 2018, 4:28 pm

    Mindblowing concept

  • saumaazholistichealing February 7, 2018, 4:36 pm

    Thank you jhilmil !!

  • EL February 7, 2018, 7:48 pm

    Interesting… Long ago, after “decades” of research, searching to “understand” unknowns, inspiration came through in a moment of silence with the realization, “Everyone has a theory and no one has a clue!”… The basis of conceptualizing, in essence providing theorems to try explain and understand unknowns (including evolution), can be interesting… However, it also can become a metaphoric gerbil wheel of mind stuff, going around and around leading to nowhere, expending energy, trying to understand outer conceptualizations to pinpoint, infinite truth… If you study aspects of quantum theory, some have come up with 13 dimensions (and others more…). Limiting by “defining” (de-fine, making less than true Being) only creates more mind stuff, deterring us from Being all that we truly are in this moment, the next, then the next, etc.!… We are infinite Beings, the only reason any of us decided that we are limited and can be defined in any form, is because someone told us this was the “truth” (<their own ego construct (adding other's constructs!) to gain recognition from their superiors and obtain their degree of proficiency~!)… In our innocence we trusted this person(s), then adopted their concepts as our own~! Self realization, means letting go of conceptual constructs, opening to our true Infinite Being… In this state, all and nothing are the same… Gratefully, duality is a game we play, but it no longer plays a role in de-fining who we all really are… Open and Be all that you already are, and Being reveals All… "Be here now" – Eckhart Tolle… Namaste…

  • saumaazholistichealing February 9, 2018, 6:15 am

    Dear EL,

    Thanks for taking your time out to read the article and giving it a thought.
    Hope you enjoyed reading it.

    Wish you all the best!


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