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Mirror Shielding Technique

Article by Reiki Master Moumita Rudra

Do some of us tend to feel unwell and drained often? Especially the ones who are into healing or are energy sensitive? It happens quite often, in a crowded place or even through images through social media that people with lower energies try to suck the energy out of people with a higher vibration. They may not do it intentionally but it does happen.

For example, someone uploads a happy and vibrant picture on social media which gets lots of appreciation and at the same time that person starts feeling drained or gets a headache, upset stomach etc. or simply feeling uneasy. That’s why in Reiki we are asked to shield every day, without any fail. There are various ways of shielding which are mentioned on ReikiRays website several times.

Today I will share a method which I have used through divine guidance recently. A few months ago, I could realize my energies being drained and some evil eyes on me through my social media pictures. I was also asked my masters to shield every morning which I had made a regular practice.

The method I have been using, I name it as mirror shielding. It’s especially for those who are somehow not content in their lives and somehow confused if to be happy with others’ happiness and success. Their synchronicity of thoughts and actions are often different. If you are energy sensitive, you will be able to identify such people very easily.

In Reiki and I believe in all the healing modalities, all we can do is to bless everyone even those who are causing us trouble and pain. We pray for love, peace, and wisdom for them.

Mirror Shielding Technique:

So when you know you are under such attack, what you need to do quickly:

  1. Sit in a place for at least 4/5 minutes
  2. Ground and center yourself (in one of my articles I have mentioned the way to center yourself: Quick Steps to Centre Yourself with Reiki)
  3. Call upon your guardian angels and the angels, masters, god, and goddess you work closely with. I do call upon Archangel Michael and Mother Kwan Yin.
  4. Ask them to shield you. Visualize a white bubble (or any color like pink or golden you are guided for ) surrounding you completely like we do in shielding.
  5. Now here comes the next level of mirror shielding! While you create a perfect bubble around you, visualize mirrors around it. Or just visualize a big mirror to surround you where you feel warm, comfortable and happy! What do the mirrors do? They will reflect back the energy to the sender/source. However, being healers, we won’t really send any negative energy. Rather we would request our angels, universe to send the energy back to the sender for his/her highest good with love and peace.
  6. If you know who the person is, then call upon their guardian angels and ask to surround them with love and peace. If you don’t know the person, simply pray for their well-being, love, and peace.
  7. Once you shield yourself completely and visualize the energy is going back to its source, express gratitude to Reiki, Universe, your angels, and masters. Don’t forget to express gratitude to the person against whose energy you shielded yourself as you got a chance to send some love to a place where it’s needed.
  8. We can’t interfere with anyone’s free will or can’t interfere with anyone’s life purpose. Neither can we send healing without permission so it’s always better to send prayers, love to people who feel the need.

Even after regular shielding, there are very intense energies who try to attack us or try to enter our energy fields. What I consciously choose to do in such cases?

Follow these simple steps if you are guided to:

  1. Avoid places and people where you don’t get a healthy feeling, your intuition will always guide you. If you don’t feel right, better keep a distance.
  2. There will be people who will always try to talk only about their problems and sadness – it’s ok to politely avoid them. Or if they genuinely come for a solution, do provide a solution or healing in certain energy exchange but remember never to encourage their sadness, frustration or negativity to overwhelm you.
  3. There are situations when you just can’t avoid such people. In such situation, you can always shield yourself and use flooding technique where you flood them with white light and love. Once they are filled with love, they will not release lower energies.
  4. Restrict who can access your pictures and posts on social media. It’s ok to keep them open to those who you know are well-wishers.
  5. Last but not the least, if you are into any healing modality – make sure you cleanse yourself and shield yourself regularly. In case of any threat, call upon your angels, masters or god/goddess!

Hope this simple yet effective technique helps you keeping well shielded.

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Moumita Rudra

Moumita Rudra

Moumita is a Reiki Master Teacher, a spiritual healer who practices Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing, Soul Mate Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and some more. She is also a tarot and oracle card reader. She offers in online/distance tarot consultation healing, as well in-person consultation. She also communicates with angels and believes that the angels are always around us looking forward to guide anyone who needs it.
Her journey into healing has been magical where she was chosen by Reiki over various situations and gradually revealed beautiful insights of life, spirituality and healing.
She is now a fulltime mother, raising her daughter with love, kindness and compassion with a dream to pass on the beauty of healing to her offspring.
She quit her 12 years long corporate job recently to spend more time with her daughter and doing things that she really loves and enjoys doing. Healing is one of them.
She created her Facebook page The Healing Space by Moumita in 2015 with a dream of spreading more joy, love and awareness. She believes that we all come to this earth to spread love and spiritual awareness can help to spread love.

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  • Vidyaa Bunty Talreja February 2, 2018, 5:35 am

    Wow Mou. A Lovely method. Will try it for sure

  • Moumita Rudra February 2, 2018, 6:49 am

    Thank you so much Vidyaa 🙂

  • bala Pasumarthy July 23, 2018, 9:27 am

    Thank you very much Moumita for your Guidance. Will try this.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌😊

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